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habitat magazine issue 12

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habitat magazine issue 12

timber sculptures are given added dimension with often vibrant colour

A new dimension

Dave Fowell’s intricately wrought timber sculptures are given added dimension with often vibrant colour. Dave Fowell is a pragmatic sort of an artist. About three years ago he began creating wooden rather than stone sculptures, partly because he could work on them indoors during the winter. Now he’s painting his wooden sculptures, partly to stop them looking weathered as they age. But painting the large, intricately built works has also brought a huge creative bonus by emphasising their form and creating more impact. It also brings together Dave’s love of sculpture and painting, marking yet another development in his exploration of artistic expression... more

Special lenses enable colour blind men tto see red and green

A technicolour world? Not for some

Imagine not being able to see the world in all its glorious colour. Help is at hand for those afflicted with colour blindness. Brian Currie remembers getting hidings at school for colouring the grass red in art classes. “The teachers thought I was having them on,” he recalls. But Brian was not fooling around. In fact, he was completely oblivious to his mistake. Like eight percent of all European males here, he couldn’t differentiate between the colours red and green. To him they both looked brown. Brian eventually learned he was colour blind... more

A dramatically moody bathroom

Bathing in the glow

Epitomising the glamour of yesteryear, this dramatically moody ensuite is designed to seduce. With its golden walls and sumptuous detailing, this bathroom is just one of several in a gracious old country homestead, Parkhill, near Napier, that was upgraded as a luxurious boutique lodge by entrepreneur American business woman Karen Sandler. Responsible for several successful upmarket accommodation and dining venues in Hawkes Bay, Karen is also the owner of a large, multi-store Hong Kong homewares company, On The Edge, which gives her access to antique-style furniture, lighting and accessories... more

how to choose and use an upholsterer

Choosing and using an upholsterer

Don’t throw out that old chair your grandmother gave you. If it’s lasted this long it might be worth a spruce up. When it comes to furniture it seems we’re finally waking up to the insanity of buying something only to toss it out the moment it starts to look a bit shabby or outdated. Retro and antique furniture, and even pieces that are a couple of decades old, are finding new favour with design-savvy homeowners who see past the faded fabric and worn springs to the treasure beneath... more

A variety of rich colour transforms the walls of this grand masonry villa

Colour confident

A variety of rich colour transforms the walls of this grand masonry villa. In an era when minimalism ruled, Phil and Jenny Weeks went against the trend, painting the rooms of their grand brick villa in vibrant colours and decorating with their vast collection of art, accessories and furniture. They bought this property six years ago and, aside from a new but modest family room at the back, didn’t have to touch the layout at all... more

Habitat Gorgi children’s room makeover competition

Creativity for the kids

Our Habitat Gorgi children’s room makeover competition brought out some truly creative ideas. It’s a reflection on how much we love our kids that we received an outstanding quality of entries for our Habitat Gorgi Bedroom Makeover competition. Many made full use not only of Gorgi’s exciting range of fabrics but also of Resene’s vast range of paint colours. There were custom-made lamps, quirky noticeboards, hand-painted murals and motifs... more

Resene’s popular curtain fabric range is now even bigger and better

Curtain call

Resene’s popular curtain fabric range is now even bigger and better. A collection of sophisticated and sumptuous fabrics has now been added to Resene’s original curtain range. Specifically designed to match Resene’s popular paint colours, the fabrics were developed in partnership with home furnishing company Mollers. Sales and design manager of Mollers, Wynne Brewer says the concept of matching components for a room to Resene’s extensive range of colours has proven very popular... more

Diy kidz

DIY Kidz

Paint a mini mural and make your own colourful bunting... more

This smart easy-care garden beautifully complements the iconic Art Deco

Easy glamour

This smart easy-care garden beautifully complements the iconic Art Deco architecture of the house it surrounds. Tracy Brain’s brief was simple and to the point – she wanted a no maintenance garden. When told by her garden designer that ‘no maintenance’ didn’t exist, her response was to “go as low as you can go”. Landscape designer Michelle McDonnell took heed and created a garden which Tracy declares she’s totally rapt with. The icing on the cake, she says, is that maintenance equates to half an hour a month... more

Habitat readers views and news

Hey Habitat

Habitat readers views and news... more

Renovated historic home

History repeats

This carefully renovated historic home retains its original character and meets the needs of a modern family. While walking around the inner-city Auckland suburb of Parnell a few years ago, Rosemarie and Matthew Dunning discovered a charming heritage-listed home. When it was up for sale a year later they jumped at the chance to own it. Known as Emerald Villa, the two-storey house was built in 1857 for a well-to-do member of the colonial bureaucracy... more

My favourite colours

In the bag

As director and designer of accessories brand Saben, Roanne Jacobson is no stranger to high style. Saben has created what Roanne calls 'unique investment handbags' and 'portable works of art' for 10 years now, recognised for featuring beautiful leathers, striking colours and, often, playful designs... more

Here’s some simple ways to handle allergies in the home.

