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Get coloured with KidzColour

Resene Paints KidzColour paint colour chart

A Resene Paint TestPot character

Strongwilled, excitable and opinionated - today's kids know just what they want so to simplify choice for kids and their parents alike, Resene presents KidzColour - a range of hues and metallics designed for kids of all ages.

Colour options have been tested with various aged kids giving a range focused on bright bold, full chroma hues and metallics - perfect as a statement by themselves or combined with another equally bold hue for an invigorating scheme.

For those with a newborn in the house, KidzColour also includes a smaller palette of soft pastels that may be mixed and matched with each other or used as a base for one of the brighter accent colours.

Be the envy of all your friends and get coloured with KidzColour! Best of all, because it's just a coat of paint, you can add more colours or repaint when favourite colours change.

The KidzColour range also includes favourite effects finishes such as Resene FX Magnetic Magic, Resene FX Blackboard Paint, Resene FX Pearl Shimmer... Plus you can download stencil images and create stencilled masterpieces for just the cost of a different colour of paint.

Check out the KidzColour swatches in the online colour library or get your copy of the KidzColour chart from Resene ColorShops and Resellers or order your copy online.


Resene Paints KidzColour paint colour chart

Other great products for kids...

Resene Write-on Wall Paint Get writing
Let your children’s ideas loose on their walls with Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint. Once dry and cured you can use whiteboard markers or liquid chalk to write all over the wall without damaging the surface. And when it’s time to delete an idea just grab a soft cloth or whiteboard eraser, rub out the marker and start again. Simply apply Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint over your existing light coloured wall paint or over your new wall colour. With Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint there’s no limit to your children’s ideas. Find out more
Resene Paints Magnetic Magic paint Simply magic
Resene FX Magnetic Magic is a magnetic base coating that will turn walls into magnetic boards suitable for use with a wide range of magnets. With double the 'attraction' of existing magnetic coatings, this product is loaded with iron oxides for maximum magnetic effect. Find out more...
Resene Blackboard paint Chalk artist
Resene FX Blackboard Paint is a premium scrubbable 100% acrylic coating for all types of interior and exterior smooth surfaces where a hardwearing blackboard coating is required. It is easy to apply - in fact the hardest paint is keeping would-be chalk artists away long enough to give the paint time to dry before they start covering it up with chalk! Find out more...
Resene Pearl Shimmer Shimmer space
Resene FX Pearl Shimmer is an acrylic pearlescent glaze ideal for creating sparkled features. Either apply direct to existing painted areas for a shimmer finish or get your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller staff to add a touch of tinter and create unique tow tone effects of solid colour with a shimmery colour topcoat. Find out more...
Crackle effect paint Get crackled
Create cool cracked finishes - pick your favourite colours and paint one onto the surface. Allow to dry, paint a coat of Resene FX Crackle then leave to dry. Apply your second favourite colour and stand back and watch while the Resene FX Crackle shrinks and cracks to reveal the first colour. Seriously cool! Find out more...
  Play time
Planet Fun have released a toy catalogue that includes examples of Resene KidzColours in use and a vast array of toys and accessories. View the Planet Fun play time catalogue. You will need Acrobat Reader.

Decorating tips and tricks


Click on the pictures below for project ideas and inspiration from selected magazines

Habitat plus - kids spaces
habitat plus – kids’ spaces
Little Treasures magazine ideas for decorating children's rooms
Little Treasures rooms
OHbaby magazine projects
OHbaby magazine
The Parenting Place magazine decorating ideas
Parenting magazine
Your Home and Garden children's rooms
Your Home and Garden children’s rooms

Cool decorating ideas

Resene Super Stencils

Super stencils
Add your favourite pictures, designs or shapes to the walls and create themed walls in next to now time.

Here's how...

  1. Find or make the stencil you want to use. Stencil pictures can be downloaded from this website, traced onto light cardboard and cut out to get you started. Tape the stencil to the wall using low tack masking tape.

  2. Once you've got your stencil, dip your brush into your chosen paint colour. Dab the brush on a paper towel to get rid of any extra paint then place your brush at the edge of the stencil opening and apply the paint by dabbing the surface lightly or moving the brush in a circular motion.

  3. Repeat step two until you get the colour intensity you desire. Check out the Resene stencil library online.

Resene Super Stencils

You can also stencil using a roller. Instead of step 2 and 3 above...

  1. Get a small roller, moisten it with water and squeeze it between paper towels to dry the excess water off leaving a very slightly damp roller.

