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Getting creative with paint

kitchen and dining room

Jessica purchased this earthquake damaged property shortly after the Christchurch earthquake, and was unable to redecorate until the outstanding insurance claims were finalised. Two years later, she was finally able to say goodbye to the yellow, green, and terracotta colour scheme and paint the interior walls and kitchen in crisp, fresh Resene Black White.

She came across some white on black New York fabric and used it to sew curtains for the upstairs rooms. The black, white and grey colour scheme build on from, later adding the stripes to the living room wall in Resene All Black. The TV nook was originally a study cupboard, which was removed. When Jessica painted the stripes on the wall she wrapped the paint around the corner and added lighting to the area so it would make sense visually.

The master bedroom and ensuite flow on from the hallway to living areas so the theme was continued into these areas also.

The ensuite door is painted with Resene Neva to break up the monochrome colour scheme and to add a pop of neon, with the ceiling painted in Resene All Black

dining room -seating
seating areas
bathroom and living

Jessica used the leftover paint (adding Resene Stack and Resene Pearl Shimmer) to paint the skateboard art, geometric side table, accessories, and dolls house. The doll house was originally purchased as a girl’s doll house but Jessica transformed it into a car workshop as a present for her son’s birthday.

Jessica added a Resene wallpaper in the entranceway and added quirky pieces of art to this space to add personality.

Her daughter is a big fan of Disney's Princess Sofia so the room started in pinks, purples, and glitter (Resene Ballerina, Resene Bedazzle, Resene Dancing Girl, Resene So Cool and Resene Unicorn). Later Jessica added a strip of Resene Fountain Blue that goes over two walls and the ceiling as she wanted to add a colour that wasn't so predictable. She then used masking tape to paint cupcake sprinkles using Resene paint over the top, and finished it with two coats of Resene Pearl Shimmer.

Jessica made the Princess Castle for the wardrobe doors out of MDF board and painted them using Resene paints, before layering them on top of each other to create the castle. The room is very small so it made sense to decorate the room without filling it with extras that would intrude on the limited space.

Resene paint was also used to paint the tree coat stand, lettering on the bed, floor cushion, floor mat, picture frame, side table, wall art and accessories.

In contrast to the monochrome colour scheme upstairs the nursery was decorated in bright Resene Fizz, Resene Havoc, Resene Splish Splash and Resene Wham. The giraffes were cut out of MDF board and were painted in Resene paints along with the furniture, picture frames, tree cot stand and accessories.

hallway and stairs

Later when her son was ready to move from a cot to a bed Jessica decided to redecorate the bright animal themed nursery into more of a boy’s area using the colours and a theme that her so loved.

Jessica had purchased the car bed a few years prior and had been storing it for a few years. She had decided on the theme (adventurer) early on and started collecting items for his room when she came across them.

Space is an issue in the bedroom so Jessica wanted to make use of the walls for decorating and limit the amount of furniture in the room to leave room for the children to play. Jessica painted the trees using Resene paint and masking tape and used left over paint to colour the accessories, toys, hanging stars, shadow boxes, pegboards, cushions, and the bright furniture from the nursery. She cut a plywood house using a jigsaw and attached it to the wardrobe doors and used it as a place to hang posters and for artwork as he gets older.

childrens room - girls -1
childrens room - girls -2
childrens room -1
childrens room - girls -3

The plywood art was made out of the leftover ply and paint, the bunting was a Kmart ‘hack’ made out of Kmart bunting, Resene paint and a Kmart mobile, the Indian headpiece was made out of Spotlight feathers and felt, the hanging stars were party supplies painted with Resene paint, and a lot of the decorative items started out as Xmas decorations or were existing toys that were painted to match the room.

The room colours include Resene Oxygen, Resene Subzero, Resene Stack, Resene Quarter Stack, Resene Black White and Resene All Black. The room isn't quite complete - Jessica plans to paint tyre marks across one wall in the coming weeks using Resene All Black.

boys bed
bed and storage
boys room - 1
boys room - 2

Thanks to Jessica

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