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Resene PaintsAfter Liz bought her house and had lived in it for a few months, she came to the dreadful realisation it was an off-white, pink colour! While she loved the house, she hated the colour. It had to go!

To help with her colour choice Liz would cruise the streets looking at a variety of houses around Christchurch. Resene Napa is definitely a favourite colour for many, but not what she was after. She kept coming back to a house that was black in body with white trim. It had character and looked warm and inviting. She knocked on the door and found out it was a black stain used directly on wood.

So many people told her to avoid using a dark colour, it would fade etc, but Liz really loved the dark hues and after testing a variety of dark colours from blues, greens, browns and blacks, she came to her final choice of Resene Bokara Grey. To minimise heat buildup she chose a Resene Sonyx 101 CoolColour version, complemented by white trims and Resene Red Berry gloss for the front and back doors.

The contrast of the dark with the white is stunning and the red doors add a little bit of spunk to it as well. One of Liz’s neighbours came over halfway through the paint job, "umming" and "ahhing". Trying to be polite, they said something about it being ‘different’. However, a few weeks after the main paintwork had been done, his opinion had totally changed, he was really impressed with it!

Paying a painter was not an option budget wise, so Liz decided she could do it herself. The important thing was the sanding and priming. Get that right and the rest is easy. Luckily Liz’s Dad helped out. Then with a little bribery and beer, her brother, sister and brother-in-law came around and they painted most of the house in a day. Over the next month Liz painted the windowsills and left the side of the house that no-one could see till summer.

Liz loves her house colour - it’s a little different to others on the street and that’s just great!

Resene Bokara Greyon house exterior

Resene Bokara Greyon house exterior

Walls Trims Doors
Resene Bokara Grey Resene White Resene Red Berry

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Thanks to the Gormack family.



Decorating inspiration gallery
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