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Hallway decorating inspiration gallery

Below are a collection of hallways projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Mustard hallway
Fun, brave and creative

Amy loves the colour mustard but it's not a colour that looks nice on her so... more
White hallway
Black meets white

A classic hallway with a crisp white colour scheme... more
50's style hallway
For the love of the 50s

A retro 50's style hallway with a painted mural... more
Cottage hallway
From unliveable to Airbnb

A crisp white cottage hallway in this 1900's cottage... more
Purple hallway
Welcome in!

A purple and white hallway in a character home... more
Dark oak hallway
Two times the charm

A hallway with dark oak floors and white walls... more
Hampton's style hallway
Anything but cream

A Hampton's style hallway with a blue and white colour scheme... more
Green and white hallway
The growing renovation

A renovated green and white hallway in this earthquake damaged home... more
Return to elegance
Return to elegance

An elegant and bright hallway with original features... more
Neutral hallway
Starting from scratch

A freshly painted hallway in Resene Black White... more
Classic hallway
Fit for the family

A classic hallway with a neutral colour scheme... more
Villa hallway
Homely finish

A bright and warm classic 1930's villa hallway... more
Neutral hallway
Colour with compliments

A hallway with a blue and white colour scheme... more
Painted hallway floor
Living it up

Melanie’s family have a large, long hallway, nearly 17m...more
Hallway joining areas of the house
Trio of bold

The interior is painted white with the interior doors and concrete walls... more
A nod to mid-century
A nod to mid-century

The dusty tones of Resene Karen Walker Smoky Green... more
Hallway with wooden floor
Daredevil inspired

The main inspiration for much of the colour... Resene Daredevil... more
Villa white hallway
Live your best life

With busy creative lives as a filmmaker and a designer... more
The good life

Escaping Auckland for the good life in sunny Nelson... more
Villa hallway
On a colour journey

Designing the house took a year – but now they’ve moved in... more
Exterior painting
At home with art

Elizabeth and her mother looked at 39 homes in a whirlwind... more
Resene Endorphin
Home to make you happy

Resene Endorphin makes the space seem huge... more
Boldly going with colour...
Boldly going with colour

As part of a major home renovation, the family made some bold choices... more
Resene Midnight Moss walls and painted black and white floor
Stunning hallway

Resene Midnight Moss walls and painted black and white floor... more
Bach conversion to family home
Bad bach no more

This small but perfectly formed home, was once a ‘1980s bad’ bach... more
Enjoy now extend later
Enjoy now extend later

This home is a 1960s beach-town bach... more
Putting down roots with colour
Putting down roots with colour

The McNeil family purchased this lifestyle property almost five years ago... more
Capturing the calm
An unexpected colour journey

The entrance hallway has Resene Bittersweet walls with joinery in... more
Boldly going with colour...
Boldly going with colour

As part of a major home renovation, the family made some bold choices... more
Putting down roots with colour
Putting down roots with colour

Wallpaper and paint in the main hallway has created a clever illusion... more
A red door at the end of the hall
Christchurch townhouse

She decided on Resene Pure Pewter for its lovely warm base and gold... more
Retro  colours
Inspired by the existing

With orange being the new black and orange being a 70s colour... more
Getting creative with paint
Getting creative with paint

Painting walls using crisp, fresh Resene Black White... more
Farmhouse refresh
Farmhouse refresh

The new colour palette has made the house feel fresh and clean... more
Home of art
Home of art

Resene blackjack makes the hallway gallery stand out... more
A door-able in colour
A door-able in colour

Artwork is framed perfectly on the hallway walls... more
Creme hallway
A helping hand with colour

Paint Resene creme on creme colour choices... more
Neutral hallway
Magnetic attraction

Resene triple sea fog complements the hallway... more
Bursts of colour
Bursts of colour

Bright doorways colour the hallway spaces... more
Best of the blues
Best of the blues

And the use of historic creme shades with blues... more
For the love of old homes
For the love of old homes

Resene Tasman compliments the hallway cremes... more
Inspired by Japan
Inspired by Japan
An artwork collection takes prime position... more
Topped in black
Topped in black

The use of dark bold dramatic ceilings and grey doors... more
Colour brings character
Colour brings character
Heritage colours shine thru with dramatic lighting... more
Colouring a forever home
Colouring a forever home
An updated brighter colour scheme... more
Blue and white hallway
Blue entranceway

Resene Endorphin makes the space seem huge... more
Brick hallway
Peace and calmness
Resene Oxley, with a Resene Quarter Parchment wash... more
White and blue hallway
Hall revamp

Resene Alabaster brightens up this hall... more
Black and white hallway
Stunning hallway

Resene Midnight Moss walls and painted black and white floor... more
A calm welcolming hallway
Resene Fossil

A calm welcoming hallway in timeless Resene Fossil... more
Blue hallway ceiling
Blue ceiling
The hallway has bold Resene Victoria on the ceiling... more
Monochrome theme hallway
Monochrome theme

With Resene Nero on the hallway ceiling... more
Stripes on the hallway ceiling
Stripes on the ceiling

Resene Onepoto, Resene Dust Storm, Resene Knock Out and Resene Alabaster... more
Welcoming blue and white hallway
A welcoming entrance

In the entrance and hallway Resene Powder Blue and Resene Half Milk White... more
Art deco hallway
Art deco

