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Paint Effects are the ideal way to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary. The options are endless depending on the colours you select and combine together, the way you apply them and the project you choose to apply them to. To get started with paint effects select a small project first and build up confidence. Then progress to larger scale projects as you become used to the techniques. And if worse comes to worse and the paint effect doesn't work out the way you intended, simply paint over it and start again either with the same finish or perhaps a different technique or colour selection.

Gold effects can be created by mixing Resene Gold metallic with Resene Paint Effects medium, to create a gold paint effect. Experiment with the ratio of gold paint to paint effects medium depending on the intensity of the effect desired.

Resene sells a range of brushes, rollers and paint application equipment. Some specialist paint effects accessories are not available from Resene – we recommend you either purchase these from a specialist craft shop or online, or improvise by using another item with a similar texture. E.g. a comb effect can be created with many different types of combs and does not necessarily require a specialist paint effects comb.

Resene has brought together a range of Paint Effects projects to get you started. Simply click on the project you wish to try out, print out the project sheet and get started. To view the how to step by step instructions you will need Acrobat Reader.

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Crackle finish Crackle finish
This finish creates the effect of crazed and weathered paint. It is achieved by a layer of crackle medium between two coats of waterborne paint... view
Gilding Gilding
Gilding adds glamour to ordinary household items giving them a sense of history and opulence... view
Coloured stains Coloured stains
Create a multicoloured tea tray using Resene Colorwood interior wood stain... view
Metal leaf Metal leaf
Silver or gold leaf may be applied to almost any non-porous surface to create a striking metallic finish... view
Organic textures Organic textures
Create a mossy effect around the top and base of terracotta pots using Resene Sandtex textured finish... view
Ragging stencil Ragging
Ragging may be soft or dramatic, depending on the colours chosen and the cloths used to create the effect... view
Colourwashing Colourwashing
Colourwashing is a decorative way of applying paint to break up the colour. A lighter colour base... view
Limewashing Limewashing
Limewash was historically a very dilute form of quicklime applied to walls as a protective or decorative coating. We now use modern paints... view
Antiquing Antiquing
Antiquing is a finishing technique that darkens the paint colour and gives the surface an instant aged look... view
Distressing Distressing
A distressed paint finish is a quick way to fake age and add character to a piece... view
Stencil stippling Stencil stippling
Create a waste paper bin using a raised stencil design and a stipple paint finish... view
Sponging Sponging
One of the easiest paint effects techniques is sponging. It may be used as a basis for other finishes, such as marbling... view
Dry brushing Dry brushing
Dry brushing is an easy way to achieve a bronze metallic look with a verdigris finish, especially on metals... view
Crackling Crackling
Crackling is an aging technique that cracks the topcoat of paint exposing the paint underneath... view
Leather look Leather look
The use of facial tissues is a quick and easy way to build texture and create a leather look finish... view
Gold effects Gold effects
Papier mache boxes are an effective way to try out a range of paint finishes ... view
Spattering Spattering
Showering a fine spray of paint onto a surface by running your finger across a paint-loaded brush... view
Marbling Marbling
There are as many techniques for marbling as there are varieties of natural marble... view
Brushed metallic Brushed metallic
Resene Enamacryl Metallic may be used in a variety of ways... view
Blending colour Blending colour
Blending colour is the ideal way to soften the edges between light and dark colours... view
Wood effect Wood effect
Graining simulates wood grain using paints and effects finishes. Use this technique where wood might normally have been used... view
Ombre and other paint effects Fade out and retro rules
Ombré is a graduation of colour from dark to light. When applied to walls with paint, the colour subtly fades to pale... view
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