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habitat magazine issue 30

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Habitat magazine, issue 30
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habitat magazine issue 30

Bright and bold colours

Your next big colour trends – the bright, the bold and the beautiful

Fully-steeped colours dominate the forecast, while easy-going earthy looks endure. While there are certainly some recent trends that seem to have a lot of staying power, there are also some interesting surprises on the not-so-distant horizon. Woven natural textures – especially in fibres like sisal, rattan and jute – are everywhere, along with equally earthy colours to complement them: a myriad of greens, terracotta and blushes of warm, barely-there sunset tones like petal pink, lilac and buttery yellows. Try mixing a few favourites like Resene... more

New products and home ideas.

Off the shelf

New products and ideas for the home... more

Inside outside rooms

Levelling up

With two little ones and another on the way, Emma and Henry faced an all too familiar problem. They were rapidly outgrowing their cute three-bedroom traditional 1930s bungalow in the heart of Auckland's popular Pt. Chevalier neighbourhood. The house didn't even have a bathtub and storage space was virtually non-existent, aside from a garage, a tiny cupboard-sized laundry and a single wardrobe. Something had to give... more

Step outside your comfort zone with bold, rich colours.

Fully saturated style

Step outside your comfort zone with bold, rich colours. It may be just the thing your space needs. The secret to using colour courageously lies in choosing what you really love. That idea may seem obvious - not many people, after all, would likely spend their money decorating with colours that don't strike a chord. Whether it be emerald green, midnight blue, or a violet fit for royalty, the key to making it work is to pay attention to how it makes you feel... more

Murals to protect marine life

Seas of change

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is a ground-breaking project organised by Cinzah Merkens of the PangeaSeed Foundation. As an organisation that embraces the concept of marrying art with activism, PangeaSeed is using Resene paints to create eye-catching murals to help raise awareness around a host of swelling marine environmental issues like pollution, plastic use, climate change and over-fishing. With Pangea meaning ‘entire earth' and seed evoking an image of growth and regeneration, the organisation was established to educate locals about safe diving practices and set ground rules on how marine species should be treated... more

Bold patterns based on stripes and lines

Bright ideas – all lined up

Whatever the colour, incorporating strong lines can make a strong statement. Using geometric blocks of colour in an artistic way looks stunning in this warm, earthy den. Inspired by a bird's eye view of a rural landscape, Resene Grey Olive, Resene Napa and Resene Earthen are given strong structure through a stripe of Resene Route 66, which has also been used on the fireplace. The floor has been painted Resene Quarter Spanish White... more

Coastal living

A new wave of coastal living

Seven years after building their house, it was time for interior designer Annabel Berry and husband Simon to test out some new waters. While colour lover Annabel was still keen to stick to a coastal scheme, she felt like the light walls were beginning to feel a bit too shallow. “I'm obsessed with blue,” she says. “While my personal aesthetic still tends towards coastal hues, when we were choosing the new palette, I found that I wanted more depth and texture”... more

Dark and grey kitchen colours

Black as a skillet or slate that sizzles?

It's pretty intimidating for most people to commit to such an intense colour as full-on obsidian for the hub of their home. And, depending on the direction your windows face, our harsh natural light can often work against the effect. We take a look at two kitchens that went for a similar look but relied on charcoal grey to bring the drama. With abundant sunlight streaming into the space and most of its storage tucked away in a scullery, the idea of going ‘full monty' with a dramatic black kitchen in their new home never phased Matt and Elyse Keane... more

Home office

Out of office

No matter where you live or the colour of your collar, living space is at an ever-ascending premium. But, if you're already squeezed for space, you may need to employ a bit of creativity to carve out a niche where you can get business taken care of. Luckily, the way we work today has greatly reduced the need for physical space in the places where we work. For better or for worse, we're getting more work done than ever before – but we're getting it done by using less... more

Green bathroom walls and ceiling

Lush luxe

Painting the walls with a meadow of Resene Clover brought the bushy surroundings of this home indoors. The original bathroom presented some challenges for Designer Natalie Du Bois. Not only were things looking pretty lacklustre, the frosted windows were obstructing the captivating view of the bush outside and made the room feel closed in and cramped. “My client had a clear love of colour,” says Natalie, “and her wardrobe and personality were equally as colourful... more

Future proof your house for life changes

Future proof

If you've found a home you plan to stay in for quite some time, it's a smart idea to make sure it not only meets the needs of today but also the changes that may be on the horizon. Social, economic and age-related changes can greatly impact the way we use our personal spaces and what we need from them to support those transitions... more

Bold colours and fabrics

Fortune favours the bold

In 2013, Becky Lee hit the reset button and became clear about what direction she wanted to take with her personal and professional life. “For as long as I can remember, colour and interiors have been my passion. It's just in my blood,” Becky says. “It had become increasingly important to me that I needed to be working in a creative industry and interiors have always been a passion of mine, so it was a natural fit.” By mid-2017, after completing her Interior Design Diploma, her business... more

Childrens bright pot plant projects

Bright ideas for kids - sweeten the pot

With just a few Resene testpots, crafty kids can make an endless array of adorable creations. Find out three easy ways to decorate terracotta pots. Update your children's furniture with paint... more

Paint your own modernist art

Step by step - make your own modernist art

Release your inner Matisse with these easy-to-create canvas artworks... more

Backyard designed first

Backyard forward

When Flint and Celia Ainsworth built their home in Hawke's Bay, they approached the project with a unique point of view, working their design from back to front. With plans for a family wedding underway, getting the garden and outdoor living area party-perfect was top priority. Now with a lush well-established subtropical garden on the same level as the interior, their outdoor area has very much become part of the couple's living space... more

Wellington architect Gerald Parsonson

My favourite colours

Wellington architect and Resene Total Colour Lifetime Achievement Award winner Gerald Parsonson sees colour as a crucial component of successful design... more


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