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Bathroom decorating inspiration gallery

Below are a collection of bathrooms projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Villa bathroom
Never let go

This bathroom's navy colour scheme was inspired by Pinterest.... more
Fun, brave and creative
Fun, brave and creative

The tiles in the bathroom have a kind of 70s feel that... more
Striped bathroom
Welcome in!

A purple bathroom with colourful painted stripes... more
Pink bathroom
For the love of the 50s

A light pink and grey 1950s style bathroom... more
Blue bathroom
All in good time

A 1920's bungalow bathroom in Resene Shadowy Blue... more
Modern bathroom
Two in one

A modern bathroom with a blue and white colour scheme... more
Purple bathroom
At home in the garden

A renovated bathroom with a purple and white colour scheme... more
Townhouse bathroom
Must have colour

A renovated blue and silver townhouse bathroom... more
Bathroom repaint
An apt choice

A neutral bathroom repaint in Resene Emerge... more
Return to elegance
Return to elegance

An elegant bathroom with green walls and white tiles... more
Fishy find
Fishy find

A 1910 villa bathroom with an aquatic theme... more
Blue bathroom
Fit for the family

A calming blue bathroom in Resene Oxygen... more
Villa bathroom
Homely finish

A renovated villa bathroom with warm wood finishes... more
Green bathroom
From unliveable to Airbnb

A green bathroom in a newly renovated cottage... more
Villa bathroom
Never let go

This bathroom's navy colour scheme was inspired by Pinterest.... more
Fun, brave and creative
Fun, brave and creative

The tiles in the bathroom have a kind of 70s feel that... more
Mid century bathroom
A nod to mid-century

The Resene Black White Lara describes as 'an absolute fav'... more
Bathroom feature walls
Mid-century mood

In the ensuite Resene Keppel is teamed with Resene Half Foggy Grey... more
Art in the bathroom
Bathed in art

Ana’s home is a small cottage, built in 1854, one of two cottages... more
Bright bathroom
Vibrant vibe

Colours that reflect the beauty of the home amongst the bush... more
Blacksmiths bathroom
Blacksmiths cottage bathroom

Having purchased their first home, a complete do-up... more
Tiled bathroom
Reno retreat

Having purchased their first home, a complete do-up... more
Mid-century bathroom
Mid-century mood

Resene Clementine Orange used in the alcove in the powder room... more
Wallpaper in the bathroom
Colour surprises

Behind the seemingly calm veneer of a classic white villa... more
Mid-century bathroom
Mid-century mood

Resene Half Foggy Grey teamed with Resene Supernova... more
A pink and grey bathroom
Good things take time

Designing the house took a year – but now they've moved in... more
A colourful complement to Spanish tiles
Vibrant vibe

Resene Iko Iko in the bathroom is a colourful complement... more
Cottage bathroom
Cute cottage colour

Capturing a quaint cottage look. A wallpaper frieze printed with... more
1920's era bathroom
Keeping with the 1920s era

Mixing a modern stylish bathroom with a period theme... more
Calming villa bathroom
Capturing the calm

Resene contributes the capping tone to the renovation of this villa... more
Green bathroom
Colourful personalities meet colour
The freshness and softness of a Resene green palette... more
Green and white bathroom
Spring in your step

A feature wall wall painted to match some bargain tiles... more
Blue and white bathroom
For the family

A splash of colour indulging a love of blue... more
Vibrant red bathroom
Fun with colour

A bathroom as a happy, vibrant, feel good place... more
Retro 1970's bathroom
Being inspired by the existing

Making a 1970's retro bathroom a feature... more
Black and white villa bathroom
For the love of old homes

Shades of Resene Silver Chalice are used in this 1900's villa home... more
Blue bathroom
Making the most of a smaller space

The bathroom is painted in Resene Baltic Sea, with new tiles vanity and toilet... more
Green and white bathroom
Getting creative with paint

The ensuite door is painted with Resene Neva to break up the monochrome colour scheme... more
White farmhouse bathroom
Farmhouse refresh

Resene Quarter Linen with matte white tiles on the walls as it was a smaller space... more
Dark bathroom design
Home of art

A limited colour palette, a positive negative theme... more
Grey and white bathroom
Take the bold path

Choosing a colour scheme to match white subway tiles and grey grout... more
Red and white bathroom
From cold to red hot

Resene Dynamite with white ceilings, trim and fittings/fixtures... more
Grey and white bathroom
For the love of old homes

Shades of Resene Silver Chalice are used in this 1900's villa home... more
Relaxing bathroom design
A sense of the original

A bathroom where you can relax and feel pampered... more
Light blue bathroom
Magnetic attraction

The colour is reminiscent of Wedgewood china with Resene Powder Blue... more
White bathroom
Rent renovate repaint

Changing the door positioning and layout of the main bathroom... more
Black and white bathroom
For the love of colour

The bathroom is in Resene Black and Resene White... more
Rainbow bathroom design
Place of rainbows

Ceilings and the bathroom are finished in Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream... more
Elegant bathroom design
A sense of the original

The bath had to be put in the centre to get the right feel to the room... more
Blue bathroom
Colour makes this home

A blue themed bathroom with shades of Resene Robin Egg Blue... more
Green and blue bathroom
Bursts of colour

Resene colours used extensively, particularly as highlights... more
Crisp white bathroom design
Beach house in the city

