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From the Resene colour choices booklet

This colour has had the most profound change in status in decades, if not centuries. Green. This word now carries the weight of all matters eco-friendly on its shoulders. It’s a colour that is harmonious and restful, symbolic of new life and hope.

Green also has obvious botanic alliances and allusions, whether they are realised in a bright floral fabric or elegantly stylised palm-leaf wallpaper.

Soothing green is ideal in high-stress areas such as hospitals, schools and workplaces. We are comfortable living with green due to its prevalence in the natural environment, making it an easy colour to use anywhere indoors. Lighter hues are great for living rooms and bathrooms to promote a relaxing environment, while mid greens give a clean accent to kitchens and dining areas.

Green is a versatile colour, too.

A soothing green lounge in Resene Yucca and Resene Middle Earth

Upper wall in Resene Yucca; lower wall in Resene Middle Earth

A fresh green wall in Resene Leap Year highlights a natural leaf mural

Wall in Resene Leap Year (try Resene Deep Sea for another option) with vines in Resene Feijoa, Resene Summer Green and Resene Ottoman.

Green is often seen as a cool colour and the best way to warm up a green is, perversely, to add either black to form a soft and smoky green, or blue to make it more of a sea-foam tone.

Positive – Green is at the centre of the colour spectrum so represents harmony, balance and peace. It soothes and relaxes, and is therefore also a healing and reassuring colour. Olive and sage greens have a neutral, timeless character so are popular office colours.

Negative – Green can elicit boredom, stagnation and blandness.


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