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Classic Mason handcrafted wallpapers from Resene

Resene is bringing back the artistry of traditional handcrafted wallpaper with the Mason Handcrafted wallpaper collection.

William (Bill) Mason was born in Napier in 1919 and was a well-known artist, winning the competition for wallpaper design at the Festival of Wellington in 1961. Bill began designing patterns for Wellington based Ashley Wallpapers before establishing Mason Handprints in the small settlement of Plimmerton on the coast north of Wellington. Bill and his wife Maureen developed an unrivalled heritage in wallpaper design. Bill Mason was extremely talented. He designed the classic dynamic motifs epitomised by the stunning Tosca patterns and perfectly balanced imagery. He made the screens used in the hand printing process and created beautiful repetitious patterns that were characterised by the striking use of colour.

The resulting wallpapers were glamorous, alluring and quite simply beautiful. Bill’s innovative use of colour led to international acclaim and became highly sought after in New Zealand and Australia.

Mason Handprints relocated the print and design workshop to Wairarapa and established a showroom in Wellington’s Marion Street, which later became the first Resene ColorShop.

Bill began to experiment with paint rather than printer dyes and inks. This led to a successful collaboration with Resene. As Bill neared retirement, he sold his business to his friend Tony Nightingale of Resene. Resene continued to expand the original Masons collection into new designs and colourways.

The business operated successfully for a number of years but eventually fashion and décor changed and wallpaper fell out of favour.

Times have changed and with the advance of new paint technologies and a wide-ranging and exciting Resene colour palette, which includes Resene metallic finishes; the Mason range has been reborn.

This collection honours the spirit and integrity of the traditional designs, the craftsmanship of handcrafted screen printing technologies and handpicked Resene colours.

The result is a truly innovative and exciting range which can be tailored to suit your décor.

Treat your interior to the legacy of Mason Handprints and your favourite Resene colours.

PaperHands Print Workshop

Ben and Helen Masters created the PaperHands print workshop in 2009 making unique hand printed wallcoverings. Ben, an artist and interior designer, found creating wallpaper was an exciting way to blend his talents and experience.

Researching the history of wallpaper in New Zealand there was little information to be found but they came across a wonderful small book by Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins about Mason Handprints. The notes and photos inspired their own printing process. With the workshop based on the traditional process, they are excited to help bring these original Mason Handprint papers back to life.

The new Mason Handcrafted Wallpaper collection uses the original Mason screen positives combined with modern Resene paint technology and colours respecting the heritage of the designs while bringing them into today’s world.

PaperHands Print Workshop - Photo A
PaperHands Print Workshop - Photo B
PaperHands Print Workshop - Photo C

Mason wallpaper collection books are available to view at selected Resene ColorShops.

Mason handcrafted wallpaper collection

Choose from a standard colour combination or we can print a Mason handcrafted wallpaper using your favourite Resene colours.

Mason Tosca Swatch - MT01
Mason Tosca MT01
Resene Rice Cake and Resene Half Delta
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT02
Mason Tosca MT02
Resene Nero, Resene FX Pearl Shimmer, Resene Gold Dust
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT03
Mason Tosca MT03
Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Nero
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT04
Mason Tosca MT04
Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Pure Pewter, Resene White
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT05
Mason Tosca MT05
Resene Pure Pewter and Resene Inside Back
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT06
Mason Tosca MT06
Resene Half Taupe Grey, Resene FX Pearl Shimmer, Resene Rangoon Green
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT07
Mason Tosca MT07
Resene Rangoon Green and Resene Root Beer
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT08
Mason Tosca MT08
Resene Gold Dust and Resene Half Nocturnal
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT09Mason Tosca MT09
Resene Pure Pewter and Resene Lucky Break
Mason Tosca Swatch - MT10Mason Tosca MT10
Resene Hot Chile and Resene Pioneer Red
Mason Peacocks MP01  swatch
Mason Peacocks MP01
Resene Rice Cake and Resene Bunting
Mason Peacocks MP02 swatch
Mason Peacocks MP02
Resene Nero and Resene Copper Fire
Mason Peacocks MP03 Swatch
Mason Peacocks MP03

Resene Rice Cake and Resene Spark
Mason Peacocks MP04 Swatch
Mason Peacocks MP04

Resene Rangoon Green and Resene Half Delta
Mason Peacocks MP05 Swatch
Mason Peacocks MP05

Resene Pure Pewter and Resene Resolution Blue
Mason Peacocks MP06 Swatch
Mason Peacocks MP06

