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Dining room decorating inspiration gallery

Below are a collection of dining room projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Classic white dining room
Black meets white

A classic dining room with crisp white walls... more
Open plan dining room
The growing renovation

A renovated open plan dining room with a neutral colour scheme... more
Cottage dining room
From unliveable to Airbnb

A traditional cottage dining room with a neutral colour scheme... more
Dark dining room
Bold black and beautiful

A black and bold formal dining room and lounge... more
Traditional dining room
At home in the garden

A freshly painted neutral traditional dining room... more
50's style dining room
For the love of the 50s

A vibrant and retro 50's style dining room... more
Green living room
Second time lucky

A freshly painted green and white living room... more
Modern dining room
Return to elegance

An elegant and modern dining room with green and white walls... more
Orange dining room
New meets old

A traditional dining room with orange walls... more
Concrete themed dining room
Coloured in concrete

A dining room with 'concrete like' painted walls... more
Modern dining room
Kitchen definition

A modern dining room with a neutral colour scheme... more
Neutral dining room
Colour with compliments

A dining room with a neutral colour scheme... more
Dining room
Projects on the go

Jessica painted thick horizontal stripes onto her Resene Black White wall... more
Dining room
Walls of sunshine

Karen feels wrapped in sunshine even on the gloomiest days... more
Yellow feature wall
Mood lifter

Accentuating the bright, bold colours throughout the house... more
Dining room
Paint by plan

Eclectic describes Cheryl and Juriaan. They love old and new... more
Modern white dining room
Elevated with colour

Adding a sense of glamour and occasion to the space with wallpaper... more
Bright dining room
Vibrant vibe

Colours that reflect the beauty of the home amongst the bush... more
Living it up

They decided to mix up three colours – green, blue and grey... more
Villa dining room
Character in colour

This villa has been carefully repainted by the Goodall family... more
Dining room
Bit by bit

The Thompson family moved into their beautiful home in Nelson... more
The good life

A soft palette of colours gently rolls through the home... more
Pale kitchen
Colour that sings

Carefully combining style and function in this space... more
A nod to mid-century
A nod to mid-century

Resene Black White just goes with everything! ... more
Haven of tranquility - dining
Haven of tranquility
Bringing the colour of the bush inside by using Resene Pacifika... more
Colourful personalities - dining room
Colourful personalities meet colour
Miranda’s circa 1890s villa survived the earthquakes... more
Bach conversion to family home
Bad bach no more

This small but perfectly formed home, was once a ‘1980s bad’ bach... more
For the family
For the family

A splash of colour and to indulge a love of blue... more
Black and white dining room
Getting creative with paint

Adding the stripes to the living room wall in Resene All Black... more
Purple and grey dining room
Punchy colour

A very soft contrast to the kitchen area, complemented the soft greys... more
A helping hand with colour
A helping hand with colour

Expert colour advice, has helped them to make their colour choices... more
Colour brings character
Colour brings character

A soft palette that has a relaxed vintage feel... more
Bursts of colour
Bursts of colour

Using Resene colours extensively, particularly as highlights... more
Beach house in the city
Beach house in the city

Resene Quarter Bianca for a light bright feel... more
Homely and bright colour
Homely and bright colour

Using a neutral base for internal walls with added colour on feature walls... more
A touch of colour
A touch of colour

Using shades of white and an accent colour... more
Green and white dining room
Unified from inside out

Highlighting traditional bungalow features that had been painted... more
A dream home
A dream home

Using bold neutrals with a feature wall in Resene Tax Break... more
A labour of love
A labour of love

The warm happy embrace of Resene Smoke Tree... more
Separating spaces with colour
Separating spaces with colour

Black is the perfect backdrop for their Mexican wall, and bright... more
Topped in black
Topped in black

A clean look of black and white with metallic accents... more
50s inspired diner
50's inspired diner

Obsessed with the 50s style, garage meets diner... more
White dining room
Accenting the timber

The fresh calm of Resene Half Pearl Lusta in the dining room... more
Red feature wall - dining room
Feature wall

The dining room has a feature wall of Resene Jalapeno... more
Deep green dining room
Deep green walls

Resene Black Forest on the dining room walls... more
Serene dining room
Serene interior

She uses a black, white and green palette throughout her home... more
Retro dining room
Retro wallpaper
The dining room features Resene Gravel with a retro wallpaper... more
Painted floors in dining room
Hand painted tiles
Wegner chairs add a mid-century touch... more
Modern dining room
Making a statement

Resene Half Kumutoto and wallpaper... more
Crisp white dining room
One room at a time

This room features crisp Resene Alabaster on the wall... more
White dining room
Fresh and airy

Resene Quarter Cloudy walls and Resene Quarter Merino trims... more
Feature in dining room
Feature in lounge
Chimney is in Resene Bokara Grey... more
Art deco dining
Art deco dining

Resene Tango features in this dining room... more
Ornage dining room
Colour for warmth

Resene Vesuvius is an orange dining room feature wall... more
Pink and white dining room
1920s renovation

Dining room, Resene Tea walls and whitewashed floors... more
Green and orange dining room
Colourful dining

Resene Tia Maria and Resene Pacifika walls... more
Light blue dining room
Resene Periglacial Blue

Pippa has painted furniture too - the side board is Resene Pearl Lusta with Resene Olive Green... more
Pink and grey dining room
The pink table
Resene Colour Me Pink and Resene Sweet Pink were the perfect pinks... more
Ornage dining room
Colour lover

