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Transform a plain concrete planter into an eye-catching work of modern art and bring nature to your door this winter

Paint a planter pot

Modern art painted pot

It’s not a spot you linger in for long, but nothing says “welcome” quite like an eye-catching entranceway. A statement planter such as this creates a warm, inviting mood and sets the tone for the interior that lies beyond. Try this easy DIY idea and bring a modern twist to a plain planter.

You will need:


  1. Set your pot on the drop sheet. With a slightly damp cloth, wipe the pot clean of dust and dirt.

  2. Once dry, seal pot inside and out with a coat of Resene Concrete Primer. Leave to dry.

  3. Apply two coats of your basecoat colour using a Resene testpot, allowing drying time between coats. Resene Alabaster is a good option for a white basecoat and will go with most other colours.

  4. Once the basecoat is dry, mask off a simple design around the pot using painter’s low tack masking tape.

  5. Paint masked-off areas using a Resene testpot and leave to dry. Get this look with Resene Double Foundry. Add another coat if needed. Carefully remove the tape before the paint is fully cured.


Photography: Derek Swalwell/

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Projects from Nadia magazine
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