Resene Tango glows in the back hallway... more
A backdrop for art
A backdrop for art

Resene Athens Grey provides a great backdrop for a colour photo frame wall... more
Orange feature wall in hallway
An eye catcher

A warming orange feature wall of Resene Trinidad on the landing... more
Striking feature wall in hallway
Striking feature wall

Resene Licorice adorns a feature wall in the entry... more
Rainbow staircase
Rainbow staircase

Resene testpots in different colours to create a rainbow staircase... more
Yellow hallway
Resene Wild Thing

Resene Wild Thing in the hallway is a great colour for hanging art works... more
Blue hallway
Blue hallway

Resene Fountain Blue enhances the hall... more
Purple, pink, and white hallway
Resene Sassy

A bold Resene colour scheme makes their hearts sing... more
Neutral hallway
Neutral hallway

Neutral tones of Resene Friar Grey and Resene Stonehenge... more
White hallway
'Easy to live in' colours

The hall and entrance are painted in Resene Half Stack... more
Dark blue hallway
Stylish hall

Resene Jaguar with colourful poster in the hallway... more
Bright hallway
Bright hallway

Their ‘neutral’ interior wall colour is Resene Hathaway with ceiling in Resene Half Dutch White... more
White hallway
Resene Kangaroo

The interior palette also includes Resene Kangaroo in the hallway... more
Light and bright hallway
Light and bright

Resene Half Thorndon Cream in this smart refreshed hallway... more
Neutral hallway
Blending with exterior

The interior colours are Resene Thorndon Cream with Resene Hillary on outside walls... more
Hallway art work
Hall art work

The hall features Resene Napa and a gallery of children’s artwork... more
Dark hallway colour scheme
Resene Triple Masala

A real feature and atmospheric entrance to the grand old home... more
White hallway and entrance
Rewarding experience

Fresh Resene Alabaster brightens the the entranceway... more
Neutral hallway
Fantastic result

Resene Half Truffle on the walls and Resene Black White on the surrounds... more
Colourful hallway
A bit of fun in the hallway

Two differing black and white wallpapers and Resene Ming... more
Neutral hallway
Spacious feeling

Resene Tea with Resene Napa on doors and frames... more
Green hallway and foyer
Vibrant foyer

Resene Gingko in hallway makes a statement... more
White hallway
Airy atmosphere

Resene Spanish White is light and airy in this hall... more
Hallway feature wall
Feature wall

Painted in Resene Domino, a colour theme continued into the lounge and dining room... more
Green hallway
Resene Wasabi

The entranceway is in Resene Wasabi and features three very cool triangular shelves... more
Art deco style hallway
Art Deco style

Resene Dell makes a bright and striking entrance to the house... more
Inviting hallway
Inviting Hallway

Resene Quarter Wheatfield with and white door trimmings... more
Orange and white hallway
Interior stairway

Beautifully finished internal stairway area in Resene Hero... more
Hallway repaint
Provides a bridge

The hallway has anaglypta painted with Resene Livewire below the dado line... more
Green and purple hallway
Hallway with a theme

Inspired by the 'Cat and the Hat' by Dr Seuss features Resene Atlantis and Resene Ce Soir... more
Neutral hallway
Mix, mingle neutrals

Resene Sisal with Hall ceilings, skirtings and door frames Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta... more
Warm and inviting hallway
Warm and inviting

Resene Scotch Mist in the hallway for warmth and lightness... more
Neutral hallway
Huge neutrals fan

Resene Tea features on the hall walls... more
Modernist hallway
Modernist in style

Resene Sauvignon acts as a perfect backdrop for the art collection... more
Fresh hallway

Resene Sisal makes this hall look fresh and modern... more
Simple hallway colour scheme
Simple, clean and fresh

Resene Tea on all the walls and Resene Quarter Tea on the interior trim... more
Bright hallway colour scheme
Bright and attractive

Attractive hall and entrance in Resene Equator... more
White hallway colour scheme
Airy atmosphere

Resene Triple Spanish White in the hall - delightful palette of Resene neutrals... more
Light brown hallway
In store inspiration

Resene Napa was just the right colour for their full interior refurbishment... more
Vibrant stairway
Vibrant warm retreat

One step into the house and visitors are greeted by the warmth of Resene Saffron... more
Warm and modern hallway colour scheme
Warm, modern interior

Resene Whiskey Sour in the stairwell create a warm atmosphere... more
Yellow staircase
Resene Astra

The staircase has been transformed from uninspiring to striking with Resene Astra... more
Green hallway
Transformed dark hall

The dark hallway that lacked life and sunlight has been warmed with Resene Xanadu... more
Serene green hallway
Stylish entrance

The entrance has a feature wall in Resene Planter... more
Hallway revamp
Hallway revamp

The walls below the picture rails were tinted to Resene Pale Leaf... more
Hallway refurbishment
Hall refurbishment

Resene Kangaroo was selected for the dark hallway end and Resene Eagle at the lighter end... more
Welcoming hallway
Welcoming hallway

Resene Moleskin features in this fresh hall and landing... more
Light and warm hallway
Light and warm

Finishing touches of Resene Hathaway and Resene Dutch White... more
Orange and white hallway
Dark stain removed

Resene Bianca and Resene Crusta to create the desired bright and sunny look... more
Orange hallway
New villa build

Resene Burning Sand features in the hall and lounge... more

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