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Previously working installations

Nothing happens when I touch the Active Area

Only part of my Active Area is working

If a part of the Active Area stops working, that area has been unintentionally disconnected. This only occurs when a crack or cut completely separates the two parts. This will be visible when observing the surface containing the Active Area. Structural repairs and re-application of coatings will be required.

Lights sometimes turn on and off without anyone touching the Active Area

If the installation is unsecured (no password) and in a building where other parties may have installed Resene SmartTouch, add a password to your controller(s) to prevent unauthorised wireless connections being made. If the problem persists, check the tuning (Basic Setup procedure) and Map Settings (Advanced Setup procedure) to ensure the settings have not been changed by another user.

The other reason this could occur is if a significant change in the local electrical environment occurs. Follow the instructions for tuning the system to adjust for these changes. Possible reasons for changes are installation of high-power consumption electrical equipment on the same power circuit, particularly if it switches on and off at various intervals, and moving earthed objects such as fridges or other whiteware in close proximity to the Active Area.

Some of the Touch Commands have stopped working/switch different lights

New installations

No controllers were detected when scanning using the Installation App

This is likely to be caused by a lack of mains power to the controller or the mobile device is too far from the controller to reliably connect.

  1. Move as close as possible to the controller and try again - normally detection is possible within 10 metres of the controller’s location
  2. Check the power to the controller is on at the switchboard (circuit breaker switched to ON or fuse unbroken)
  3. Check the LED light on controller is on or flashes on/off to confirm the controller is functioning

Touch Commands do not result in lights being switched

There are a number of possible causes. If the controller is powered and can be detected with the Installation App then typically tuning the system to the local environment will fix this problem.

  1. Check power to controller by scanning with the installation app
  2. Check Active Area is detected using installation app
    1. If not detected, check Smartlink connection is firmly attached to the coating
  3. Follow the setup instructions to tune the system
    1. If tuning does not fix the issue
      1. Check coating is not in contact with earthed materials
      2. Confirm underlying material is not earthed e.g. steel framing or concrete with reinforcing steel
  4. Confirm Active Area size is <2 m2
  5. Contact Resene

Touch Command signal intensity does not exceed the Adaptive Threshold

This may occur on larger areas or in installations where a lot of electrical noise is present. Tuning using the Installation App typically fixes this problem.

  1. Follow instructions in the Basic Installation section of the Controller Setup Guide to adjust the Threshold Offset. If signals still do not exceed the Adaptive Threshold
    1. Follow instructions in the Advanced Installation section of the Controller Setup Guide to adjust the Touch Properties or
    2. Follow Tuning Example 2 of the Difficult Cases section in the Controller Setup Guide
  2. Check Smartlink connection is firmly attached to the coating
  3. Check coating is not in contact with earthed materials
  4. Confirm underlying material is not earthed e.g. steel framing or concrete
  5. Confirm Active Area size is <2 m2
  6. Contact Resene

The background signal is very noisy

It uncommon for the background noise level to exceed a width of 250 units. If this occurs the electrical circuit may contain other electrically noisy installations or the coating is weakly coupled to earthed material. Tune the system following the Advanced setup instructions making sure to adjust the gain setting.

I can see a signal from the controller but it doesn't change when the Active Area is touched

Check the signal level on the left side scale. If this level is around 16000 then the signal is saturated. Increase the Raw Signal Offset setting until the signal is in the range 4000-10000 and recheck response when touching the Active Area. Complete the full setup by following the setup instructions.

  1. If signals are still weak or not detected
    1. Check coating is not in contact with earthed materials
    2. Confirm underlying material is not earthed e.g. steel framing or concrete with reinforcing steel
  2. Confirm Active Area size is <2 m2
  3. Contact Resene

A network connection cannot be made to another controller

Ensure controllers are within bluetooth range. Scan using the app from a position as close possible to one of the controllers. If the destination controller is not detected then it is out of range. Connections to controllers with an RSSI of over 90 may be unreliable. Alternative networking modes to increase network size and range are in development.

How do I reset the controller tuning to default?

Manually change the settings to the values below or hold the controller reset for 30 seconds while it is powered (this performs a hard reset to factory settings and is currently the only way to return to default automatically). A default reset option will be included in the next app upgrade along with some new functionality.

Minimum Threshold 100
Threshold Offset 6
Verification Duration 400
Raw Signal Gain 40
Raw Signal Offset 4
Threshold Response 10
Threshold Reset Time 1
Minimum Touch Duration 160

Turn your wall into a light switch with Resene SmartTouch. Resene SmartTouch conductive coating is designed to turn an area up to two square metres into an invisible switch using technology adapted from touch screens...

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