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habitat magazine issue 10

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habitat magazine issue 10

Affordable Decorating ideas

Big change for small change

With a little planning you can rejuvenate your living space in a weekend for less than $200. If you're tired of your current house but don't want to move in this uncertain market, but also can't justify spending lots of money renovating, don't despair. At the very least a clean and declutter will work wonders and once things are cleaner and emptier, it may be easier to decide what your next step should be... more

Garden sanctuary

Born again

A 'dreadful' Christchurch garden is remodeled into a soothing sanctuary. Having spent several years living in a second-floor central Christchurch apartment, Vance and Cathy Stewart don't take gardens for granted. Now after extensive garden remodeling, they find it incredible to think that last winter, their outside reality involved little more than mud and cold temperatures... more

Storage suggestions

Bright ideas... of books and bunks

Clever storage ideas that have been brought to life with paint... more

Artist Phillipa Bentley

Colourful people - Phillipa Bentley

Artist Phillipa Bentley combines nostalgia, insects, demon materials and colour to create her unique artworks. From an image of the large brightly coloured cut-out butterflies that used to adorn weatherboard houses in the 1950s in her head, artists Phillipa Bentley has created an evocative series of artworks. Called the Insects and Memories series, the art combines reproductions of iconic packaging with detailed images of insects... more

Ewen Gilmour, comedian

Colourful people - Ewen Gilmour, comedian

Fun, colourful and full of energy - this reborn bach is the perfect haven for comedian Ewen Gilmour. Like love and marriage, comedy and colour seem meant for one another. Somehow, it's not surprising to discover funny-man and ex-Waitakere City councillor Ewen Gilmour's freshly extended bach in Port Waikato is a riot of wild, dramatically contrasting hues. Step inside and you're immersed in a glow of yellows... more

Jazz up a plain picture

DIY Kidz

Jazz up a plain picture or mirror frame with painted cut-outs... more

Green kitchen

From cardy to kitchen

It's not often that a cardigan dictates a colour scheme, but that's how Jacqui and Graham Nelson ended up with their Resene Spirulina kitchen. Jacqui had been working with kitchen designer James Smaling to develop a colour scheme for the kitchen, in the couple's home in Nikau Valley, north of Wellington. “I fell in love with the colour of my new cardigan and told my husband I wanted to use that same tone in the kitchen,” says Jacqui... more

Choosing between carpet and timber

Hard or soft?

Trying to choose between carpet and timber? Both flooring options have eco-friendly aspects. When it comes to flooring, most of us fall squarely into one camp or the other: we're either in love with our timber floors or couldn't imagine life without carpet. While we aim to choose flooring that suits our lifestyle, home décor and personal preferences, today, more of us are looking at the eco-friendly aspects of the materials we choose to live with... more


Hard times call for soft floors

During times of economic recession, staying at home and 'cocooning' becomes a dominant trend. We might dine out less frequently but we will entertain at home with family and friends. Evenings can be spent lounging around watching a movie with the family, having Playstation duels and Singstar competitions, or even playing classic board games. It's a time to create some memorable moments... more

Power saving

Hard truth - power to the people

As winter approaches, we're faced with that seasonal dilemma: how to effectively save power, and therefore money. You've just enjoyed another warm and lovely summer, so the arrival of your power bill is hardly going to make you bat an eyelid. However, in two months time it can be quite a different story. The weather only has to turn a bit wet, then the clocks go back and, hey, its on with the lights... more

Hey Habitat

Hey Habitat

Habitat reader views and news... more

In the french style

In the French style

Not content to just paint walls, this homeowner also uses floors and furniture as a creative outlet. Some people paint pictures. Ros De Coek casts her magic on houses. Almost every surface at Bordeaux, her French-inspired home and bed-and-breakfast, on the rolling hills of rural Havelock North, is testament to her handiwork. Walls, ceilings, floors and furniture are her preferred canvases. While the house itself is not a renovation process, many of the pieces within it have been born again... more

Vision wallpaper

Inner change

If you can't change the world outside, why not change the walls on the inside? Forget the negativity and doom and gloom of the wider world. Do something positive in your home by giving your walls a fresh new look with affordable wallcoverings. This classic stripe and modern floral from the Vision... more

