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Easy art ideas

Splash some colour and creativeness around your place with these free art ideas. Resene and Mark Rayner have joined forces to provide projects suitable for the most amateur artist to tackle to brighten up your house or give the gift of art and use these ideas to create homemade gifts of art.  Projects are rated easy to challenging so you can pick a project that suits your skill level.

Make an abstract painting
#108 Metallic art

It’s easy to create this fun metallic abstract painting... more
Paint abstract glass painting
# 106 Abstract glass painting

It’s easy to create this vibrant reverse painting on glass... more
FX rust effect canvas artwork
#105 Rusted abstract painting

Striking abstract painting made from an old canvas... more
Wave painting
#104 Wave painting

Create this stylish wave painting from scratch... more
Abstract art
#103 Abstract canvas

Transform an old photo canvas into an abstract masterpiece... more
Paint an jar for lavender from your garden
#102 Lavender room freshener

It’s easy to create this simple room freshener... more
Make a succulent window for your garden
#101 Succulent window

It’s easy to create this piece of rustic garden art... more
Paint a terracotta pot with a crackle effect
#100 Crackle pot

It’s easy to transform a humble terracotta pot into a colourful creation... more
Paint a cactus artwork
#99 Cactus painting

It’s easy to create this pop art inspired masterpiece... more
Paint a gold torso
#98 Gold torso

Create this metallic masterpiece using a combination of soft gold... more
Paint a terracotta pot in shades of green.
#97 Cucumber pot

Transform a plain terracotta pot into a work of art... more
Paint this stylish two-tone splatter vase
#96 Splatter vase

Create this stylish two-tone splatter vase... more
Paint an gilt picture frame
#95 Circular abstract

It’s easy to create this circular abstract masterpiece... more
Paint an gilt picture frame
#94 Gilt picture frame

Transform an old ornate picture frame into a golden masterpiece... more
Paint an watering can
#93 Watering can plant holder

Create a vibrant watering can plant holder... more
Paint an abstract picture
#92 Warm abstract painting

Create this simple abstract painting using a selection of warm colours... more
Make an art garden sculpture.
#91 Garden sculpture

Make a simple garden sculpture using a section of tree branch... more
Metallic plant pot
#90 Copper vase

Transform a plain ceramic vase into a fabulous copper masterpiece... more
Metallic plant pot
#89 Metallic plant pot

Itís easy to transform an old terracotta pot into a metallic masterpiece... more
Transform a wooden box into a trinket box
#88 - Trinket box

Itís easy to transform a plain varnished box into a stylish trinket box with a little bit of help from Resene.... more
Paint a metallic sculpture
#87 - Paint a metallic head

Create this metallic sculpture from a polystyrene mannequin head... more
How to paint a frame to look like an antique one
#86 - Make a marker board

Transform an old picture frame and piece of glass into this colourful marker board... more
How to paint a frame to look like an antique one
#85 - Geometric painting

Create this simple geometric painting using masking tape and a few Resene testpots... more
Painted head
#84 - Painted head

It’s easy to turn a plain wooden souvenir head into a funky retro piece using a few Resene testpots... more
Paint a terracotta pot
#83 - Terracotta pot

Transform a plain terracotta pot into a vibrant planter with a little bit of help from Resene... more
Golden lion
#82 - Golden lion

Turn a weathered concrete statue into a fabulous garden feature with a little bit of help from Resene... more
Wallpaper Collage
#81 - Wallpaper collage

Create a simple collage from old wallpaper... more
How to paint a frame to look like an antique one
#80 - Antique frame

Paint this traditional picture frame... more
Create a stylish retro clock with Resene Shiraz
#79 - Retro clock

Create a stylish retro clock with Resene Shiraz... more
Use Resene paints to paint this landscape
#78 - Landscape

Use a selection of greens to paint this landscape... more
A stylish abstract artwork
#77 - Cool abstract painting

Create a stylish abstract artwork using a subtle selection... more
Dress up a mirror frame with this cool metallic textured effect
#76 - Mirror frame

Make a metallic textured frame for a mirror... more
Transform a mannequin bust into a metallic masterpiece
#75 - Metallic bust

Create this metallic masterpiece... more
Create a retro picture frame
#74 - Retro frame

Transform a plastic picture frame into a retro feature... more
Glass painting
#73 - Glass painting

Let the background wall colour show through... more
A extured gilt frame
#72 - Gilt frame

