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Teddy bear toybox

Create a fabulous teddy bear toybox using plywood and a selection of Resene colours from the Resene KidzColour range.

Resene art with Mark Rayner - Project 09

Difficulty level: Challenging

You will need:

Also required: 2 stainless steel hinges, 4 small castors, 40mm brass screws, 45mm panel pins, 6mm hardboard cut to 444mm x 800mm (top of lid), drill, hammer, interior filler, paintbrushes, piece of sash cord, PVA glue, Resene Enamacryl tinted to the following colours: Resene Chaos, Resene Fizz, Resene Fudge, Resene Wet N Wild, Resene Quick Dry Acrylic Primer Undercoat, sandpaper, screwdriver.

To get the look: Mark painted the background wall with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Tutti Frutti and stencilled a grass motif using Resene Grass Stain and a stencil from the online Resene stencil library.

Other ideas: Use the same materials to create a more grown up storage unit, decorating the box with colours from the Resene Enamacryl Metallic (Resene FX Metallic) range.

Step 1
Step one
Using the panel pins, hammer and PVA glue, assemble the front, back, sides and base of the box.
Step 2
Step two
Using the panel pins, hammer and PVA glue, assemble the front, back, sides and top of the lid. Fix the lid into position using the two stainless steel hinges and fill any holes or imperfections in the plywood using interior filler. Once the filler is dry, sand it smooth.
Step 3
Step three
Drill a 10mm hole through each of the offcuts of timber and thread a length of sash through. Knot the sash at either end and glue and screw the two pieces of timber to the inside of the box and lid, as shown – this will stop the lid from falling backwards when the box is opened.
Step 4
Step four
Apply one coat of Resene Quick Dry Primer Undercoat to the inside and outside of the box. Allow to dry.
Step 5
Step five
Apply two coats of Resene Chaos to the top of the lid and inside of the box. Allow to dry. Apply two coats of Resene Wet N Wild to the inside of the lid and outer sides of the box. Allow to dry.
Step 6
Step six
Apply two coats of Resene Fizz to the front and back of the box. Allow to dry.
Step 7
Step seven
Drill pilot holes in the base of the box and fix the four castors to the base of the box using the screwdriver.
Step 8
Step eight
Paint a large paw print pattern on the front of the box using two coats of Resene Fudge. Allow to dry thoroughly before using.

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