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habitat magazine issue 33



Without getting too cliché, this year has been disruptive, to say the least. Travel restrictions and interruptions to the global supply chain have thrown the progression of colour and decorating trends for a loop.

For some, the combination of having more time at home and the reallocation of money that had been squirrelled away in the piggy bank for a holiday has meant that many building, renovation and decorating projects that have long been on the to-do list are finally getting checked off. It's been incredible to see the indomitable creativity that has come out of our readers.... more

Shifting design and colour trends

Shifting focus

A disruptive time turns colour and design trends on their heads.

We've found ourselves in the midst of a unique time in history that has thrown us all for a curve. Whatever our plans were, they've either been cancelled, shifted or have evolved into something else entirely. With our whole world rocked by change, the driving factors of colour and design 'trends' as we've known them have also been hugely disrupted.

Our mission is now one of care, both for ourselves and our greater community – and we need colour trends, inspiration, ideas, rooms and spaces that embrace this... more

New products and services

Off the shelf

New products and services for your home... more

Ever evolving - new colours for a villa

Ever evolving

As stylist Annick Larkin shows, decorating a family home is not a one-and-done game.

Like many homeowners, stylist and interior designer Annick Larkin spent the first lockdown taking notice of all the things around her home that she'd fallen out of love with. She and husband Tim originally purchased their 1901 villa in 2009, and they embarked on their first renovation a few years later... more

Use paint to get the look of two cute wallpaper designs

No wallpaper? no problem!

Annick shares some hand-painted wallpaper hacks and handy decorating advice

Ever fall in love with a design from the Resene Wallpaper Collection and then feel disheartened to find that it is no longer available? Many popular designs sell out quickly while others get discontinued after two to three years to make way for newer collections. With a little time and patience, there are many Resene Wallpaper Collection designs that can be achieved with paint... more

Take it outside - outdoor entertaining spaces

Take it outside

Try these top tips to make your outdoor space an oasis for entertaining.

Whether you prefer to host more populous parties or fancy more intimate affairs, when the mercury is on the rise, so too is the desire for social gatherings to spill out into outdoor areas. It's common to think that a few extra chairs are all you need to make your outdoor space ready for hosting a do, but there's a lot more to outdoor living space design than many realise... more

Weekend DIY projects

Weekend warrior projects

Whether you've got an hour on your hands or a whole weekend to occupy, these easy projects will put your spare time to good use.

Projects: cubby storage, moveable plant platform, painted floor, cutlery and condiment holders... more

Using bold Resene blues in kitchens

Cerulean splendour

Bold Resene blues add character to this Kapiti Coast home's spectacular contemporary update.

When you're building your 'forever home,' it can be difficult to design it in a way that's forward-thinking enough to take your potential future needs into account. But the reality is that there are many elements of a home that need to be designed correctly from the get-go in order to accommodate later stages of life if you plan to stay put for the long haul... more

Guest bathrooms - a space to spark a discussion

Break the ice

Guest bathrooms are the ideal space for designs that are sure to spark a discussion.

Awkward dinner parties: we've all been there. Even if the drinks are flowing, unless your guests are close friends – or at least acquaintances – there's bound to be a point in the evening where the small talk runs dry... more

Cook up some character with colour

Cooking up character

A dose of colour could be all you need to take your kitchen design up a notch.

Generally speaking, most people don't treat their kitchen as a trend-focused space in the way they do a bedroom or living room. And it makes sense; kitchens are bigger investments and many parts aren't as easy to update as paint and furnishings. The trouble is, when kitchens are designed to be completely devoid of personality so as not to offend 'prospective buyers' – regardless of whether or not you actually have plans to sell your home within the foreseeable future – they're not very warm or inviting places to spend time in... more

True colours - Resene colour charts and fandecks

True colours

A look behind the curtain at what goes into making Resene's colour charts and fandecks.

Have you ever taken a close look at a Resene colour swatch before? Unless you are a design or paint professional, you may not have even realised that the colour you are holding isn't just a highly accurate representation of what your chosen paint hue is going to look like – it's the real thing... more

Bedrooms designed for tweens

Tween spirit

The right colour palette goes a long way when you're growing up.

Being a 'tween' is tough. Too cool for kiddie stuff but not quite ready to live the teen dream, tweens are caught somewhere in the middle. They long for more recognition and responsibility but still need the time and space to just be a kid. It's a balancing act, and a tricky one at that... more

Smooth sailing - nautical kids room

Smooth sailing

Try these easy decorating ideas for a nautical-inspired kid's space.

In a nation surrounded by ocean, chances are that if you don't own a boat yourself you probably know someone else who does. And as kids young and old wait in bated anticipation for the next America's Cup competition, the excitement for all things sailing is especially heightened right now. Translate that enthusiasm into a fun and graphic room theme anchored with favourite Resene paint colours... more

Painting heritage homes

The test of time

A long-standing painting business works wonders on long standing heritage homes.

For over 35 years, John and Judy Bisset have been painting the town together – well, many towns, actually. Their business, John Bisset Ltd (JBL), and their team of 13 strong has rolled their way through Warkworth, Omaha, Leigh, Tawharanui, Scotts Landing, Auckland and beyond colouring old and new homes, commercial buildings, theatres, schools and more. Roofs, fences, special finishes, whitewashing, chalk paints and waxes, inside and out – you name it, they've done it... more

Lighting design - an overlooked decorating detail

Everything is illuminated

A designer and a colour expert shed light on the most commonly overlooked decorating detail.

Any designer worth their salt will tell you that lighting is one of the most essential ingredients for a well decorated space — not the afterthought that many of us consider it. The right lighting has the power to completely transform the way a room feels, lift your spirits and make you more relaxed or productive... more

Dividing lines for shared space

Dividing lines

Sharing space can be hard for many of us, but these clever paint ideas will make it easier to keep the peace.

When you find yourself in close quarters, even when it's with people you love, sharing a space like an office, bedroom or playroom is not without its challenges. If space is particularly tight, you could even find yourself having to share a desk space with a partner, sibling or room-mate. To keep your study buddy's stuff from spilling over to your side, you may need to literally 'draw the line' to stake out your territory... more

A bungalow garden

Go with the flow

A 1930s bungalow gets refreshed with Resene, both inside and out.

The bungalow's backyard is broken down into a number of distinct zones, a strategy that's very effective for getting the most out of your outdoor space. Whether the kids want to jump on the trampoline or mum and dad want to entertain a crowd, there's a place for everyone to enjoy the yard the way they want to... more

How to make a sculptural side table

DIY sculptural side table

Ombre tones help create a gallery-worthy table

Learn how to create this table with this step by step project guide... more

Two's company - Vic Bibby, favourite colours and inspiration

Two's company

Vic Bibby, one half of the powerhouse design duo behind Bibby + Brady, lets us in on where she finds inspiration and her current favourite Resene colours.

My background is actually in graphic design and Dael worked in event management in the UK before studying interior design. I had been running an interior design blog when Dael and I met through our children, who were in the same class at school. Dael had finished her studies and knew I was passionate about interior design, so she asked me out for coffee and suggested we start a business together. And that was that!... more


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