  2. Put a small amount of the paint colour you plan to use on a paper plate or in a flat bottomed low-sided container. Roll the roller through the paint and then onto a clean part of the plate or container (or use a separate sheet of paper) to ensure the paint is distributed evenly on the roller. Roll back and forwards across the cut-out area of the stencil. Make sure you roll in several different directions to get the best coverage. Check out the Resene stencil library online.

How to paint clouds Create clouds
Clouds can be a very relaxing finish to any room, making it seem airy and giving something to look at when stuck in bed during the day. To create a cloudy sky, apply a base colour of blue to the full ceiling area and allow to dry. Then use a sponge to lightly apply the white clouds. Dip the sponge in the white paint, then dab onto paper to remove excess paint before applying the sponge to the ceiling. Just add a few clouds at the start and allow to dry - you can always add more clouds later, but it will be much harder to take them away!
How to paint stripes

See stripes
Stripes can be a neat effect for a room, allowing you to use two (or even more) favourite colours all over the room.

Paint one colour over the complete area where you wish to create stripes and allow to dry. To create stripes, place low tack masking tape along the edge where you want the stripe to go. Make sure the tape is well pushed down on the edges otherwise the paint will creep underneath it. The best idea is to buy tape that is the same width as the stripes you want to create, as this will make your job easier. Apply as many pieces of tape as you want to create stripes.

Paint the second colour over the exposed area and onto the taped area. Carefully remove the tape before the paint dries.

If you wish to paint wider stripes and can't find wide enough tape, simply place tape down either side of the area where you wish to create stripes and then paint between the two pieces of tape and just slightly onto the taped area. Be careful not to paint beyond the tape. Carefully remove the tape before the paint dries.

Moneybox template

Super saver
Download this Resene KidzColour moneybox template, paint or colour it in then assemble. Create a row of house moneyboxes - fun to play with and save in.

Download moneybox template. You will need Acrobat Reader


Keep busy

Keep little hands busy with Resene arts and crafts activities for children. Create pet rocks, personalised covers, colourful wrapping paper and more. Try out the Resene Art Action art & poster, student acrylic and tempera paint range, ideal for kids of all ages. Available in a range of colours. Try out Resene EzyPaint virtual painting or download your favourite testpot character free. Get testpots of your favourite colours and use them to paint your favourite testpot characters - if you make a mistake you can always print out a new page and start again!

Have fun creating your own colour on any computer - simply visit the create colour section - adjust the slider to select a basic colour and then click on the big square to see a swatch of that colour. You can create your very own colour, print it out on a colour printer and take it into any Resene ColorShop or Reseller for colour matching.


Click on the pictures below for project ideas

Activity sheets
Activity sheets
Colouring in sheets
Colouring in pages
Create a mural
Create a mural
Create your own colour
Create your own colour
Ground games
Ground games
Kids art projects
Kids art projects
Kid's garden projects
Kid's garden projects
Learn about colour with the Everywhere colour series
Learn with the everywhere colour series
Toys and games to make
Toys and games

Keep safe

Child-safe decorating information

Eco-friendly decorating
Learn about the hazards involved in redecorating, including the risks of lead-based paint and solvent odours ad how you can minimise these risks when undertaking your next project - see the Resene low odour eco-friendly way to paint a child's bedroom brochure.

Road safety
RoadSense has worked with Resene to develop Steps to success with footprint stencils and ideas to keep our children safe.

Other art ideas and room brighteners

painted bed heads Ahead a bed
Funky, bold headboards using Resene paints feature in children's bedrooms with the launch of the Tamarillo Tree range of six headboard designs with options for customisation. The brainchild of sisters Carina Sim-Smith and Ping Sim, the headboards are handcrafted and finished in New Zealand. Every headboard is specially matched to the room it is destined for... more
Painting Kids Furniture Arting around
Custom designed to suit parents and their offspring, each piece is lovingly refurbished if it is existing furniture or created anew using local furniture suppliers for the base product then building up the desired design through themed child centric handpainting... more
Darren's Designs Designed to last
Darren’s Designs have designed a range of beautifully hand crafted children's furniture inspired by the magic of childhood and made of solid pine wood and hand built to the highest standards. There are a variety of themes to choose from, they are Rockstar, Rugby, Netball, Football, Princess and Fairies, or create your own theme … more
Dollshouse to go Dollshouse to go
Imagine a dollshouse that can be packed up and moved, taken on holiday or around to a friend's place for the night. This innovative dollshouse comes complete with hinged sides and roof, opening front door and outside deck. It unfolds quickly and easily so is ready to play almost instantly, which is perfect for little children who can't wait to start playing. Best of all it folds up flat so can be stored away safely using the minimum of space or easily sent... more
Easy art ideas Easy art ideas for kids
Splash some colour and creativeness around your place with these free art ideas. Resene and Mark Rayner have joined forces to provide projects suitable for children of all ages. The four step projects are suitable for young children with adult supervision; the six step projects can be done by older children alone or by younger children with willing adult helpers! Projects are rated easy to challenging so you can pick a project that suits. More projects will be added every couple of months to keep budding artists busy. To view stories you will need Acrobat Reader... more
Themed kids bedrooms

