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Popular greens

Celebrate the best of nature with these favourite greens!

Resene Rice Cake
A sharp clean yellow white.

Resene Titania
A soft neutralised grey, close to white.

Resene Secrets
A frosted celadon green with a mood of inscrutability.

Resene Kangaroo
A marsupial grey green neutral.

Resene Linen
A lightened neutral with an earthy green edge.

Resene Tana
An interesting stony grey.

Resene Ash
A smoky soft grey with a hint of green hiding within it.

Resene Lemon Grass
A smoky grey green neutral, remindful of an overcast day.

Resene Breeze
A warm tint of green water and aqua mist, crystalline and refreshing.

Resene Emerge
A grey and green sea foam hue, sedate and modest in mood.

Resene Tapa
A smoky understated grey neutral.

Resene Flax
A shy earthy green, versatile and peaceful.

Resene Paddock
An unusual wistful green, pastoral and pleasant.

Resene Rivergum
A mid-grey green oxide.

Resene Permanent Green
A traditional clean timber green.

Resene Palm Green
An old college green, traditional and mossy.

Resene Forest Green
An ochre based green, shadowy and intrepid.

Resene Seaweed
A bitter olive brown, heavy and deep.

Resene Karaka
A rainforest green, muddy, masculine and intense.

Resene Midnight Moss
A deep green, Grand Prix winning and fast paced.

Green – A colour for all seasons

The dominant colour in nature, green, blended from blue and yellow, is often used to represent birth, growth, rejuvenation, balance and harmony. Green is easy on the eye, cool, restful and is the "anchor" of the garden providing a foil for fruit and flowers. In the home, deep hues have traditionally been used in studies and libraries, with light, bright hues in kitchens. Green is said to encourage moderation in behaviour and vitality in people who are tired or sick.

Green is, however, a complex and immensely varied colour group – in isolation it can be difficult to decide whether a green is cool or warm. It is much easier to see "warmness" or "coolness" if there are two options to compare. For example, a deep green room with rich autumn coloured curtains, terracotta lounge suite and ochre-yellow carpet, glows with warmth and vibrancy. In contrast, a slighter brighter green used in a well-lit south facing room accented with cobalt blue, turquoise and white will be reminiscent of water and sky and be perceived as cold.

The addition of blue to green creates turquoise, a colour that transforms an ordinary item or room into something very special – like Eastern glazed ceramic pottery. To add another dimension to green, add yellow and brown to create golden greens like olive, khaki, avocado and spicy coriander – earthy, muted, elegant and just a touch masculine. Crisp them up with white or cream, contrast with navy and gold, or enrich with deep maroon reds.

Green is ancient – deep fir-green was common in the Georgian era, pea-green in the 18th century, bottle green in the Victorian age, eau-de-nil in the 1930's and lime in the 1960's. Today, green is modern, reflecting our concern for ecology, our hopes for the future and the new generation. The new greens of pale pistachio, rich aquamarine and burnt lime open up new decorating options.

Regardless of the green you choose you can be confident that it will suit all seasons, bringing a little nature and harmony into your everyday built environment.

Decorating with green...

Always try out your colours using a Resene testpot in the area you plan to paint before you start your painting project – that’s the best way to confirm the colour looks right before you start painting. You can also can order drawdowns online.

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