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Resene paint effects projects, project 16

Papier mache boxes are a cheap and effective way to try out a range of paint finishes.

Some of the larger items may be time consuming so it is a good idea to start on smaller pieces first so that the projects won’t seem so daunting.

Papier mache boxes to try out your gold effects

Papier mache boxes with painted gold effects

You will need

Project tips

Before you start your project, try out different combinations and practice your application method on a piece of card until you are happy with the result.

Different types of sponges and rags will give differing effects so it is best to try out a few options before deciding on one. See the Resene Metallics and Special Effects colour chart for a full range of colours.

How to make the blue box

Step 1

Step 2


Step 1:  Apply two coats of Resene Magik to the box and leave to dry. Soak the sponge in water and squeeze out well. Pour some Resene Gold Effect Medium onto a plate.

Step 2:  Dip the sponge into the Resene Gold Effect Medium, wipe off any excess, and lightly dab onto the box in a random matter. Fill in the gaps until the pattern is even. All sponges vary in texture, so yours may look different to the one shown.

How to make the red box

Step 1

Step 2


 The lid of this box has had a layer of facial tissue applied to give it a three dimensional effect.

Step 1: Paint the lid and bottom of the box with two coats of Resene Monza. When thoroughly dry, mask off stripes with masking tape. Press tape down firmly. Apply Resene Pearl Shimmer to the exposed areas, blending it off softly near the tape so a hard edge is not left when the tape is removed.

Step 2:  Dip the brush into the Resene Gold Effect and wipe nearly all of it off onto the side of the paint can or dish. Hold the brush almost parallel to the surface of the lid and lightly drag it across, leaving just the raised areas highlighted with gold. Build up the colour slowly by applying two or three coats.

How to make the silver-grey gold box

Step 1

Step 2


This is a Ragging On Technique. The rag leaves sharper edges to the paint than a ragging off technique allowing the basecoat to better show through the finished effect.

Step 1:  Apply one or two coats of Resene Tuna and allow to dry.

Step 2:  Pour some of the Resene Stargate onto a dish. Scrunch up a small piece of cloth, dip it into the paint and blot onto paper to make sure there are no heavy areas of colour. Apply to the box, turning your hand in a different direction each time you press down so the pattern is random. Each time you reload the cloth with paint, re–fold it so the pattern changes.

Download this project as a PDF

Project by Janet Scard. Photography by Joseph Zou.

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