Funky Features
Funky Features specialise in creative designer rooms. If you can dream it they can make it happen. From fantasy to fairies to space and beyond, Funky Features can create a fully themed room to suit your child. They have a list of standard themed children's bedrooms, such as the Castle or Jungle themes shown, or they can create a fully customised experience. The room can become a great learning tool... more

Kidscapes wall murals for children's rooms

If you lack inspiration when it comes to decorating your child's room, then the extensive Kidscape range of décor products may be just what you need. Combine their options with a little imagination and you can create a room your child will love. Kidscapes also offers customised murals which involves painting original children's murals directly onto walls. Each work is truly unique... more

Mindalive  art tutorials Mindalive
In a departure from a facts and figures based teaching regime, MindAlive nurtures attitude and state of mind to assist students aged over seven to understand the value of learning and gain a thirst for knowledge and skills. Incorporating a range of subjects from which students may select 3-6 tutorials, art is a compulsory element in every student's program... more
Morf Mural magnets Morf mural magnets
Decorate your Resene Magnetic Magic painted wall with Morf Mural Magnets. Initially inspired to create magnets for her son's wall, the one room decorating plan has turned into a business supplying sets of large flat magnets to other parents looking for inspiration. The pieces are designed to be played with on a magnetic area... more
painted pinboards Pin it up
Like many new business ideas, the business of making decorative pinboards started at home with a very large Spiderman creation for a family member in mid 2002 as an easy way for their room to be adorned with favourite art and posters without ruining the fresh Resene Chetwode Blue paintwork. The enthusiastic reaction of friends and visitors made it clear that the idea was the start of something, so more designs were developed over the following months. Resene paint adorns each painted pinboard.... more
Cardboard playhouse Playing with the box
You spend hours choosing just the right child's gift only to have the little one toss it aside in favour of the box! Recognising this happens all too often, Kids Place have created a cardboard playhouse. Simple to assemble, once it is up, kids can decorate it with paints... more
New Zealand Childrens Art Clubs New Zealand Childrens Art Clubs
What would you think about a club where the only rules are "to love art and to be kind to each other" and where everyone must follow these rules, including teachers and parents? These are the rules of the New Zealand Childrens Art Clubs... more
Romp artworks

Romp artworks
Fun, funky and original - those three words sum up the artwork created by Stephanie Swetman to brighten up children's bedrooms and play spaces. Romp artworks works are not only popular with children but also with adults that cannot help to be drawn to popular works... more

Rooms 4 Kids Room 4 Kids
Sheryl Ross, the inspiration behind Room 4 Kids, has always enjoyed creating artistic pieces. After renovating their first home she decided to turn her love of colour and design into a career and did a Diploma in Interior Design. Sheryl takes inspiration from the kids she works with using their favourite colours and themes to transform their rooms into a unique, fun environment... more
Children's painted furniture Wee ones
Aptly named, furniture is designed for young children going through the rigours of potty training. Handpainted from start to finish using a range of colours tinted into Resene paints, each piece is truly unique... more
Darzart Waste not want not
Creating art from anything is the driving force of Darzart, a mobile Auckland based art factory that has been set up to help teach children the importance of recycling scrap material that would otherwise be designated as rubbish and dumped. Through recycled art classes, children are shown how to recycle waste materials and turn them into works of art.... more
Name It Designs customised artwork for children You name it
Not surprisingly, children love to see their name in print, especially when it is embellished with colour and sparkle, providing the business basis for Name It Designs, who have turned a gift idea from their own children's birthday party gifts into a unique concept in children's art. Each design is a hand painted, mixed media original canvas, an affordable keepsake for all age groups. Designs are based around the personality and interests of each child. Colour is paramount.  From vibrant contrasting colour to the more subtle and sophisticated, each palette fits the person named within. Each design is coloured using Resene testpots... more
Resene Art Action School crafts
Get inspiration for classroom projects for free online from Schoolcrafts... more

Art Action
Resene have developed the Resene Art Action range of student acrylic, art and poster and tempera paints designed for little kids and big kids alike... more

Testpot characters

Resene TestPot characters

Download your favourite testpot character


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