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Kitchen decorating inspiration gallery

Below are a collection of kitchen projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.


Decorating ideas from selected magazines

Black meets white
Black meets white

A bold black and white kitchen is created in this home renovation... more
Modern kitchen
Embracing the dark

Resene Bokara Grey features on the island... more
Green breakfast bar
Fun, brave and creative

Amy wanted something striking underneath the breakfast bar... more
Contemporary kitchen
Room by room

A brand new kitchen installation with walls in Resene Alabaster... more
Art Deco kitchen
For the love of orange

The black granite benchtop contrasts with the boldness of the orange... more
Concrete themed kitchen
Coloured in concrete

This kitchen bench is painted with a 'concrete like' paint effect... more
Modern kitchen
Shark thrill

This modern kitchen has been recently repainted and redesigned... more
White and blue kitchen
At home in the garden

Bold Resene Clockwork Orange features in the scullery... more
Painted kitchen
Stroke of brilliance

A freshly painted blue kitchen design on top of grey doors... more
50's style kitchen
For the love of the 50s

A bright, vibrant, and fun retro 50's style kitchen... more
Yellow and blue kitchen
Must have colour

A renovated kitchen with blues and citrusy greens... more
Renovated kitchen
Two in one

Resene Coriander is used in this kitchen renovation... more
Neutral kitchen
Second time lucky

This kitchen has a simple and neutral colour scheme... more
Modern kitchen
The growing renovation

An earthquake damaged home gets a renovated kitchen... more
Colourful kitchen
Fun, brave and creative

The kitchen drawers seemed so out there when they were choosing them... more
Contemporary kitchen
Fit for the family

A light and airy open plan kitchen design... more
Painting kitchen cabinetry
Time well taken

Resene Eighth Stack mimics the colour of plasterboard... more
Kitchen knowhow
Kitchen know how

A painted kitchen with a brave colour scheme... more
Villa kitchen
Homely finish

A renovated 1930's villa kitchen is significantly warmer... more
Modern kitchen
Kitchen definition

A renovated blue kitchen is now bigger, brighter, and more usable... more
Kitchen splashback
Colour with compliments

A modern kitchen with a colourful splashback... more
Breakfast bar
Colour with compliments

A breakfast bar with a neutral colour scheme... more
Green and white kitchen
Decorating bug

A modern green and white kitchen painted in Resene Seaweed... more
Caravan kitchen
A long road

A renovated 70's themed caravan kitchen... more
Green and white kitchen
Decorating bug

A green and white kitchen with a chalkboard... more
Being brave and bold
Being brave and bold

For her latest project she has added colour to her kitchen cabinetry... more
French country kitchen
Elevated with colour

Jo wanted her new home to reflect her and represent the new beginning... more
Kitchen floor paint and wallpaper feature
Wow with wallpaper

Making a real ‘wow' statement in the kitchen... more
Wooden kitchen
Mid-century mood

Moving the kitchen and bringing the layout into the 21st century... more
Bright kitchen
Vibrant vibe

Colours that reflect the beauty of the home amongst the bush... more
Kitchen of new house
Good things take time

Patience has resulted in a colour scheme they are delighted with... more
Blue bedroom
Helping hand

The Maria family completely gutted a 1950s coast bach... more
Dining and kitchen combination
Colour surprise

Behind the seemingly calm veneer of a classic white villa... more
Kitchen and scullery
Paint by plan

Eclectic describes Cheryl and Juriaan. They love old and new... more
Lounge and kitchen combination
Sight unseen

We all know what the word potential means... more
Bright kitchen
Living it up

They decided to mix up three colours – green, blue and grey... more
New kitchen
Blue as the night

Kelly has always liked the colour of dark blue and wanted a French look... more
Orange inspired kitchen
Daredevil inspired

The main inspiration for much of the colour was Resene Daredevil... more
Bungalow kitchen
The good life

Escaping Auckland for the good life in sunny Nelson... more
Bit by bit

The Thompson family moved into their beautiful home in Nelson... more
New kitchen
Retirement renovation

Retiring 18 months ago, they have spent most of that time renovating... more
Villa kitchen
Character in colour

This villa has been carefully repainted by the Goodall family... more
New kitchen
Renovate and relocate

They had a vision of pastel greens pinks and blue being by the sea... more
Grey kitchen
Bit by bit

Painting the kitchen cupboards and adding new handles... more
Black and white kitchen
On a colour journey

Nadine likes the simplicity of the straight lines... remaining timeless... more
Kitchen with teal wall
Bright spot

The 1950s brick house needed a lot of love... more
Bright kitchen
Living it up

They decided to mix up three colours – green, blue and grey... more
Colour by three - kitchen
Colour by three

A delightful taste of colour. Resene Tangaroa is a deep choice... more
Unexpected move
Unexpected move

