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Below are a collection of kids bedrooms projects completed by keen DIY'ers.

Click on a picture to find out more about the project or search the Gallery using the search function. If you’d like to submit your project into this decorating inspiration gallery we’d love to hear from you. Simply email information about your project and your images to Every project featured will receive a small gift from Resene.

Resene Pattens Blue floor in a modern herringbone pattern
Floor art
Resene Pattens Blue floor in a modern herringbone pattern... more
A cricket duvet cover and some cricket accessories and the room is complete
Cricket mad!

Resene Baltic Sea and Resene Azure with black wall decals of cricketer’s silhouettes... more
The walls are Resene Half Beryl Green from the Karen Walker range
She loves colour

Resene Half Beryl Green with colourful painted triangles... more
Resene Wonderland
Artistic triangles

Triangles were painted onto the wall to match her duvet... more
Hand painted art work features in this bedroom
Art work
Hand painted art work features in this bedroom... more
Wall art
Bedroom feature
Another Art work decorates the bedroom wall ... more
Resene Pohutukawa teamed with Resene Quarter Milk White stripes
Owls at home

Resene Pohutukawa teamed with Resene Quarter Milk White stripes... more
Resene Hawkes Blue and Resene Alabaster
Updated bedroom

Resene Hawkes Blue and Resene Alabaster team up in his room... more
Cloud mural and half Resene Blue Chalk walls
Nursery cloud mural
Cloud mural and half Resene Blue Chalk walls... more
Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue with Resene Celestial Blue
Metallic Feathers

Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue with Resene Celestial Blue... more
Resene Half Pattens Bliue
New boys' retreat

Resene Half Pattens Blue enlarges the boy’s room... more
Resene Cavern Pink
Pink room

Resene Cavern Pink walls with painted wall adornments... more
Resene Gin Fizz
Pastel palette

He chose his own colour - Resene Gin Fizz... more
Resene Peppermint
Calming colour for baby

Baby's room in calming Resene Peppermint... more
Resene Blue Lagoon, Resene Java and Resene Padua
Her son loves it

Use testpots no matter how confident you are... more
A neutral room using Resene Half Thorndon Cream with stripes and spots
Stripes and spots

A neutral room with stripes and spots... more
Decorated boy's rooms
Horizontal stripes

Resene Half Villa White walls with stripes... more
Decorated boy's rooms
Vertical stripes

Resene Wild Thing, Resene Wham, Resene Yabbadabbadoo... more
Resene Yabbadabbadoo with a feature wall of Resene Silver Chalice, Resene Fuscous Grey
Pictures on the walls

Resene Yabbadabbadoo with Resene Silver Chalice... more
Random sripes in Resene Pink Lace, Resene Shocking and Resene Riptide
Random stripes

Resene Pink Lace, Resene Shocking and Resene Riptide... more
Black and white boy's room
Black and white

Their son requested a ‘big boy's room’ in black and white... more
Resene Powder Blue and Resene Blanched Pink drawers
Powder blue

Resene Powder Blue and Resene Blanched Pink drawers... more
Resene Centre Stage and Resene Seagull
Used Resene EzyPaint

Resene Centre Stage and Resene Seagull... more
Resene Sports Star walls
He is sports mad

Resene Sports Star walls feature in this room ... more
Resene Mantis
Resene Mantis

He wanted a green room and wooden things... more
Resene Malibu
Komar wall mural

Resene Mantis, Resene Sidecar and pink drawer fronts... more
Resene Smitten
Resene Smitten

