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Entranceway decorating inspiration gallery

Below are a collection of entranceways projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Bright entrance
From unliveable to Airbnb

A bright blue and orange cottage entranceway... more
Cuban style entrance
Welcome in!

A bright green and orange cuban style entranceway... more
Modern entrance
Two times the charm

A modern country home entryway with a timber panelled door... more
New meets old
New meets old

A grey and white 1920's bungalow entrance... more
Neutral entranceway
Anything but cream

A neutral home entrance inspired by the Hamptons decor... more
Bright yellow entrance
Colourful memory

A turkish inspired bright yellow home entrance... more
Stenciled tile entry
For the love of the 50s

A 1950's style entryway with stencilled tiles... more
Yellow entranceway
Must have colour

A yellow and white townhouse entranceway... more
Return to elegance
Return to elegance

A crisp white home entryway with etched glass... more
Bright red entrance
Black meets white

A crisp white exterior with a bright red home entryway... more
Grey entry
Admired by many

A soothing grey home entranceway in Resene Tuna... more
Villa entry
Homely finish

A traditional and homely villa entranceway... more
Black and white home entry
Colour with compliments

A black and white home exterior and entryway... more
Being brave and bold
Being brave and bold

A bold and colourful home entranceway makes use of wallpaper... more
Cuban style entrance
Welcome in!

A bright green and orange cuban style entranceway... more
Black and white home entry
Colour with compliments
A black and white home exterior and entryway... more
A nod to mid-century
A nod to mid-century

Dusty tones of Resene Karen Walker Smoky Green... more
Bright front door
Mid-century mood

Feature colours are sprinkled throughout the home, for a lively palette... more
Villa front door
On a colour journey

Nadine and John’s 1905 villa has evolved over time... more
Indoor and outdoor spaces
Trio of bold

Three primary colours were selected to contrast with the cedar... more
Live your best life
Live your best life

A monochromatic colour palette with black features on doors, frames... more

On a colour journey

A bright yellow Hello sign welcomes in guests... more
Character in colour
Character in colour

A striking front door in Resene Daredevil... more
Red front door
Red wins out

Expectant visitors to go to the house with the red door... more
Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink

Adding Resene Pompadour on the gables for extra punch... more
Retirement of renovation
Retirement of renovation

A combination of Resene Coffee Bean and Resene Oilskin... more
Finding the perfect colours
Finding the perfect colours

The Resene Ayers Rock columns make the entrance way pop!... more
Fun in the hall
Fun in the hall

The geometric painted door used a mix of some of Melanie’s favourites... more
Bright yellow entranceway
Inspired by spring

The colour palette makes you feels like being on summer holiday... more
Red home entry
Spring in your step

They picked Resene Poppy as a bold statement for the front door... more
Yellow home entry
Enjoy now extend later

They also love yellow; it makes them feel warm... more
Bach entrance
Bad bach no more

Resene Surf Crest green looks great on the front door... more
Bed and Breakfast
An unexpected colour journey

Exploring unusual colours that work well with a heritage home... more
Cute cottage entrance
Cute cottage colour

To continue the sweet cottage appeal, the exterior of the home is painted... more
Sqaure chequers - home entry
Colour brings cohesion

To add interest on the front porch they masked off squares... more
Inspired by spring - home entrance
Inspired by spring

They wanted to create a unique feel in the main entrance way... more
Light grey home entrance
Wrapped in colour

To emphasise the main entrance door they painted it a light grey... more
Ponsonby Villa - white and grey entranceway
Capturing the calm

The renovation of this Ponsonby villa... more
Grey entryway
Shades of grey

The aim was to create a home that is both functional and stylish... more
Yellow, black, and white home entrance
Inspired by Paddington

Nicola loves her villa, but it was definitely due a new exterior paint job... more
Blue and green home entrance
In need of TLC

The final colour choice was to find a bold statement for the new front door... more
Farmhouse refresh
Farmhouse refresh

A warm, light and versatile paint colour palette... more
Teal and white home entrance
A door-able in colour