Itchy, scratchy, sneezy

Does your cat make you sneeze, do cleaning products make you wheeze, and does the arrival of spring bring the sniffles? Here’s some simple ways to handle allergies in the home. One in three of us suffer from allergies of one sort or other, caused by anything from pollen to peanuts, drugs to cat fur. Allergy symptoms can range from merely irritating to life-threatening, and while it’s easy to avoid some allergens, tracking down the cause of others can be a tortuous process... more

The doors and drawer fronts of the kitchenare painted in a range of Resene colours

Kitchen cues

A colourful kitchen is inspired by history. When Amanda Hereaka and Simon Bowden were planning renovations to their 1940s Wellington house they took the new kitchen look directly from history. Inspired by the Art Deco detailing in the house and the distinctive block-colour artworks of Piet Mondrian, they decided to paint the doors and drawer fronts of the kitchen in a range of colours rather than just the usual one... more

A contemporary kitchen and living space space, spiced up with a dash of tradition

Let there be light

This kitchen is a deliciously contemporary space, spiced up with a dash of tradition. When the Dentons installed their original kitchen, tearing down the chimneys of old villas was a no-no. In fact, exposing the brick and making the fireplace a featured centrepiece was the mode of the moment. Not so these days. When the couple came to renovate their kitchen and adjoining living area, “we took down the chimney with great glee,” says Alison Denton... more

Resene Mural Masterpieces 2009 winners

Mural masterpieces

Resene regularly celebrates community creativity with its Mural Masterpieces Competition. Hundreds of people have beautified towns, schools and neighbourhoods throughout the country. Here are the 2009 winners, sharing more than $5000 worth of prizes... more

A house painter who has overcome many difficulties

Never say never

An accident hasn’t stopped this Wanaka house painter. If you walk around the front of a certain Wanaka home, you will find a well established, beautifully maintained garden. You are also likely to hear a cheery voice spring from beneath the verandah. “G’day, do you want a cup of tea?” This is Geoff Wilson – house painter and paraplegic. The result of a fall from a larch tree four years ago, Geoff is wheelchair bound. Not that it seems to stop him... more

New products, places and ideas for the home.

Off the shelf

New products, places and ideas for the home... view PDF

Resene PaintWise paint and paint can recycling service

Responsible renovating - waste not want not

Notoriously tricky to get rid of, paint is now being recycled in some innovative ways. Resene takes its product stewardship for paint very seriously. As part of its PaintWise programme many litres of unused paint and thousands of cans have been recovered. In the last three years alone more than 500,000 packs were collected from Resene ColorShops and a further 150,000kg from council depots. Of this, more than 250,000kg of steel from the cans was recycled, more than 160,000 litres of solventborne paint was sent to solvent recovery and more than 60,000 litres of waterborne paint was donated to community groups... more

red is perhaps the boldest colour of them al

Seeing red

The colour of passion, warning, appetite – red is perhaps the boldest colour of them all. Bold, bright fiery red – it’s a colour many of us respond to and one which, despite its strength, many of us like. In decorating terms it’s a colour of ultimate flexibility. Darken it for a moody, tribal atmosphere. Use it in blood tones for a touch of regal splendour. Use it pure and bright for fun, or in a retro scheme. Or soften it with a touch of white for a pinky red that becomes pretty and feminine... more

A signwriter who is enthusiastic about keeping the older arts of signwriting

Signs of the time

Signwriter Jeff Harvey creates some clever effects with his art… and shares a trick or two. If Ashburton signwriter Jeff Harvey of Harvey Signs and Graphics ever tells you he’s more autistic than artistic, refuse to listen. The self deprecating, fun-loving craftsman is enthusiastic about techniques and skills that, were it not for people like him, are in grave danger of being lost... more

Pros and cons of HRVs, heat pumps and air conditioners

Something in the air

We all want warmer, drier, healthier air in our homes, so what’s the difference between HRVs, heat pumps and air conditioners? With huge emphasis now being placed on making our homes healthier, warmer and drier places to live, we are confronted by a plethora of new products to help us out. With so many systems available there’s a lot of confusion about which ones do what... more

How to paint a rust effec

Step by step - feeling rusty?

Jeff demonstrates the ‘incredibly simple’ art of a rust effect. Jeff’s word, ‘tattoo’ is made of aluminium powder-coated letters which were kicking around his studio. Yours can be those you’ve already painted in a matt Resene colour, or in a Resene satin varnish if you’d like sheen. You can also source dimensional letters from signwriters and craft shops. You may choose to ‘rust’ something... more

Resene Thorndon Cream is a popular new neutral colour

Three looks - the new neutral

Neutral colours are the mainstay of any decorating scheme. This one is set to be a winner. During the years Resene has produced many superb paint colours, including a raft of popular neutral tones. The success of those neutrals inspired Resene to produce a fandeck specifically devoted to neutrals some years ago, The Range Whites & Neutrals, which was recently extended to include up to six colour strength variations of one hue. And Resene’s official Top 20 is dominated by whites and neutrals, reflecting their broad acceptance and use on a vast array of projects... more


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