They wanted to create a very colourful space... more
Co-ordinated wallpaper and paint
Great team
Resene wallpaper teamed with Resene Steel Grey ... more
Resene Sassy
Inspiration from painting
Resene Sassy and Resene French Pass... more
Resene Ziggurat beach themed children's bedrooms
Beach themed
For the bedrooms they used Resene Quarter Ziggurat. It was originally... more
Resene Wheatfield and Resene Nero striped walls
Striped surprise
She wanted her room light and bright and also liked black and white stripes... more
Resene Vanilla Ice girl's room
She is absolutely in love with her Resene Vanilla Ice room and adores the name... more
Resene Havoc boy's room
Boy's retreat
She printed her son's favourite comic book characters and bought some white frames... more
Art work using Resene paints
Art work
Being an interior designer and a commercial artist and painting being a passion... more
Argyle feature wall in Resene Hot Chile, Resene Black and Resene Half Sea Fog
All about golf
Their son's room is all about golf. With golf in mind they decided on an Argyll feature wall... more
Colourful rainbow mural
Rainbow room
Resene Yeehaa for the daytime background, Resene Trinidad, Resene Unicorn... more
Gorgeous Resene Blanched Pink girl's room
Gorgeous Pink
Gorgeous Resene Blanched Pink from the Karen Walker collection for their daughter's room... more
Feature wall in the bedroom - a chevron pattern using Resene Claret Resene Hullabaloo and Resene
Chevron pattern
Nicola designed the feature wall herself using tape to mark out the chevron pattern... more
A pin striped wall of Resene colours, including Studio and Resene Pelorous
Pinstriped wall
Resene Studio, Resene Pelorous, Resene Black and Resene Half Sea Fog... more
Resene Yabbadabbadoo and Resene Seance
Their own colour
They painted one wall Resene Seance and the other three walls Resene Yabbadabbadoo... more
Sparkly Resene Bedazzled for one wall and Resene Tutti Frutti for the others
Magical sparkly pink
A Resene Bedazzled wall and a gorgeous soft green Resene Tutti Frutti for the others ... more
A feature wall in Resene True Blue
A fun feel
This boy's room has a feature wall in Resene True Blue... more
A fun feature wall in Resene Sugar And Spice
Sugar and spice
This girl's room has a fun feature wall in Resene Sugar And Spice... more
Vibrant stripes of Resene Glamour Puss and Resene Rouge
Vibrant orange
The inspiration came from of, all things, a Tui Beer can. She promptly went down to Resene... more
Resene Hip Hop feature wall
Rich purple
A Resene Hip Hop feature wall contrasts well with the Resene Merino walls... more
Resene Reservoir walls
Serene nursery
They love the calmness of Resene Reservoir on the walls, and added fun and boldness... more
Resene Thornton Cream nursery
Remodelled nursery
Resene Thorndon Cream for the walls and Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream for the trims... more
Funky and warm Resene Lemon Twist
Funky warm yellow
The walls in the south facing spare room are Resene Lemon Twist - funky and warm... more
Child's room with Resene Tickled Pink feature wall
Love of colour
Resene Tickled Pink feature wall and three walls Resene Merino... more
a stunning palette of Resene Belladonna with Resene Hullabaloo and Resene Barely There
Magical gift
The stunning colour palette is Resene Belladonna with Resene Hullabaloo... more
A boy's room is crisp in Resene Serenity
Soft green nursery
The younger son's room is crisp in Resene Serenity a soft opaline green... more
Resene Kumutoto aquamarine boy's room
Boy's blue
Their elder son's room is painted in Resene Kumutoto, maritime inspired aqua... more
Resene Scooter snd Resene Toto
Bright turquoise
Their daughter's room is painted in Resene Scooter and Resene Toto with a wall finished... more
Resene Supernova in nursery
Brighten up
Resene Supernova and Resene Alabaster give a bright, happy space for their little boy... more
Resene Cest La Vie
A rose white nursery
Resene Cest La Vie with the cupboard and wall canvases in Resene Dutch White... more
Resene Smitten
In love with pink
They fell in love with a vibrant pink called Resene Smitten and used it to paint the door... more
Resene Spray
Spirited aqua blue
Resene Spray with a Mayan pink Resene Hopskotch inside the closest ... more
Resene Parachute
A fresh sporty ambiance
The main wall of Resene Parachute seemed quite intense so to break this up they added... more
Resene Pirate walls
Vibrant red walls
Their son's room is Resene Pirate framing a large window seat in white and black... more
Resene Bounty
Teenage contrast
Resene Bounty painted above and wallpaper below with a border... more
Resene Neva
Letting loose with colour
Resene Neva is a fluoro yellow green with Resene Quarter Spanish White ceiling... more
Resene Rice Cake and Resen Hopbush
Pink splendour
Resene Rice Cake, Resene Kumutoto, Resene Hopbush and Resene Classic Rose... more
Resene Princess
Colourful room
