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habitat magazine issue 15

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habitat magazine issue 15

A striking green wall in a bathroom

A fresh start

With its fresh-toned wall of Resene Pacifika Green and curvaceous bath taking its dress circle position in front of the window, this bathroom is now a haven for its Auckland owners. Unsure what to do with the small L-shaped bathroom of their 15-year-old house, Sarah and David Morton turned to friend and interior designer Liz Kerby. She suggested increasing the size of the room by incorporating part of an adjacent linen cupboard and embracing the house's location on a slope of native bush adjoining a harbourside reserve by bringing some of that green inside... more

Choosing and using today’s cookers

Choosing and using today's cookers

Kitchens and cooking have never been so sexy and exciting, thanks to new technology and design. The technology and quality of the kitchen and its latest cooking appliances is of such importance to us these days that it has been known to break or make a house sale – such is the powerful impact of a room which used to be totally enclosed and produced only meat and three vegetable dinners. Thankfully we've come a long way from the humble coil ring and over-boiled cabbage... more

Resene Total Colour Awards 2011

Colour recognition

From bright red totems to evocative retro shades, winners of the second Resene Total Colour Awards were recently celebrated. A stunning range of colourful projects were entered into the recently announced Resene Total Colour Awards. Top honours went to Jasmax for its exciting and vibrant scheme for the new Albany Senior High School in Auckland. Residential projects were well represented... more

enthusiastic about colour


TV reality judge and model Colin Mathura-Jeffrees is so enthusiastic about colour, he has invented a new word – colour-tastic... more

paint and stains bring life to the garden

Garden glories

Beyond the usual surfaces of weatherboards and fences, paint and stains bring life to the garden. Whatever project you're tackling outside, on your house exterior or in the garden, chances are Resene has a product to suit. Check out a range of ideas... more

Habitat reader views and news

Hey Habitat

Habitat reader views and news... more

design is a successful deterrent to crime

Keeping it safe

Whether it's a large estate on the edge of a forest, or a tiny apartment in a happening part of the CBD, your own pad functions a bit like a personal security blanket. Which is why the experience of being burgled or intruded upon is so disquieting. If you are about to enter the design phase for your new abode or its landscaping, why not incorporate features which deter criminals? The idea that design is a successful deterrent to crime is not new. Several decades ago it was dubbed CPTED... more

David Trubridge's fantastical hand made lights

Lighting the way

Eight years ago David Trubridge was 'mucking around' in a workshop in Perth when he thought he would try his hand at creating one of the three dimensional geometric figures which had so fascinated him as a teenager. An acclaimed designer with a well-established global reputation, he was experimenting with pieces of cut-out plywood when he came up with a spherical structure – which came to be known as the Coral. Not entirely satisfied with his creation, David decided to see if he could turn it into a light... more

Lifemark building standard

Making it easy

One Wellington man benefits from design that heeds the Lifemark building standard. After 27 years of being in a wheelchair, Phillip Blundell knew what he wanted in an ideal home. Admittedly during this time he had retrofitted several to make acceptable dwellings but to achieve this required constant compromise with unsightly ramps and whole areas being out of bounds simply because making them wheelchair accessible was unfeasible. It wasn't until some years ago that he decided to build new for the next stage of his and his wife Helen's life... more

New products, places and ideas for the home

Off the shelf

New products, places and ideas for the home... view PDF

apartment living

Return to Eden

After a barren dirt garden in their Nigerian home, this family wanted to immerse themselves in colour and greenery. Well, if you're Jane McRae, you set about creating a magical garden retreat incorporating palms and native plants, bright colours and lots of bird-enticing elements. “I'd been living overseas in a third-world country and I just wanted to come home and have a garden,” she explains. “At our house in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the outdoor area was focused around a playground for the kids to enjoy. It was all dirt with nothing green, so when we came back I really wanted to plant things again”... more

A tonal colour scheme is a sure-fire way to create a harmonious look

Shade on shade

A tonal colour scheme is a sure-fire way to create a harmonious look, whether you're using spicy flavours or calming hues. Create a soothing beach-inspired setting with soft sea colours – crossover tones that are neither blue nor green. The wall is painted in Resene Kumutoto, the tongue-and-groove panelling in Resene Carefree and the floorboards colourwashed in Resene Paint Effects Medium mixed with Resene Escape... more

Using eco-friendly design ideas in a renovation

State of grace

Using eco-friendly design ideas in a new home is relatively easy but what about a renovation? State houses are built to honour certain principles – to give anyone, no matter what their income, a quality home in which to live. Now one of those earlier homes, tucked into a quiet corner of Auckland, has been renovated to honour a different set of principles – to be as energy efficient and therefore as eco-friendly as it can be... more

Multi-purpose trunk

Step by step – boxing clever

Create a cool multi-purpose trunk finished in timber stains for a slightly weathered effect... more

Step by step – cool plant labels

Step by step – cool plant labels

Use Resene paint stirrers, seed packets and your own artistic skill for these funky vege and herb labels... more

The theory goes that art looks better on white walls

The backdrop colour question

The theory goes that art looks better on white walls – it apparently allows the art to stand out, and for the eye not to be distracted by the coloured walls behind. But it isn't necessarily so! Some recent exhibitions around the country have showcased the vitality and impact which results from acting fearlessly with colour. One of these, an exhibition simply titled Colour, staged last year in two venues in Wanganui, used 11 distinctly coloured spaces to explore the feelings produced by art against the different backdrops... more

Soft greens, blues and palest stone flow in a cohesive but interesting colour palette throughout the hous

The eight-year itch

It's testament to the timeless quality of Resene paint colours that when Nicole McKenzie renovated her eight-year-old house, she only changed one wall colour. “I was still in love with the original colours I had chosen,” she says, looking around the light and airy Auckland home. Soft greens, blues and palest stone flow in a cohesive but interesting colour palette throughout the house. Nicole's desire for a casual and beachy, “but not twee”, scheme is given life through colours such as Resene Tasman... more

A shimmery floral-style relief pattern wallpaer is part of a creative table setting

Wallpaper… but not as you know it

With its fresh palette of pinks and greens, anchored by a self-patterned wallpaper, this table setting is perfect for a brunch, high tea, outdoor wedding or for an outdoor summer dinner party. Created by Ingrid Pritchard of Scent Floral Boutique in central Wellington, instead of a tablecloth she has used Resene Walltrends 25061 wallpaper. Its large shimmery floral-style relief pattern is the perfect background for delicate egg-shell coloured plates, cut crystal vases and bowls, gorgeous floral napkins and floral posies... more

help the environment and paint your roof white

White out

Does your roof need a repaint? Why not help the environment and paint it white? Embracing eco-friendly principles can seem tricky if it is complicated or costly. Now there's a measure that's simple but effective. It's painting your roof white, and usually involves no extra cost during regular maintenance. The idea is slowly catching on as one of the fastest and cheapest ways to help reduce global warming by mimicking the way that the polar icecaps reflect sunlight back into space and cool the planet. Buildings without air conditioning also benefit by being cooler and more pleasant to inhabit in summer... more


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