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Data Sheet PS02

Resene ProSelect Fast Set

Developed specifically for professional flooring contractors, Resene ProSelect Fast Set is an accelerator for increasing cure speed under colder conditions or where rapid turnaround is required.

Physical properties

Material type: Molybdenum based catalyst
Solvent: Water
Usage: To accelerate Mixed ProSelect Base
Dose Rate: 10% by volume of mixed product. Replaces water or Resene ProSelect XTend when thinning
Usual no. of coats: Can be added to all coats or the final coat.
Cleanup: Water or Soapy water

Typical uses


For use by experienced professional applicators only.

Replaces water or Resene ProSelect XTend when thinning.

Add after Base, Cure and any Additives have been thoroughly mixed. Mechanical stir. Do not shake. DO NOT add more than the specified Dose Rate.

Dose Rate: 10% by volume of mixed product (replaces water or ProSelect XTend when thinning).

Clean up

Water or soapy water.

Note: Resene ProSelect Fast Set does not change the evaporation rate of water. To aid in drying ensure good ventilation during the application and drying period.


Consult the Safety Data Sheet and can labels for this product prior to use. Users should ensure that they are familiar with all aspects concerning safe use of the product. IF IN DOUBT DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.


Do not allow to freeze. Temperature during transport and or storage is required to be >5°C and <25°C.


Refer to or the Resene ProSelect Technical Data Booklet for more detailed information.

This is not a specification and all of the information is given in good faith. Since conditions of use are beyond the control of the manufacturer, information herein is without warranty, implied or otherwise, and final determination of the suitability of any information or material for the use contemplated, the manner of use is the sole responsibility of the user. The manufacturer does not assume any liability in connection with the use of the product relative to coverage, performance or injury.

15 August 2017


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