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Tui cute

Craft with Resene from Woman magazine

Adorn your home with your very own piece of Kiwiana artwork, using our Resene paint-by-numbers colour palette.

Paint a cute tui from a template

You will need

Step by step instructions

Step one:  Start by either downloading the template or photocopying and enlarging the image provided onto a piece of good quality art stock. We used 200gsm watercolour paper and enlarged our template to fit A3 size.

Step two:  Tape your template to create a nice even border (A) and use Resene Karma to fill the background. Apply two coats for a nice even coverage (B). Do the same for the inner circle using Resene Lemon Twist (C).

Step three:  Now move on to painting your flowers and branches (D). Using a very fine brush here will help with the smaller details. Resene ColorShops have multipacks of small artist brushes ideal for projects like this one.

Step four:  Paint the bird starting with the darkest colours first, like Resene Madison (E) and Resene All Black. Continue with the lighter colours, leaving the smaller details for last.

Step five:  Paint the speckles in random colours of your choice from the palette provided. Use Resene Stinger for the top edge of the beak.

Step six:  For the final touches, use a white ink pen (F) to make some small feathering around the birds crest (in c shapes) and some highlights on the flowers if you choose.

Step seven:  Once dry, check over your work and make any little touch-ups if needed.

Step eight:  Choose your frame and have your local framers cut a matting to fit neatly around your art work, giving it a professional finish as well as a nice clean edge.

Resene colour tip

It’s a good idea to start painting the background and then work towards the foreground. That way, your bird sits nicely on the top, covering any outlines. Leave small detailing until the end.

Craft editor and stylist Marsha Smith. Feb 2021.

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Craft with Resene from Woman magazine
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