Building a new farmstyle/villa home on a 1.5 acre hilly property... more
Feature colour makes the space
Feature colour makes the space

Adding in colour to bring rooms to life. A striking feature wall... more
Yellow and white kitchen
Boldly going with colour

As part of a major home renovation, the family made some bold choices... more
A simple white kitchen
For the family

A simple white kitchen to enhance the existing beautiful bones... more
Bach conversion to family home
Bad bach no more

This small but perfectly formed home, was once a ‘1980s bad’ bach... more
An unexpected colour journey
An unexpected colour journey

As a new bed and breakfast it needed new colours inside and out... more
Christchurch townhouse
Christchurch townhouse

Easy to live with colours with a little bit of ‘funky’ thrown in... more
Calming green kitchen
Being inspired by the existing

The green is calming, soothing and inspiring, bringing the outdoors... more
Colourful kitchen floor
Lemons and limes in the kitchen

A bold colour selection would give the kitchen a good dose of fun... more
Farmhouse refresh
Farmhouse refresh
The new colour has made the house feel fresh and clean... more
Colourful kitchen with dark cupboards
Home of art

A colourful kitchen with dark cupboards... more
A door-able in colour
A door-able in colour

A mix of wood, tiles and colour splashes... more
Place of rainbows
Place of rainbows
Our fun colourful and practical holiday home... more
Modern purple and grey kitchen
Punchy colour to cook with
An updated kitchen with purples and greys... more
Overdue for a makeover
Overdue for a makeover

This 1959 kitchen was replaced for the new owners... more
Cream, brown, and bold red kitchen
A helping hand with colour

The use of cream, brown and a bold red... more
Clean and modern kitchen
Ask an expert

To get a modern clean look for years to come... more
Kitchen with muted colours
Magnetic attraction

Muted colours make this kitchen stand-out... more
Kitchen with wood accents
Coming home to colour

Dramatic wood with accents of pops of colour... more
Modern beachouse kitchen
Beach house in the city

The 1944 house update with the use of bold colours... more
A touch of colour
A touch of colour

Pale colours highlight the wooden ceiling... more
Green and white kitchen
Unified from inside out

The use of traditional bungalow colour scheme... more
Blue seaside kitchen
Piece de resistance in pink

Blue seaside kitchen and bathroom inspirations... more
Modern black and white kitchen
A dream home

Colours inspired by colourful fabric... more
Best of the blues
Best of the blues

Blue and cream make this kitchen stand out... more
Cream kitchen with wooden benches
Bringing in the things you love

Wooden benches make the cream cupboards stand out... more
One for the girls
One for the girls

Repaint the cabinetry for a quick update... more
Orange kitchen with white tiles
A labour of love

A bold orange and white tiles compliment this kitchen update... more
Sky blue kitchen
Yeehaa wins for a splashback

Sky blue colours are the inspiration for this splashback and cabinets... more
Pale yale kitchen
Separating spaces with colour

Using pale yellow to lighten the kitchen... more
Japanese inspired kitchen
Inspired by Japan

A dark wall colour makes an dramatic impact... more
Renovated villa kitchen
For the love of colour

A villa built in 1890's... more
Dark and white kitchen colours
Colour brings character

Dark and whites complement each other... more
Going on a painting spree
Going on a painting spree

Colour accents on cupboard doors... more
Teal and white kitchen
A touch of us in teal

Greys and whites with a bold feature wall... more
Cottage kitchen
Cottage kitchen

Light and simple interiors with Resene Half Thorndon Cream... more
Vibrant kitchen colours
Vibrant colour

Resene Black White walls and Resene Camarone ... more
Bold and colourful kitchen
Bold with brights

Resene Hyperactive works well with the triangles wrap... more
Artistic kitchen design
Art meets colour

Resene Half Black White quarter strength trims and ceilings... more
White kitchen
Wonderful in white

Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream walls brighten this kitchen... more
Black and white kitchen
Black Forest leads

Resene Black Forest in this renovated kitchen and dining room... more
Blue and white kitchen
Colour to enjoy

Resene Rice Cake, Resene Triple Rice Cake and Resene Licorice... more
Kitchen blackboard
Kitchen blackboard

Resene Sour Dough, Resene Parchment, Resene Double Pearl Lusta... more
Orange and white kitchen
Resene Trinidad fridge

Resene Trinidad makes a striking statement in the lounge... more
White and red kitchen
Black White and Red

Resene Black White, with a contrast of Resene Grenadier... more
Dark blue kitchen cabinets
Kitchen art
The kitchen has Resene Blue Bark cabinets with Resene Gold accents... more
Renovated 1920's kitchen
1920s redecoration

Created a more lived in, homely feel with pops of colour... more
Colourful kitchen design
She loves colour

The wall design was painted using Resene colours... more

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Liveable luxury - casual and formal dining
Liveable luxury

Strike a balance between formal and casual for a dining space that looks great... more
Nature inspired kitchen decor
Second nature