Insurance cover

It's not finished till it's covered

While you may look to your Habitat magazine, rather than your insurance company, for the inspiration behind your home design, it's also important to ensure you have the right level of insurance cover while you are renovating your home. Whether you are building a new home, or altering an existing house, along with the architect, the council, the bank and, of course, the contractors - plumber, builder, plasterer, painter - it is important you remember to contact your insurance company... more

Keep NZ beautiful

Keeping it clean

This good keen bloke has a long-held passion for keeping the country litter-free. You can call Barry Lucinsky whatever you like - just as long as it isn't a tree hugger! The 75-year-old from Te Horo, north of Wellington, may have been responsible for single-handedly breathing life back into the Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) organization, but call him a lentil-munching, tree-hugging hippy at your peril... more

keep renovating ideas simple

Keeping it simple

With so much choice in home renovation products, how on earth do you decide? The word renovation sends most of us spiraling into equal parts excitement and dread. To visualise the big picture but successfully mastermind tiny details is a true art. Decisions you didn't dream of will be required, concerning products and processes of which you may currently be ignorant. Renovating is not unlike getting married. It pays to know unequivocably what you do and don't like... more

Actress Robyn Malcolm

Life's a beach

West Coat beaches are the inspiration behind actress Robyn Malcolm's decorating schemes... more


Never say never

Going against the grain has never been much of an issue for Waikanae couple Lorna and Matene Love. So when a valuer told them seven years ago that the beach-front property they'd just bought had 'absolutely no flow', they weren't too concerned. "He suggested we cover in the central courtyard to better connect the spaces,” says Lorna, a property developer. Thankfully, they chose to ignore his advice and now the open-air courtyard forms the heart of the sprawling home they share with their three sons... more

New products, places and ideas for the home

Off the shelf

New products, places and ideas for the home... view PDF


Raise the curtain

Boring beige is out, bold patterns are in as curtain fabrics become more adventurous. For many years curtains have been the quiet cousin of interior schemes, blending in with the neutral beiges and creams on our walls. But that trend is over. Plain on plain is out. It's time to inject a little life into your window dressings. Colour is coming back, as are patterned fabrics, and this time round they're bold... more

Make a lawn

Step by step - lawn low down

Seven easy steps to sow a new lawn... more

Change a desk

Step by step - ooh la la

Ros de Coek transforms a tired piece of furniture with this French-inspired paint effect in four steps... more

Fashion diva Karen Walker

The feel-good factor

Fashion diva Karen Walker's new range for Resene is an intuitive rather than technical collection. Fashion designer Karen Walker plays out her talent on a global stage. She's so accomplished at mixing pattern, texture, cut and colour to bring style and whimsy to her clothing collections, so you would think that making décor decisions for her home would have been a cinch. Not true. Even for Karen, colour confidence did not come easily... more

Use a swatchboard as a masterplan when redecorating

Tips and tricks - the master plan

Interior design and tutor Debbie Abercrombie explains how to create your renovation master plan - a swatch board. Whether you're renovating the whole house, a few rooms or just one space, having a master plan will save you time, effort and stress. In interior designer terms, a master plan comes in the form of a swatch board - literally a board on which you paste samples of the colours, materials and fabrics... more

A practical bathroom

Viva le pacifica

A pampering yet practical bathroom blends French overtones with Pacific style. In an era when so many bathrooms are awash with tiles and sleek with contemporary style, this renovated space is not only refreshingly gorgeous but so perfectly in tune with the house in which it sits... more

paint laundry to cordinate with your colour scheme

Winner goes whimsical

It's often the neglected room of the house - the laundry. A place where you go purely to do chores, a place hidden round the back of the house, in the garage or in a cupboard. Which is why in our last issue Resene and Electrolux decided to turn the spotlight on laundries and challenge you to redesign your own... more

Environmental Choice New Zealand

World recognition for NZ Environmental Choice

A global study commissioned by the British Government has rated Environmental Choice New Zealand as having one of the strongest environmental assessments in the world. Environmental Choice was cited as an example of best practice in environmental labeling internationally by Britain's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)... more


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habitat is printed on environmentally responsible paper using environmentally responsible ink.

From issue 8 onwards, copies flow wrapped and sent to Resene Cardholders are flow wrapped in environmentally responsible material from epi-global. This product when discarded in soil in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen will biodegrade decomposing into simple materials found in nature, as described in ASTM D6954-04.


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