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Make a sustainable choice with Resene

Resene has an extensive range of Eco Choice approved paints that have been independently verified, including no added VOCs and an extensive range of low VOC products.

Once you have finished decorating, return your unwanted paint and paint packaging to the Resene PaintWise recycling and product stewardship programme and let us take care of them for you. Or if you prefer to get someone else to do the work for you, you can hire a Resene Eco.Decorator. Resene Eco.Decorators are a nationwide network of environmentally responsible, quality focussed painting contractors so you can hire them to complete your decorating projects with the confidence that the contractor is committed to sustainable work principles in their work processes.

Much like suntan lotion, the biggest role that coatings play is to protect other surfaces from weather and wear and tear, while improving their aesthetic. It's much easier to refresh a surface by painting it than replacing it. We're working hard to make our products nature-positive with our extensive range of Eco Choice approved products that help protect and extend the life of the substrates they are applied to, so those precious building materials last as long as possible reducing the rate of replacement.

Eco Choice approved products
Eco Choice Aotearoa

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Resene Paintwise - return unwanted paint to Resene
PaintWise paint recycling

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Sensitive Choice - products sensitive to asthma and allergy sufferers
Sensitive Choice

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Resene Eco.Decorators for peace of mind

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Make a sustainable choice with Resene
Make a sustainable choice

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Resene WashWise portable wash system
Resene WashWise

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New Zealand Green Building Council
NZ Green Building Council

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More than just a green product

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Vegan paint options

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Improved work environments

Improved working environments lead to improved concentration levels and a greater feeling of well-being for decorators, as well as placing less stress on the body’s natural defences. Improvements in the quality of the working environment benefit those who are most at risk through handling the product every day. This is highlighted by the inclusion of the Resene Decorator trade range of paints in the Eco Choice NZ programme. Compliance to the heavy metal requirements of the Eco Choice programme, as practised by Resene for decades, also avoids possible poisoning of people, animals, food chains and environment.

Just as our customers call Australasia home, so do we. Therefore it is central to our way of operating that we continuously strive to reduce the adverse effects of paint on the environment. Choose to specify and use Eco Choice approved products wherever you can and help keep the environment green. Look for the EC logo on our product data sheets and paint containers - it is confirmation that the product meets the requirements of the Eco Choice programme.

All Resene products are manufactured under a Quality Management System as complying with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a certified assessment of the environmental impact of a product, including its packaging. Based on international standards and independently verified, it is widely recognised by industry and governments.

Environmental Product Declarations are currently underway for selected Resene products.

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Clamping down on carbon

Resene is proud to be playing an active role in the battle against climate change. Resene is now Toitū carbon reduce certified, meaning emissions are measured to ISO 14064-1:2018 and Toitū requirements. Resene is committed to continuing to look for more opportunities within its business to manage and reduce carbon emissions, but also offering and continuing to develop programmes, tools and products that empower customers to make better choices for the planet.

Toitū carbon reduce certified

Boxing on

Distributing paint around the country requires lots of cardboard boxes. Many of these are passed onto customers buying large volumes of paint. The rest are returned to Resene using the Resene box recycling system.

Resene ColorShops flatten spare boxes and place into the special box recycling cartons then return full boxes to the central Resene warehouse. The boxes are then assembled into a box again and reused for future paint production. The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard so can do many round trips before requiring replacement.

Reusable boxes for packaging Resene paints

EnviroWise Disposal and Spill Kit

The Resene EnviroWise Safe Paint Disposal material is designed to allow you to treat any unwanted leftover paint so it is ready for safe disposal. If the paint is reusable, we recommend you donate it to a local charity or community group. If there is only a small amount left in the container, allow to dry out of reach of children then dispose of the dry paint and recycle the paint container. If the paint container has a larger volume of unusable paint left, follow the directions on the EnviroWise label. Not recommended for two pack products.

Resene EnviroWise Disposal and Spill Kit

Spills – If you spill paint, pour EnviroWise absorbent material onto the spill to absorb the paint, then collect the mixed material, allow to dry and dispose of it in your household rubbish.

View label

Greening charts

Resene proactively prints brochures, labels, many colour charts and magazines, on sustainable paper stocks, so sourcing sustainable paper stock for our colour charts was a natural step.

Resene has worked with its main colour chart supplier, Color Communications, for nearly 18 months to test a vast variety of sustainable paper stocks for durability and aesthetics so that Resene can complete the transition of the last of our charts to sustainable paper stocks. Being the first time that the colour chart supplier had been asked to help develop sustainable stock options, finding paper stocks that would stand up to the demands of colour chart production was a surprisingly slow process with many sustainable paper stocks too lightweight to withstand the twisting and pulling of colour chips. Numerous production trials later, the sustainable stocks have been used for production since late 2007.

Resene colour charts are finished in Eco Choice approved Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, Resene SpaceCote Flat, Resene FX Metallic and Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path, while the remainder are finished in waterborne inks. Not only do the Resene paints give a truer representation of the actual colour, but they also reduce solvent emissions compared to traditional solventborne lacquers. This is a stark contrast to overseas colour chart production, where much of the colour chart market is still based on direct deposit colour swatches using solventborne lacquers.

Best of buckets

As well as being recyclable, empty Resene buckets have plenty of other uses too and are ideal for jobs around your home or bach.

Green Thumbs Compost

Green Thumbs Compost have created a neighbourhood network using Resene buckets in Dunedin. Households can choose to compost food scraps using a donated recycled Resene bucket and then once ready to be emptied pass the compost onto a Green Thumbs Compost location in their neighbourhood that can use the compost. It’s the ideal option for those who don’t have their own garden to use compost, linking up those who can compost with those who need it most. To find out more see their facebook page. For information on what can be composted see the Green Thumbs Compost instructions.

Be the difference – Environmental protection

Greater Wellington Regional Council and Resene formed a partnership to educate households to avoid tipping paint or paint washing water in stormwater drains.

Be the difference – Environmental protection

"We're saying to householders, you've made your home look beautiful, but don't ruin the homes of others. Your paint and washing water can poison the water where fish and other creatures live," said Margaret Shields, Chairperson of Greater Wellington.

"Many people don't realise that stormwater drains are designed for rainwater only. Stormwater flows largely untreated into our streams, rivers and out to sea."

Greater Wellington and Resene placed an innovative 'paint swatch' brochure in the Greater Wellington Resene ColorShops encouraging households to clean paintbrushes in the laundry sink or in a bucket that is tipped on the garden.

Be the Difference was created by the Greater Wellington Regional Council to involve individuals and households in protecting the environment by taking personal responsibility for their actions, with over 5,500 residents joining the programme within four weeks of launch.

2008 and 2010 Green Ribbon Award
Award Winner
Green Ribbon Award - Category: Innovative solutions for the environments
Resene is a Winner of a Sustainable 60 award
Award Winner
Winner Sustainable 60 awards - Exemplar and Marketplace
Resene won a  Sustainable Business of the Year 2010 award
Award Winner
Resene - Sustainable Business of the Year 2010

Images: Courtesy of White Roofs NZ

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