Bring elements of the outside in for a space that’s at one with nature... more
Refresh on the menu
Refresh on the menu

Thinking of updating your kitchen but trying to avoid upturning your life?... more
Kitchens and dining room decorationg ideas
A feast for the eyes

Delicious Resene colours for decorating your cooking and dining areas... more
Dine out in style at home
Stay in and savour in style

Get the ambiance of a restaurant at your place... more
Getting a kitchen look to last
Standing the test of time

Putting a contemporary twist on classic ideas.... more
A little bit country
A little bit country

A kitchen renovation helped a green-fingered cook enjoy the spoils of her labour... more
DIY painted kitchen
A DIY delight

Stacy Heyman hones her DIY skills to create a beautiful biscuit-coloured kitchen... more
Heart and soul
Heart and soul

Create a kitchen you love by using colour to bring together a space... more
How colour effects your appetite
A matter of taste

How the colours you use to decorate your kitchen affect your appetite... more
Island benches in your kitchen
Island life

Bold, beautiful and practical, a well-curated island is a shore thing... more
Kitchen with mixed chairs
Mixed not matched

Not only is an eclectic dining room more in tune with current trends... more
Warm toned wooden kitchens
Grain expectations

Highly-textured woods in warm tones are heating up contemporary... more
Pale kitchens
Soft touches of kitchen love

Misty whites and eggshell blues are go-to colours for summery kitchens... more
Blue colours
Defining the dining

Make your dining room look delicious with resene paint and wallpaper... more
Colour in the kitchen
Colour in the kitchen

Go on, be bold and splash some colour around your kitchen... more
Bright to light
Bright to light

Is your style vibrant or soft? These striking and sophisticated kitchens show... more
Goodbye to white?
Goodbye to white?

Has the all-white kitchen finally been eclipsed?... more
Dine in colours...
Dine in colour

Whether you go neutral or colourful, or take to the outdoors, here are some great dining room... more
Two kitchens with ideas based on classic looks
Tradition with a twist

Two kitchens deliver new takes on classic good looks while another disappears from sight... more
An attention-grabbing orange kitchen
Tangerine dream

Step out of your comfort zone and go for an attention-grabbing orange kitchen... more
A dream kitchen
Hearth home

The quest for the perfect kitchen began 10 years ago... more
Kichens with a stylish but casual look
Kitchens go casual

Soft colours and quirky details are all you need for a casual looking kitchen... more
Use colour to define the dining area in an open plan room
Defining the dining

Use colour to give open-plan dining areas a sense of occasion... more
Timber in kitchens
Natural instincts

Beautifully finished timber can be the hero of any kitchen... more
Traditional kitchens
Timeless with a twist

Traditional kitchens embrace current looks with Nordic, industrial and vintage... more
Add bursts of colour
Colour-shot kitchens

Add bursts of colour to a neutral backdrop for great effect... more
How colourful do you want your kitchen to be?
How much colour?

How colourful do you want your kitchen to be? Nice and neutral, with a touch of colour, or... more
Successful kitchen redesigns
The personal touch

Gone are the days of the slick showhome kitchens. Now we want to be highly personalised... more
Successful kitchen redesigns
Design inspiration

Have a kitchen that’s tailor-made to suit your house and lifestyle with a good kitchen designer... more
Successful kitchen redesigns
The perfect design

The right ingredients come together to create sensational spaces in the makeover... more
Kitchen transformations
Kitchen transformations

Resene paint colours highlight the dramatic looks of these kitchen makeovers. What was a dark... more
A white kitchen with colourful detailing.
White magic

With the right detailing and colour accents, the classic white kitchen can look stunning. See the options... more
Bold colours in kitchens
Splash out

Bold use of colour is a new trend in kitchen design, giving the hub of the home a dramatic... more
Kitchen concepts
Kitchen concepts

If your kitchen is looking a bit tired, get the inside scoop on the latest trends... more
Kitchen design information
Kitchen colour trends

Be more flamboyant when selecting kitchen finishes and inject colour... more
Kitchen design information
Kitchen design ideas

It’s important to give all elements of kitchen design careful consideration... more
Kitchen surfaces feature
Kitchen surfaces

The kitchen is one of the most used and abused rooms in a home... more
Orange and white kitchen
A bright idea

There’s more to renovating your kitchen than just the newest tools and gadgets; from Simply You Living... more
Black and white kitchen
Two stunning kitchens

Two stunning kitchens have been chosen as the winners of the Resene Total Colour Connection; from Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly... more
Choosing kitchen colour schemes
Cooking with colour

You’re likely to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, choose a colour scheme you’re comfortable with; from NZ House & Garden... more
Colour my kitchen
Colour my kitchen

Calming neutrals, rustic elegance or whisky-den noir – here’s how to whip up the perfect palette for this busy space; from Haven magazine... more

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