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Resene Half Colonial White on house exteriorWhen the Winter family were planning their kitchen makeover they had to cast from their minds all the kitchen makeover magazine articles they had read and forget all the modern kitchen showrooms they had visited. They had a small budget so set about choosing inexpensive units and then painted them to give them the vibe of a cosy cottage kitchen, which seemed appropriate given the house was built in the early 1900s.

The previous owner had left a half tin of Resene paint in the shed and this became the new yellow wall colour, but mixed into Resene Enamacryl Gloss for its hardwearing properties. The kitchen cabinets were undercoated with Resene Quick Dry then painted with Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Hippie Green. To create a worn patina, they lightly sanded then overcoated them with Resene Aquaclear waterborne urethane. The ceiling was freshened up with Resene Enamacryl white which has given the old planks new life. And finally, the red door finished in Resene Jazz is a continuation of the outdoor theme.

And while Delwyn does admire the modern sleek look that is today’s cutting edge kitchen, she loves even more the bright cheerful kitchen they have created.

The outside of their home also needed some work. The Winter family live on a main street so the project was to paint their stark white cottage with colours that would hide the road grime and also give it some country charm. Delwyn started by almost painting the entire house in different cream coloured testpots before choosing Resene Half Colonial White for the weatherboards and the iron on the underside of the verandah. But she still wanted to pick out the windows and doors in distinctive colours. Months passed and still no decision had been made. Delwyn’s husband was beginning to doubt her much vaunted colour co-ordinating ability but he knew whatever she picked would be better than his colourblind attempt so he had to be patient. Luckily, she spotted an old red phone box which inspired her to paint the doors Resene Jazz. And with her favourite colour being green, she was able to choose Resene Holly from the Resene paint chart without hesitation for the base, roof and window architraves.

After proudly presenting the finished colour scheme to the family they still insisted she help paint the house. To her delight it was not like her previous attempts, which she loathed. Delwyn found "Resene paint flowed more easily than other paints I had used in the past and the waterbased preparation meant that the wash up was easy. By the end of the project I was able to add ‘house painter’ to my list of talents!"

Resene Hippie Green in kitchen

Resene Hippie Green in kitchen

Resene Half Colonial White on house exterior

Resene Half Colonial White on house exterior

Kitchen cabinets Kitchen ceiling Doors Weatherboards Base, roof and window architraves
Resene Hippie Green Resene White Resene Jazz Resene Half Colonial White Resene Holly

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Thanks to the Winter family of Auckland



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