Injecting colour into a neutral colour scheme... more
Red home entry
Coming home to colour

A feature wall of Resene Ayers Rock makes a striking first impression... more
Green home doorway
Colour makes this home

For a striking first impression, the exterior is painted in Resene Bali Hai and white, with a pop of colour... more
A touch of colour
A touch of colour

The new change of colour made a huge difference to the light in the home... more
Deck home entrance
Unified from inside out

Highlighting the traditional bungalow features that had been painted out over the years... more
Pink home entranceway
Piece de resistance in pink

The piece de resistance, a bright pink front door... more
Modern home entry
A dream home

The exterior has a clean look with LINEA® painted in Resene Blackjack... more
Stained glass entrance
A piece of the overall picture

This colour complements the stained glass door feature at her entrance... more
A labour of love
A labour of love

The main entrance hall is finished in Resene Cement, making the space quite moody and sophisticated... more
Teal feature wall
A touch of us in teal

Adding a feature painted wall to greet them in the entrance... more
Carved doorway
A home around a door

They carved their story into a 90-year-old church door... more
Colour brings character
Colour brings character

Keeping heritage features... a soft palette with a relaxed vintage feel... more
Orange home entryway
Going on a painting spree

The whole family love the relaxed, quirky, vibrant vibe... more
Ask an expert
Ask a expert

Using Ask a Resene Colour Expert service to get some colour ideas... more
1900s Villa entranceway
For the love of old homes

Hoping to do the house justice with their colour choices... more
Red and white entryway
Colouring a forever home

Communicate welcome, friendship and hospitality... more
Orange front door
Orange front door

Resene Triple Ash with Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream trims... more
She loves colour
She loves colour

Resene Paris White and Resene Half Rice Cake and Resene Tulip Tree... more
Bold red doorway
A fresh pop of colour

Resene Havoc, Resene Tea and Resene Half Parchment.... more
Art deco home entrance
Art deco entrance

Welcomed by curved walls and original stucco plasterwork... more
Blue and white home entranceway
Resene Tax Break

Resene Tax Break and Resene Periglacial Blue walls... more
Blue door
Resene Kumutoto door
Her front door is in Resene Kumutoto tones... more
Welcoming home entrance
Large and welcoming

An entire wall of images framed with Resene Pirate... more
Orange and white home entry
Entry with warmth

Resene Moroccan Spice in the entry and Resene Half Spanish White in the hallway... more
A welcoming entrance
A welcoming entrance

Resene Half Lemon Grass and Resene Quarter Masala on the steps... more
Red and white home entry
Entrance with style

Resene Bokara Grey walls with Resene White trims and a Resene Red Berry door leads inside... more
Outstanding feature
Outstanding feature
Resene Opal for the feature wall opposite the grey polished walls... more
1912 villa entrance
1912 villa entrance

Light and airy refurbishment in this Edwardian villa... more
Glowing home entry
Glowing entry

Resene Equator brings warmth and light into this entry... more
Traditional entranceway
Traditional elegance

Resene Triple Spanish White and Resene Quarter Pavlova below the dado in the foyer... more
Blue and white home entry
Luxurious hues

Resene Orient and Resene Ronchi bring the colours of the golden sands inside... more
Illuminated entrance
Illuminated entrance

The entranceway colour was chosen to match the chandelier... more
Striking red home entrance
Bold and striking

Resene Fahrenheit decorates the entry giving a bold striking wall when you first step into the house... more
Orange and white home entrance
Modern sharp look

A Resene Chilean Fire feature front door with Resene Alabaster... more
Home entrance - light hues
Light hues and deep

The entry/landing walls are Resene Milk Punch with a feature wall in Resene Mulled Wine... more
Tall home entryway
Tall entryway

Resene Napa is stunning in the tall entry and carries on into the hallway... more
Crisp white entryway
Resene Alabaster entry

Resene Alabaster and Resene Jet Stream feature in this modern entry... more
Orange front door
Going on a painting spree

The whole family love the relaxed, quirky, vibrant vibe... more

Colourful front door ideas from Haven magazine...

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