The rainbow is painted using Resene Bombshell, Resene Flamingo, Resene Frenzee... more
Resene De York and Resene Shocking
Delicious pale pink
They wanted their daughter's room to remain light and airy as she has so many colourful toys... more
Resene Dizzy Lizzy
Fit for a princess
The walls are painted in Resene Yabbadabbadoo with accessories such as the frames... more
Resene Alabaster
Magical stairs
The magical rainbow spiral staircase is the perfect entry to the childrens' room... more
Resene Oasis
Light but warm
For their daughter’s bedroom the light but warm Resene Oasis was selected... more
Resene Princess
Amazing result
The end result looks amazing and shows how you can transform an entire house... more
Resene De York and Resene Shocking
Unique look
Resene De York and Resene Shocking used creatively makes an unique bedroom space... more
Resene Dizzy Lizzy
Lime favourite
Resene Dizzy Lizzy, Resene Ebony Clay and Resene Alabaster for the walls... more
Resene Dizzy Lizzy
Deep charcoal brown
The bedroom features a wall of Resene Triple Masala... more
Resene Parchment
Fun and colourful
Resene Powder Blue walls, a beautiful vintage blue and Resene Quarter Villa White... more
Resene Parchment
A serene clear blue
Their teenage daughter chose Resene Valhalla and Resene Quarter Timeout for her room... more
Resene Quarter Sea Fog
Black meets white
Black and white stripes and three walls in Resene Quarter Truffle to match the rest of the house... more
Komar Photomurals available through Resene
Komar Photomural
They searched the internet for decorating ideas and came across the Komar Photomurals... more
Resene Parchment
Bright educational fun
He loves his bright practical fun filled room with Resene Parchment walls... more
Resene Double Tea
Transformed room
Their son's room was transformed with Resene Double Tea with Resene Napa trim... more
Resene Napa and Resene Black White
Bedroom with edge
Resene Nero and Resene Black White, with a mix of washed Resene colours... more
Resene Half Bianca
Animal fun
The background colour of the wall is Resene Half Bianca, chosen to be a backdrop... more
Resene Quarter Napa
Loving her room
The walls are Resene Quarter Napa and Resene Innuendo with Resene Clementine Orange... more
Resene Jordy Blue
Enlarge a small room
They created space with the dark blue of Resene Bay Of Many going to Resene Jordy Blue... more
Resene Guardsman Red
Making a statement
Resene Guardsman Red feature wall with Resene Dutch White walls... more
Resene Pizzaz
Orange pizazz
A stunning Resene Pizazz feature wall with Resene Dutch White walls... more
Resene Napa and Resene Black White
Works with red
A light enough colour to keep it feeling spacious, so decided to go with Resene Clouded Blue... more
Child's bedroom with Resene Biloba Flower
His relaxing room
Resene Secrets, a very versatile green, has created a very relaxing room for him... more
Child's bedroom with Resene Biloba Flower
A fun room
Blue was the resounding choice of their daughter, and Resene Altitude created a fun room... more
Bright girl's room
Complementing pink
They decided to go for a colour that would complement the pink and Resene Kingfisher Daisy... more
Nursery Colours
Blue nursery
A lamp and picture in the baby's room were painted in Resene Portage to complement... more
Bedroom Bliss
Striking metallic
Resene Sugar And Spice for her feature bedhead wall and Resene Quarter Spanish White... more
Resene paint in bedroom
Love of strong colours
This stunning nursery features walls that are a bold fresh blue... more
Resene Spray Feature wall girls bedroom 2
Bubbly spirited aqua
Resene China Ivory walls with a feature wall of Resene Spray in their daughter's room... more
Resene Fog Feature wall girls bedroom
Soft and ephemeral
A soft, ephemeral feature wall of Resene Fog with Resene China Ivory walls... more
Resene Soft Apple wall girls bedroom
Pink in fabrics
Resene Fruit Salad walls and decorative room accessories link all these colours together... more
Custom colour
Gorgeously girly
Resene staff created a custom pink colour to match their chosen wallpaper... more
Resene Carpe Diem
Brighten it up
A playful combination of Resene Pohutukawa, Resene Carpe Diem and Resene Sushi... more
Resene Carpe Diem
Very planned room
His bedroom is finished in Resene Midnight with a feature wall of Resene Daredevil... more
Child's bedroom Resene Retro
Butterflies and birds
Resene Sugar And Spice with butterflies and birds on the wall with a cat watching a bird... more
Child's bedroom Resene Fairground
All spaced out
Their son's room has Resene Fairground walls with the solar system on his wall... more
Resene Jelly Bean in bedroom
Turquoise delight
Resene Jelly Bean walls with crisp red highlights make this a bright turquoise room... more
Child's bedroom feature wall in Resene Retro
Peacock blue
This children's bedroom features Resene Beatnik with Resene Half Fossil walls... more

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