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Data Sheet PS01

Resene ProSelect Base & Cure (2K System)

The Resene ProSelect Blending System is a tough 2K low VOC waterborne polyurethane sealer and topcoat developed specifically for professional flooring contractors that is designed to enhance and protect hardwood timber floors while giving the contractor the ability to select the finish desired from a full or semi-gloss all the way through to a natural or ultra matt.

Physical properties

Vehicle type: Waterborne Polyurethane base
Cure: Isocyanate hardener
Solvent: Water
Volume Solids: 32%     ±1 before thinning
Finish: Full range from Gloss to Ultra Matt *
VOC: Refer to TVOC Table for mixed products
Dry Time: 2 - 3 hours at 18 to 25°C
Recoat: 3 - 4 hours
Mix Ratio: 10 parts Base to 1 part Cure (by volume)
Pot Life: 3 hours at 20°C
Spread Rate: 10 sq. metres per litre
Dry Film Thickness: 32 µm per Coat     ≈ 100 µm for 3 coats
Usual no. of Coats: Three
Abrasion Resistance: Very Good   refer to ProSelect abrasion resistance chart
Shelf Life: 2 Years minimum
White-scratch Resistance: Excellent
Thinning Is required (Water or Resene ProSelect Fast Set / Resene ProSelect XTend )
Cleanup: Water or soapy Water

* Refer to the ProSelect Gloss Level information and Mixing Chart to select the gloss level of your choice

Typical uses

  • Commercial and Residential
  • Solid hardwood timber flooring
  • Engineered hardwood timber flooring
  • Cork tiles


  • Very low odour
  • Fast hardness development
  • Easy application


Please note: If you cannot see the entire data table/s below, scroll right on mobile/tablet to view full information. Thank you.

  TVOC for ready-to-use 2K ProSelect Products (g/L)
  Gloss Semi-gloss Satin Velvet Low Sheen Natural Low Sheen Extra Matt
Water or Fast Set Diluent 57 56 56 55 53 51 47
Water or Fast Set Diluent + Sunblock 61 61 61 59 57 55 51
Xtend Diluent 73 73 72 71 68 66 61
Xtend Diluent + Sunblock 78 77 77 76 73 70 65
Taber weight loss (mg) 72 34 21 13 19 26 31
  Testing Details: ISO 7784-2 CS-17 wheels , 1 kg weight per wheel , 1000 cycles at 23 °C and 50 % RH.
Dry Slip resistance CoF 0.50 0.45 0.50 0.45 0.60 0.75 0.70
  Testing Details: AS 4586 – 2013. Measured on Vic Ash - Dry CoF for normal walking surface must be >0.4


Oily timbers such as Totara may require additional preparation to remove surface oils prior to before coating application. Contact Resene ProSelect for additional advice.

Surface preparation

All timber floor installation, preparation, including sanding and finishing must be carried out to acceptable industry standards and methods to ensure the best possible result. This and additional information is covered in detail under the AFTA Technical Data Sheets on Floor Finishes


Select desired finish and then mix appropriate components and additives according to the Resene ProSelect Mixing Chart. Always thin product BEFORE application, see below. Mechanical stir. Do not shake.


Thinning is required - Thin 10% by volume of mixed product with clean water, Resene ProSelect XTend or Resene ProSelect Fast Set depending on application conditions. See Resene ProSelect XTend/Resene ProSelect Fast Set Data sheets for more information.


For use by experienced professional applicators only. Pour sufficient material to cover the immediate area and spread/roll with a smooth continuous motion avoiding excessive pooling of product and pressure on the application equipment. Always maintain a wet edge and ensure correct spread rate is achieved. DO NOT SPREAD TOO THIN. To aid in drying ensure good ventilation during the application and drying period. Do not apply below 10°C. Application between 10 and 25°C and below 85% RH is desired. For best results do not apply more than 2 coats per day to reduce risk of timber swelling from excess moisture.

Note: This product is not suitable for spray application.

If required remove any dust or nibs with a fine abrasive paper or screen and then ensure removal of any dust thoroughly before application of the final coat.

Allow a minimum of 8 hours (12 hours preferred) for light traffic. Allow at least seven days before placement of heavy furniture or covering with mat’s, rugs, etc. Do not use wet or damp cleaning process during this time. Refer to the Resene ProSelect Applied Static Pressure Limits chart for protection selection pad selection for the bottom of furniture/appliances feet/pressure points.

Clean up

Water or soapy water. Read below for handling of left over material.


DO NOT seal up left over mixtures within 12 hours after mixing due to potential CO2 gas pressure build up.

Users of this product should be familiar with the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) for the safe use of Isocyanates issued by WORKSAFE.

Consult the Safety Data Sheet and product labels/data sheets for this product prior to use. Users should ensure that they are familiar with all aspects concerning safe use of the product. IF IN DOUBT DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.


Do not allow to freeze. Temperature during transport and or storage is required to be >5°C and <25°C. Do not store directly on cold on concrete floors.

Floor care

Please refer to the ATFA Caring for Your Timber Floor brochure available from Resene or your timber flooring contractor. DO NOT use Steam mops, wet mops, hard head vacuum cleaners, warn brushes/brooms, abrasive cleaners, silicone sprays, steel wool or abrasive pads, wear high heels or work footwear on your coated wooden floor. Additional information is available in the above mentioned brochure.



Refer to or the Resene ProSelect Technical Data Booklet for more detailed information. In addition the AFTA Technical Data & Information available at

This is not a specification and all of the information is given in good faith. Since conditions of use are beyond the control of the manufacturer, information herein is without warranty, implied or otherwise, and final determination of the suitability of any information or material for the use contemplated, the manner of use is the sole responsibility of the user. The manufacturer does not assume any liability in connection with the use of the product relative to coverage, performance or injury.

July 2017


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