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habitat magazine issue 36

If the past couple of years has taught us anything, it's how important our home environment is and how important it is to look after ourselves.

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Habitat magazine, issue 36
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Welcome to Habitat issue 36


If the past couple of years has taught us anything, it's how important our home environment is and how important it is to look after ourselves.

When you're working from home or spending longer indoors, you quickly realise how much the place you live in impacts your mood and even how well you do things... more

Comforting colours - can't stop the feeling

Can't stop the feeling

Colour trends to make your home a sanctuary

Style is more personal than ever this season as we crave comforting colours and ways to make our homes a sanctuary. When the only certainty is uncertainty, we humans can be a surprisingly resilient bunch. We love style, and we love it even more when it serves a purpose. This season, the 'can-do' spirit is alive in our homes as we look for practical solutions to 'make the best of it' and 'look on the bright side'... more

Products and services for your home - autumn/winter 2022

Off the shelf

New products and services for your home... more

Colour connection - a holistic approach to decorating

Colour connection

Take a holistic approach to decorating with colour

Taking a holistic approach to decorating makes your home feel more harmonious. But visually connecting rooms isn't always easy. There is, however, one failsafe unifier. It's called colour... more

A renovation on time and on budget

Smooth sailing

A coastal home with a creative neutral palette

An experienced renovator defies the odds and brings her beautiful home in on time and under budget. There's a pocket on the eastern-most coast of Auckland where the weather is a law unto itself. Rain can be pummelling the farmland two kilometres away, while these coastal residents eye their water tanks with worry, not having seen a raindrop for months... more

Pro tips for painting kitchen cabinetry

Do the mahi

Learn pro tips for painting kitchen cabinetry

In the first of a series of TradieGal Tutorials, professional painter and decorator Tegan Williams reveals her pro tricks to painting kitchen cabinetry... more

Deep blue see - Tonal colour schemes

Deep blue see

DIY tonal building block artworks are child's play

Step into the wide blue yonder with a tonal colour palette that starts with Resene Coast. Need a space to chill? Try going tonal. Monochromatic or tonal colour palettes are harmonious by nature and are ideal for decorating a space intended for reading or relaxing... more

East meets wels

East meets west

Japandi wallpapers with a touch of wabi-sabi

Pair Japanese-inspired patterns with Scandinavian simplicity for the ultimate design fusion from the Resene Wallpaper Collection. There is more than 17,000km between Japan's fashion capital, Tokyo, and Copenhagen, the style centre of Scandinavia, but when it comes to design, these two different cultures aren't oceans apart... more

Layer patterns like a pro, move over minimalism

Checks and balances

Layer patterns like a pro

Gingham, with stripes and florals – why not? Interior designers share secrets on layering patterns like a pro. Move over minimalism. Maximalist interiors layered to the hilt with patterns are big news. But it's a style that many find intimidating. As children, we're often taught not to mix patterns in our clothing. Perhaps, as a consequence, when it comes to decorating, we often lack confidence when using more than one pattern.... more

Blue bathrooms

Birds of a feather

A peacock-blue powder room and a Resene Raven bathroom take flight

There are few things as lovely as relaxing in a bathtub to decompress after a long day. Although crisp, clean whites and soothing neutral paint colours are often associated with spas and wellness-themed bathrooms, interior designer Clare Kitching of Peachhaus Design and Development says bold Resene colour choices can create a room that is both striking and a sanctuary... more

Game of life

Game of life

A Hawke's Bay artist who is a big kid at heart is as colourful as her creations.

JiL Sergent never liked having her hair brushed. A toddler with itchy feet and busy hands, JiL would only succumb to her mum's attempts if given an envelope and colouring pen to draw. These days her hair is in dreadlocks and it's more likely to be a paintbrush and a can of Resene paint in hand for JiL who's made a career as an artist bringing colour to schools and public areas... more

Mindful design ideas

Go with the flow

Mindful design ideas for relaxation

Ease your stress and boost your relaxation by combining a makeover with mindful design. In the same way that paint and colour can uplift a room, studies show that painting can positively affect the mind. So why not create spaces you love living in while reaping the health benefits of painting them... more

Fire and ice - home inspiration

Fire and ice

A small but vibrant home inspired by Antarctica and the desert

There are few moments in your life that can be described as pure, unbridled awe. For Meg, one moment was seeing the pure white and intense cerulean and deep blues on the icebergs in Pleneau Bay, Antarctica. The memory of icebergs floating in the ocean like ghostly sculptures was so visceral it felt like it had left an imprint on her DNA, and a photograph doesn't quite do it justice... more

Green cuisine

Green cuisine

Two green kitchens inspired by nature

The colour green is one of the hottest design trends. Two designers show the light and dark side of this nature-inspired hue: Serene cuisine and smooth moves... more

Winds of change

Winds of change

A whirligig company has fans in a spin

Most people would call Michelle Fyson and Nick Blake artists, but they aren't keen on the term. "We're makers," says Michelle. "We're generalists. We're not ceramicists or woodworkers or metalworkers, but we do all those things."... more

Small wonders

Small wonders

Small colourful homes that break the rules

Painting small spaces white to make them look bigger is a common interior design principle. These small homes break the 'rules' and prove it's not the size of your home but how you use colour that matters... more

Pegs 'n' pops

Pegs 'n' pops

Crafty ideas with pegs and ice block sticks

A craft project a day keeps the boredom away. Entertain kids with these easy arts and crafts projects using pegs and ice block sticks: When pegs fly, What a croc and Easy rider... more

The sanctuary

The sanctuary

A landscape designer's peaceful coastal garden

It's impossible to count the many different shades of green that appear in Claire Talbot's garden. It's a kaleidoscope, the likes of which appear only on Resene colour charts. Painters looking to capture its essence would take their pick of Resene Breeze, Resene Flax, Resene Paddock and Resene Seaweed – with a peek- a-boo of Resene Smashing coming from the vibrant leucadendrons... more

Diy strawberry planter

Diy strawberry planter

A tiered planter makes a sweet addition to your garden

Because it makes use of vertical space, a tiered planter is great for small gardens or courtyards and particularly useful for plants with shallow root systems, such as herbs, lettuces and strawberries... more

Good vibrations

Good vibrations

The Block NZ's judge Ann-Louise Hyde shares which colours strike a chord

Every colour has a vibration, says interior designer and former professional cello player Ann-Louise Hyde... more


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habitat is printed on environmentally responsible paper using environmentally responsible ink.

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