Resene Hot Chile and Resene Root Beer

Mason Peacocks MP07

Resene Half Taupe Grey and Resene Lima
Mason Cydon Swatch - MC01
Mason Cydon MC01

Resene Pure Pewter and Resene Nero
Mason Plaza Swatch -  MPL01
Mason Plaza MPL01

Resene Bedrock, Resene Half Nocturnal, Resene Rangoon Green
Mason Cydon Swatch - MC02
Mason Cydon MC02

Resene Half Taupe Grey and Resene Double Stack
Mason Plaza Swatch - MPL02
Mason Plaza MPL02
Resene Half Taupe Grey, Resene Rangoon Green, Resene Deep Blush
Mason Cydon Swatch - MC03
Mason Cydon MC03

Resene Bedrock and Resene Rangoon Green
Mson Plaza Swatch - MPL03
Mason Plaza MPL03

Resene Rangoon Green, Resene Inside Back, Resene Bedrock
Mason Plaza Swatch - MPL04
Mason Plaza MPL04

Resene New Denim Blue, Resene Root Beer, Resene Stun
Mason Plaza Swatch - MPL05
Mason Plaza MPL05

Resene Half Taupe Grey, Resene Half Nocturnal, Resene Pure Pewter
Mason Plaza Swatch - MPL06
Mason Plaza MPL06

Resene Gold Dust, Resene Jalapeno, Resene Fuel Yellow
Mason Plaza Swatch - MPL07
Mason Plaza MPL07

Resene Loyal, Resene Root Beer, Resene Oh Behave
Mason Cydon Swatch - MC04
Mason Cydon MC04

Resene Rice Cake and Resene Spanish White

Mason Cydon MC05

Resene New Denim Blue and Resene Orient

Mason Cydon MC06

Resene Loyal and Resene Rangoon Green

Mason Bamboo MBB01

Resene Rangoon Green, Resene Pioneer, Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Stun

Mason Bamboo MBB02

Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Bedrock, Resene Pioneer
Mason Bamboo Swatch - MBB05
Mason Bamboo MBB03

Resene Half Taupe Grey, Resene Half Nocturnal, Resene Pure Pewter
Mason Bamboo Swatch MBB04
Mason Bamboo MBB04

Resene New Denim Blue, Resene Inside Black, Resene Dusted Blue
Mason Bamboo Swatch - MBB05
Mason Bamboo MBB05

Resene Quarter Foggy Grey, Resene Gold Dust, Resene Cuban Tan
Mason Bamboo Swatch - MBB06
Mason Bamboo MBB06

Resene Gold Dust, Resene Orient, Resene Watercourse
Mason Poppies Swatch - MPP01
Mason Poppies MPP01

Resene Nero, Resene White, Resene Bedrock, Resene Gold Dust
Mason Poppies Swatch - MPP02
Mason Poppies MPP02

Resene Hot Chile, Resene Fuel Yellow, Resene Nero, Resene Root Beer
Mason Poppies Swatch - MPP03
Mason Poppies MPP03

Resene Half Taupe Grey, Resene Toto, Resene Galaxy, Resene Red Letter
Mason Poppies Swatch - MPP04
Mason Poppies MPP04

Resene Loyal, Resene Spanish White, Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Stun
Mason Poppies Swatch - MPP05
Mason Poppies MPP05

Resene Rice Cake, Resene Toto, Resene Bedrock, Resene Gold Dust
Mason Poppies Swatch - MPP06
Mason Poppies MPP06

Resene Gold Dust, Resene Oh Behave, Resene Yeehaa, Resene Orient
Mason Cloud Swatch - MCL01
Mason Cloud MCL01

Resene Quarter Foggy Grey and Resene White
Mason Cloud Swatch - MCL02
Mason Cloud MCL02

Resene Rice Cake and Resene Pure Pewter
Mason Cloud Swatch - MCL03
Mason Cloud MCL03

Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Half Delta
Mason Cloud Swatch - MCL04
Mason Cloud MCL04

Resene Bedrock and Resene Half Nocturnal
Mason Cloud Swatch - MCL05
Mason Cloud MCL05

Resene Nero and Resene Pure Pewter
Resene Mayfair Swatch - MM01
Mason Mayfair MM01

Resene Rice Cake, Resene Half Delta, Resene Half Nocturnal, Resene Bedrock, Resene Nero
Mason Mayfair Swatch - MM02
Mason Mayfair MM02

Resene Rangoon Green, Resene Lucky Break, Resene Double Stack, Resene Half Nocturnal
Mason Mayfair Swatch - MM03
Mason Mayfair MM03

Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Yeehaa, Resene Orient, Resene Toto, Resene Fuel Yellow

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