Textured gilt frame made using Resene paints... more
String art - a fabulous retro look 1970s inspired art work
#71 - String art

Fabulous retro look 1970s inspired artwork made from string and nails... more
Make a metallic-effect bowl with plaster and Resene testpots
#70 - Copper bowl

A metallic-effect bowl from plaster and Resene testpots... more
Make this hot chilli pot
#69 - Hot chilli pot
Turn a ‘long tom’ planter into a fabulous hot chilli pot... more
Make a crackle painting
#68 - Crackle painting
Make an abstract painting with Resene Crackle effect... more
Create a cubist wooden sculpture
#67 - Cubist sculpture

Create a cubist wooden sculpture... view
Picture made from assorted buttons
#66 - Button picture

Create a fun picture from buttons... view
Wooden abstract
#65 - Wooden abstract

Make this subtle contemporary artwork from an old wooden picture frame... view
Wallpaper artwork
#64 - Wallpaper art

Turn a simple wooden frame and a piece of patterned wallpaper into an instant artwork... view
Blackboard mug
#63 - Blackboard mug

Turn simple ceramic mugs into works of art... view
Gold face plaque
#62 - Gold face plaque

Transform a terracotta wall plaque into a fabulous piece of garden art... view
Blackboard art
#61 - Blackboard art

Create and change with this retro-inspired blackboard artwork... view
Painted plate
#60 - Painted plate

Create this ‘Good Luck’ wall plate using a selection of Resene colours... view
Mosac art panel
#59 - Mosaic art panel

Create this eye-catching piece of outdoor art using a selection of fabulous Resene colours... view
Black & white abstract artwork
#58 - Black & white abstract

Create a striking abstract painting using contrasting Resene colours... view
Watercolour abstract picture
#57 - Watercolour abstract

Create this stunning watercolour abstract... view
Butterfly collage
#56 - Butterfly collage

Turn a humble wooden frame into a pretty butterfly picture... view
Retro portrait art project
#55 - Retro portrait

Turn a portrait print from an art magazine into a masterpiece... view
Woodgrain landscape
#54 - Woodgrain landscape

Transform a plain piece of plywood into a stunning colourful landscape... view
Potpourri bowl
#53 - Potpourri bowl

Create this natural air freshener from a simple terracotta bowl... view
Crackle Christmas candle
#52 - Christmas candle

Make a simple terracotta pot and saucer into a festive Christmas candle holder... view
1050s surrealist painting
#51 - Surrealist painting

Turn an old framed print into a retro masterpiece... view
Psychedelic abstract
#50 - Psychedelic abstract

Create a vibrant geometric abstract painting using two contrasting Resene colours... view
Cameo jewellery box
#49 - Cameo jewellery box

Turn a plain wooden box into a Wedgwood-inspired jewellery box... view
Decorated horseshoes
#48 - Horseshoes

Create distinctively different decorative
horseshoes... view
Splatter plate
#47 - Splatter plate

Create this stylish ceramic glazed-effect wall plate... view
Christmas candleholder
#46 - Christmas candleholder

Create this fabulous gold centrepiece for a Christmas dinner table... view
Geometric painting
#45 - Geometric painting

Brighten up a dark wall with this colourful abstract painting... view
Polka dot planter
#44 - Polka dot planter

Brighten up your deck or patio with this retro-look polka dot planter... view
Green abstract painting
#43 - Green abstract painting

Use a selection of green Resene testpots to create this vibrant abstract painting... view
Dressing table
#42 - Dressing table

Give a tired old bedroom dressing table a fresh new look... view
Striped abstract panel
#41 - Striped abstract

Combine Resene Sandtex with a contrasting two colour stripe to create this stunning textured wall panel... view
Candle holder
#40 - Glass candle holder

Create this stylish textured glass candle holder using Resene metallic paint and Resene Sandtex... view
Painted shell frame
#39 - Painted shell frame

Combine craft shells with a few cool blue Resene colours to create this coastal-inspired picture frame... view
Rainbow mailbox
#38 - Rainbow mailbox

Inspired fabulous seventies mailbox uses the whole spectrum... view
Garden light
#37 - Copper garden light

Cool copper garden light - a perfect addition to your summer barbeque... view
painted terracotta wall plaque
#36 - Painted wall plaque

Transform a simple terracotta wall plaque into a fabulous piece of indoor/outdoor art... view
Wallpaper collage painting
#35 - Wallpaper collage painting

Transform an old picture frame into a beautiful antique-effect collage... view
Resene artwork project - flower mask
#34 - Flower mask