Resene Chilean Fire injects a wow factor into the room as their house was very cream... more
French inspired dining room
French living

Resene Quarter Tea makes everything look amazing with the French furniture... more
Violet dining room
Colourful rooms

As part of a colourful palette, moody Resene Zeppelin is in the dining room... more
Green dining room
To the max

The dining area is Resene Tulip Tree, a vibrant shade, as this room is in the middle... more
Japanese inspired dining room
Slight Japanese theme

The dining room is painted in Resene Lemon Grass and skirting boards are in Resene more
Stylish dining room
Stylishly relaxed

The room has Resene Double Perfect Taupe on three walls with a feature wall of wallpaper... more
White dining room
White on white

Resene Black White walls, floors and ceiling created a seamless flow... more
Retro green dining room
Retro right

Resene Bitter Lemon is a bright warm statement in the dining room... more
Welcoming dining room

The kitchen/lounge/dining features Resene Gunsmoke, Resene Half Napa, Resene Milk White... more
Open flow kitchen/living area
1950s brick and tile

They created an open flow kitchen/living area and have a spacious, warm home... more
Colourful dining room
Punches of colour

Revamping the existing dining chairs with Resene Pirate and Resene Fruit Salad... more
Deep blue dining room
Outdoor colours

Resene Licorice adorns a feature wall in the living/dining area and the entry wall... more
Grey dining room
Providing the pop

Resene Mantle was half strength in the sitting room and dining room as these rooms... more
Colourful dining room
Splashes of colour

The dining room walls and ceilings are painted Resene Merino... more
Colourful dining room
Happy place

Their bold Resene colour scheme makes their hearts sing. They never tire of it... more
 Roasted Orange dining room
Rug inspired

Inspired by the dining room rug, this wall is painted rich and warm Resene Roasted Orange... more
Grey dining room
Colour updating

Resene Fuscous Grey was the winner, contrasting perfectly with Resene Double Alabaster... more
Dark blue dining room
Pride in paint

The living and dining rooms are painted in Resene Maxwell Smart... more
Neutral dining room
Mix and mingle

The open-plan dining room needed to be kept fairly neutral to allow their various artworks to shine... more
Beige, green, and orange dining room
Letting loose with colour

They colour-blocked with sandy beige, celery green and spicy orange... more
Coloured dining room

Resene Disco, Resene Meteorite and Resene Citron on three of the doors. Resene Blackjack... more
Black and white dining room
Grand old home

Dining room walls and frames, doors and windows are finished in Resene Half Ash... more
White dining room
Model house

Light and colours feature in every room, including Resene Wasabi doors to the kitchen... more
Brown dining room
Home makeover

The dining room is painted in Resene Domino, a colour theme continued into the lounge... more
Red dining room

A brave and bold choice of Resene Bullseye is on the dining room feature wall... more
Grey dining room
Complete makeover

Resene Surrender complemented by a feature wall of Resene wallpaper... more
Relaxing dining room
Complementing the view

Resene Sisal on the walls tied in well with the nature outside the windows. It also created a cosy room... more
Bungalow dining room
1920s bungalow

Resene Tea and other neutrals with splashes of colour... more
1930's bungalow dining room
1930s bungalow

Polished wooden floors in the dining room are teamed with Resene Stonehenge walls... more
1923 bungalow dining room
1923 bungalow

They chose Resene colours that matched the natural golden tones of the rimu... more
White dining room
Tone on tone

Resene Albescent White on the ceiling and Resene Double Tea on the walls for the dining area... more
Red dining room
Inner change

Resene Dynamite is working well with other walls of Resene Quarter Spanish White... more
Country style dining room
Country style

Creating a country feel in the dining area gave a sense of continuity. A soft country colour... more
Red dining room
Liven up

In the dining room they decided to choose glowing Resene Persian Red... more
Retro wallpaper - dining room
Wallpaper inspiration

Retro wallpaper used for the splashback became the base for their colour scheme... more
Cosy dining room
Cosy vibe

Yellow and Resene Hippie Green feature in the dining and kitchen areas... more
White and grey dining room
Built in 1867

Resene Sisal dining room walls next to a Resene Pohutukawa feature wall in the lounge... more
Green dining room
Resene Gimlet walls

Resene Gimlet and white trims looks sharp and works well with their wooden blinds... more
Green dining room
Fashion colours

Resene Half Bronco ceilings in the dining room enlivened with a splash of Resene Avocado... more
Light grey dining room
Animal friendly

The finished home now boasts a range of colours – Resene Iron in the dining room... more
Country home dining room
Country view

They love their colour scheme of Resene Sea Fog and Resene Half Napa as it is restful... more
Neutral dining room
Resene Tea palette

Resene Tea walls, Resene Quarter Tea windows, Resene Triple Tea doors and... more

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Stay in and savour in style

Get the ambiance of a restaurant at your place; Cuisine... more
Kitchens and dining room decorationg ideas
A feast for the eyes

Delicious Resene colours for decorating your cooking and dining areas; Cuisine... more
Dining room mural
Mixed not matched

Not only is an eclectic dining room more in tune with current trends, it's cosier and more comfortable; Food... more
Colourful dining room
Defining the dining

Use colour to give open-plan dining areas a sense of occasion; Food... more
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Walls that work

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