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From the Resene News – issue 4/2003

Waste not want not - Darzart and Amphora

Creating art from anything is the driving force of Darzart, a mobile Auckland based art factory that has been set up to help teach children the importance of recycling scrap material that would otherwise be designated as rubbish and dumped. Through recycled art classes, children are shown how to recycle waste materials and turn them into works of art. Each month DARZART make a donation to Kidzfirst Hospital to enable them to continue buying art materials for the children in the wards.

Resene is assisting the cause through a mix of mistints (which fit perfectly with the theme of recycling materials) and testpots to enable students to decorate their recycled materials without sacrificing the bright and bold colours they adore. The empty testpot containers can then be turned into future artworks of their own.

With increasing mountains of rubbish, teaching children to recycle through the joy of art is a positive step to reduce rubbish loads in the future.

Resene supply mistinted paints and testpots to encourage the Darzart children converting rubbish to art works.

Darzart shows children how to recycle waste materials and turn them into works of art

The recycling cause has also brought out an artist of a different kind. A sculpture made of recyclable steel affectionately known as Amphora has recently been on display on the corner of Broadway and Great South Road, Papakura. The amphora, an early form of container used to preserve items is essentially an early ancestor of the can. Usually found lurking on the shelves in Resene ColorShops in the form of round metal cans, closer inspection of the sculpture reveals that the majority of the body is formed out of Resene tinplate twisted and turned to suit the final design. With Resene metal cans easily recyclable - simply let the paint dry then put out with the recycling - the sculpture sends an important message to all passers-by to recycle the materials they can to reduce the burden on the environment.

Recycled Resene paint cansused in the body of the Amphora sculpture.

  Amphora is a sculpture  
            formed out of Resene tinplate (recycled paint cans) twisted and turned to suit the final design.

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