Create this theatrical piece of wall art using a blank mask, some artificial roses... view
simple modern wall feature
#33 - Feature wall panels

Use a combination of complementary Resene colours to create this simple modern wall feature... view
Transform an old chest of drawers into a smart modern piece of furniture
#32 - Chest of drawers

Transform an old chest of drawers into a smart modern piece of furniture... view
Textured abstract painting
#31 - Textured abstract painting

Create this fabulous textured abstract painting using a selection of Resene cool blues... view
Create a real impression with this Matisse-inspired masterpiece
#30 - Matisse painting

Create a real impression with this Matisse-inspired masterpiece complete with antique effect gold frame... view
kiwiana transformed planter
#29 - Kiwiana planter

Transform a terracotta pot into a fun Kiwi planter with a few Resene testpots... view
Use Resene Metallic Paint and Crackle Effect to create a metallic vase
#28 - Metallic vase

Combine Resene Crackle Effect with Resene Metallic paint to create this modern silver vase... view
Velvet painting
#27 - Velvet painting

Create a kitsch retro-looking artwork by painting on black velvet with Resene paints.. view
Abstract metallic panel
#26 - Abstract metallic panel

Use a combination of Resene Enamacryl Metallic paints to create a simple abstract panel... view
Decorated hat box project
#25 - Decoupage hat box

Transform a plain hatbox into a thing of beauty with the help of two Resene paint colours... view
Retro fashion picture
#24 - Retro fashion picture

A fabulous fashion artwork with craft supplies and Resene paints... view
Paua necklace stand
#23 - Paua necklace stand

Transform a papier mache mannequin into a fun necklace stand... view
Gold textured painting
#22 - Gold textured painting

Use a selection of Resene Art Action metallic paints to create a fabulous textured abstract painting... view
Crackle statue
#21 - Crackle statue

Create this stylish modern statue with Resene Crackle Effect... view
Reverse painting to create abstract artwork
#20 - Reverse painting

Paint in reverse on glass to create a unique piece of abstract art... view
Art Nouveau poppy firescreen
#19 - Poppy firescreen

Create a stylish Art Nouveau firescreen using a simple palette... view
Retro 50s table project
#18 - Retro 50s table

Turn an old wooden side table into a fabulous retro feature... view
Resene art project landscape painting
#17 - Monochrome landscape

Create a subtle landscape painting using Resene testpots.. view
Bhudda painted with Resene Metallic paint
#16 - Metallic Bhudda

Transform a Buddha statue into a real work of art with crackle effect and Resene metallic paint... view
metal mirror art project
#15 - Metal mirror

Use Resene metallic paint and ordinary washers to create a cool contemporary framed mirror... view
Art Deco painting with Resene Paints
#14 - Art Deco painting

Recreate the famous ‘crocus’ pattern of Clarice Cliff using a selection of art deco colours... view
Retro wall unit
#13 - 1960s wall unit

Classic pegboard and MDF combine to create this cool 1960s retro-look wall unit... view
Clown - Resene Paints art project
#12 - Cool clown

Brighten up your kid's room with this groovy original artwork... view
Clothes stand
#11 - Clothes stand

Create a cool clothes stand with a mannequin torso... view
Create an abstract artwork
#10 - Abstract painting

Brighten up any modern interior with this easily created abstract painting... view
Teddy toybox
#9 - Teddy toybox

Create a fabulous teddy bear toybox using plywood and... view
Resene Paints art project - Metal filing cabinet
#8 - Metallic filing cabinet

Transform a wooden filing cabinet into a sleek piece of office furniture... view
Green Tiki Sculpture
#7 - Green tiki sculpture

This cool green tiki sculpture would look great in any retro pad... view
 3D art
#6 - 3D Rose

Transform an old picture frame into a fabulous 3D rose painting... view
Decorated CD storage tower
#5 - Groovy CD tower

Get hip with this cool colourful wooden CD tower... view
paint a planter with Resene Metallic paint
#4 - Metallic planter

Make a real style statement with this sleek metallic planter... view
Make a  shabby-chic side table
#3 - Shabby chic table

Get the distressed look with this elegant shabby chic table... view
Golden abstract form
#2 - Gold abstract form

Create a touch of class with this sculpture that looks a million dollars... view
Art Project to create a retro-look canvas wall hanging
#1 - Retro-look canvas

Get cool and funky with this stylish retro-look canvas... view

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