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Christchurch townhouse

The colour scheme started white on white, which tended to be sterile and lifeless. The Canterbury earthquakes caused minor cosmetic damage. EQC contractors did a rushed job with uneven colour and paint splashed all over the door frames and skirting boards. Denise decided to repaint, room by room, taking the time and doing it right. The colour palette was to be modern, easy to live with colours with a little bit of ‘funky’ thrown in.

Christchurch townhouse

The front door was the first to change with a lovely rich red, Resene Pohutukawa, a bold contrast from the white interior.

As the hallway is long with limited natural light, Denise was hesitant to use a darker colour. She fell in love with the Resene metallics range. After many testpot experiments she decided on Resene Pure Pewter for its lovely warm base and gold glitter. It has been painted on with a roller with a bit of texture, to help make the metallic element shine in different directions.

Resene Half Tea brings lightness to one side. Large mirrors positioned under the LED downlights and a baby chandelier bounce the light around and make the metallic glow and sparkle. Once painted, the expansive metallic wall looked bare.

Painted blocks, dining room

Denise purchased a large canvas and enjoyed creating an original artwork with Resene testpots incorporating pops of colour from furnishings and decorator items in the room. Creating the abstract artwork for the lounge feature wall was a particular challenge. The canvas had to be a certain size to enhance and not overpower the metallic feature wall. The artwork was created using a palette of Resene Bedrock, Resene Pure Pewter, Resene Aluminium, Resene Gold Dust, Resene Glitterbug, Resene Pohutukawa, Resene Half Tea, Resene Black and Resene White. Denise enjoyed using different items for the effects and textures. Blowing paint though a straw, letting it splatter then smearing it is surprisingly fun.

The Live/Laugh/Love pictures were created from the leftover mosaic tiles and diamantes.

As the entryway leads into the lounge, the feature wall is also continued to give both areas cohesion.

The wooden blocks on the dining room table, also painted in Pohutukawa on the glass, are painted in the same colours at the artwork to connect the elements together.

Red door and white kitchen
Metallic wall and art testpots

Thanks to Denise.

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