Creating a light, bright feel with Resene Quarter Bianca... more
Colourful bathroom design
A touch of colour

A total house and garden makeover... more
Blue bathroom
Piece de resistance in pink

Resene Periglacial Blue features in the kitchen and bathroom... more
Modern white bathroom design
A dream home

A sense of weathered, timeless colours; trim in Resene Black White... more
Blue and grey bathroom
Colour brings character

Shades of blues and grey are used throughout this home... more
Grey bathroom feature wall
All in the greys

A feature wall in Resene Half Fuscous Grey... more
Old fashioned green bathroom
A labour of love

This colour has a bit of an old fashioned vibe, it works so well with vintage... more
Japanese inspired bathroom
Inspired by Japan

A quirky and creative bathroom... more
Neutral bathroom
Going on a painting spree

An ensuite painted in painted Resene Green White... more
Neutral bathroom
Ask an expert

Painting with neutral shades... more
Burnt grey bathrooms
Grey brings out tile colours

The burnt grey makes the room look so much more inviting... more
Neutral white bathroom
Neutral palette

Resene Albescent White enhances the oak floors... more
Cottage bathroom
Cottage bathroom

Light and simple interiors with Resene Half Thorndon Cream... more
Luxurious bathroom design
Luxurious retreat

Resene Obelisk teamed with Resene Metallic Blast Grey 1 for the vanity unit... more
Modern white bathroom
Art meets colour

Resene Half Black White quarter strength trims and ceilings... more
Green, white, and gold bathroom
At home with colour

Resene William below and Resene Half Alabaster above... more
Bathroom mural
Toilet mural

Resene testpots make a colourful nautically themed mural... more
Modern bathrooms
Smart and modern

Resene Half white Pointer features in this bathroom... more
Brown bathroom
A splash of colour

Resene Gargoyle makes the bathroom fittings 'pop'... more
Pastel pink bathroom
New ensuite

Resene Abercrombie warms this ensuite - where four wardrobes were... more
Blue and white children's bathroom
Children's bathroom

Resene Half Escape with Resene Black White... more
Blue and white bathroom
Favourite blues

She was inspired by blue colourings rather than neutral tones... more
White and tile bathroom
Resene White walls

The perfect fresh bright white that complements the tiles... more
Fresh bathroom repaint
Resene Half Napa

Clean, fresh with Resene Half Napa on walls and ceilings... more
Blue and white bathroom stripes
Style in sync

Resene Quarter Marino wall with Resene Polo Blue stripes... more
A bathroom revamp
A bathroom revamp

Resene Half Silver Chalice gives a new look on a small budget... more
Decorated floor art
Floor art
This decorated bathroom floor has impact... more
70's inspired bathroom design
70s inspiration

Resene Smoke Tree feature wall brightens this bathroom... more
French inspired bathroom design
Inspired from France

Resene Pearl Lusta, Resene Oxygen and Resene Alabaster... more
Bold red bathroom
A colourful home

Resene Flashpoint glows with Resene Black White in the main bathroom... more
White and yellow bathroom
Banish the boring

This bathroom is a bright yellow, Resene Fizz, and in the toilet Resene Smitten... more
Modern black and white bathroom
Art deco bathroom

Black and white tiles make a bold statement... more
Light blue bathroom walls
Resene Periglacial Blue

Resene Periglacial Blue walls, icy river blue with a hint of green... more
Green and white bathroom
Fun in the bathroom

They decided to have a little fun and Resene Woodstock is both fresh and serene... more
Light green bathroom
Resene Pale Leaf

This bathroom was recreated from a hall cupboard and kitchen pantry... more
Red and green bathroom
Resene Citron

This bathroom is finished in Resene Half Pearl Lusta, Resene Hot Wired and Resene Citron... more
Light and modern bathroom design
Resene Sweet As

They used Resene Sweet As which they had seen in Your Home & Garden magazine... more
Character bathroom
Character full

A Mediterranean/Egyptian feeling using Resene Quarter Spanish White on the walls... more
Bathroom renovation
Bathroom renovation

They painted the walls in Resene Chill Out, which resembles a lime thickshake in colour.. more
Neutral bathroom design
Modern neutrals

The bathroom is finished in Resene Quarter Napa with lighter trims... more
Ensuite renovation

This ensuite features Resene Half Napa, Resene Milk White, Resene Fuscous Grey... more
Modern black and white bathroom
Major bathroom overhaul

Resene Half Black White on the walls and ceiling and Resene Black Sheep on cupboards... more
Bright red bathroom
Colourful bathrooms

Originally planned to paint the bathrooms a neutral colour but with Resene Smashing... more
Green bathroom
Bold colour choice

The bathroom door and toilet are bold with Resene Bird Flower and
Resene Pohutukawa... more
Nature inspired bathroom design
Colours from nature

The colour schemes are derived from nature, or from a rock picked up from a nearby beach... more
Evolving palette
Evolving palette

The bathroom now has Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen tinted to Resene Double Tea... more
Light green bathroom
Seagrass bathroom

The main bathroom is finished in Resene Eighth Napa with a feature wall in Resene Seagrass... more
Green and white bathroom

The bathroom is in Resene Pewter for a faded decadent ambience for this room... more
White bathroom
The Art Haus

Resene Spanish White is used on walls and Resene Half Spanish White on ceilings... more

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