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habitat magazine issue 07

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habitat magazine issue 07

a home that upholds the principles of sustainable design and eco-responsibility

Anything but retiring

The crisp, contemporary lines of this house, named MountainView by its designer - who created it for his parents' retirement - make a strong 21st century style statement in a street dominated by villas from the 1900s, in Auckland's Mt Eden. However, this elegant residence is also a prime successful example of a home that upholds the principles of sustainable design and eco-responsibility... more

Resene Ezypaint virtual painting program

Beginner's guide to... paint by pictures

Crimson seemed such a good idea on the wall of the dining room, and it's supposed to stimulate appetite. Light blue looked a great shade for the living room, but suddenly it's reminding you of your ancient great-aunt... more

Choosing and using an arborist

Choosing and using an arborist

So, that mighty oak out the front is blocking the light? Rather than lopping its top off, and thereby completely ruining its shape and health, call in someone who can provide a solution to suit both your needs and the tree's requirements... more

Find out which colours tickle our fancy - and why

Colour trends - nikau, nikau on the wall

Do our natural surroundings influence the shades and hues we choose to decorate our homes? Find out which colours tickle our fancy - and why... more

Steve Snow, modeller

Colourful people - Steve Snow, modeller

A plantation of waving palms and another of blossoming pink plums. Rows of tiny dream homes tucked on a tray. A drawer full of miniature people going about their business: White-clad nurses pushing patients on gurneys, businesspeople lugging briefcases, elegant diners lingering over their meal. Welcome to Steve Snow's world, where everything is one twentieth or one two-thousandths the size of real life... more

A body artist

Colourful people - Yolanda Bartram, body artist

Art: It used to be so simple. Paint on canvas or paper, sculpture in rock or bronze, a finely carved piece of wood. However, the past century has put paid to that definition, as artists explore every kind of exciting medium - electronics, light, brick walls, installations - and, that most primitive of canvases, the human body... more

A large deck transforms this back garden

Decked out

With the addition of a roomy living room/kitchen opening out onto a large deck and back garden, this small transition 1920s villa has been transformed into a spacious and very functional home. When they bought the house six years ago, it came with some cosmetic updates from the 1970s, but was mainly original... more

DIY kids project

DIY Kidz

Entertainment in a box that you can decorate to suit... more

The anti-graffitti UnTag Trust

Doing it - John Crews, UnTag Trust

Vandalism is not pretty. Most of us, when we see such destruction in our community - a smashed bush shelter, tagging, a snapped-off road sign - respond with a tut-tut and a mutter about the youth of today, and keep on our way. Fortunately for the people of Auckland's North Shore, there is one man who didn't just tut and drive on... more

Habitat answers reader questions about decorating

Hey Habitat

Habitat answers reader questions about decorating... more

broadcaster and gardening enthusiast Maggie Barry

In touch with your roots - Maggie Barry

The ideal garden is happy, healthy, and weed and bug free. All it really takes to keep it that way is a keen eye for detail, says broadcaster and gardening enthusiast Maggie Barry... more

a home that works in harmony with the natural environment

Let the sun shine

Drawing their inspiration from local wineries and historical buildings, and using raw materials on their property, Central Otago residents Shona and Danny Rae have created a home that works in harmony with the natural environment... more

Holiday house

Mucking around in boats

Getting away to a beach-house or lakeside bach is a great way to recharge your batteries, spend time with family and have fun with friends. When they enthusiastically bought the 1940s house in 2001, they enthusiastically launched straight into renovating... more

be aware of your lifestyle's impact on the world around you

No effort wasted

Each year we throw out 3.2 million tonnes of garbage - about 40% of which is food scraps. A further 20% is paper, which could easily be recycled. And it all sits there on the ground, slowly breaking down, over hundreds of years if it's plastic... more

Innovative products new to market

Off the shelf

Innovative products new to market... view PDF

Energy efficient appliances are the best option

Power down

Reducing your carbon footprint at home can be as easy as taking a closer look at your appliances... and how you use them. When replacing them choose the most energy-efficient models and using them correctly will make a big difference in terms of reducing climate change effects, saving power and water, and saving you money... more

Recycle building waste material

Responsible renovating - Research, renovate, recycle

Until fairly recently, considering what happens to the waste material that gets ripped out hasn't been much of a priority for builders and homeowners. Did you know that with a little research and some planning you could reduce the load in your skip by a whopping 60%?... more

key things to consider when setting up an energy-efficient home office

Saving the world starts at home

Thanks to technology, many of us enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from home. However, higher energy usage also means we pay for the privilege. Computers, lighting, heating and air conditioning, not to mention putting the jug on for a cuppa several times a day... more

Learn how to build your own compost heap

Step-by-step to building a compost heap

Learn how to build your own compost heap in six easy steps... more

Learn how to lay paving in six easy steps

Step-by-step to laying paving

Learn how to lay paving in six easy steps... more

new products for the decorating market


Find out what new products have recently been launched into the decorating market... view PDF

a landscaping approach centred around water-conscious garden design

That rocks

Hands up for those whom xeriscaping is a new term. Developed in Colorado, it's a landscaping approach centred around water-conscious garden design... more

reducing your demand for water is easy

Water, water, everywhere

It's easy to think that we have an unlimited resource of fresh water, but this is not the case. Increasingly, urban areas are facing water shortages. Fortunately, reducing your demand for water is easy. Mulching the garden and taking shorter showers all adds up in dollars and cents. And not just on your water bill either. With everyone using a little less water, councils save on wear and... more

A bathroom design inspired by nature

With nature in mind

With its design inspired by nature, and energy efficiency an important feature, this bathroom is green in more ways than one. That a home will sit comfortably in its natural environment is frequently a key consideration... more


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habitat is printed on environmentally responsible paper using environmentally responsible ink.

From issue 8 onwards, copies flow wrapped and sent to Resene Cardholders are flow wrapped in environmentally responsible material from epi-global. This product when discarded in soil in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen will biodegrade decomposing into simple materials found in nature, as described in ASTM D6954-04.


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