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From habitat magazine - issue 36, editorial

If the past couple of years has taught us anything, it’s how important our home environment is and how important it is to look after ourselves.

Emma Rawson
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When you’re working from home or spending longer indoors, you quickly realise how much the place you live in impacts your mood and even how well you do things. Zoom calls can be pretty distracting when you notice your unpainted skirting board or when you are too scared to move the camera in case anyone catches a glimpse of the unwashed dishes on your bench. While they won’t clean your dishes for you, Resene paints are a great way to provide a refresh, be it transforming your home with on-trend Resene colours (see can't stop the feeling) or by going with the flow with some relaxing techniques for mental health (see go with the flow). Reinvention, renovation or rejuvenation is just a testpot away.

I was never good at drawing at school. Much to my frustration, and that of the (sighing) teacher looking over my shoulder, my sketches would always come out as smudgy messes, and my sculptures were monstrous creations – nightmare territory. After the artistic disappointments in my formative years, it’s come as a surprise to me decades later just how much I enjoy painting. Be it painting walls in my home or random arts and craft projects such as a papier-mâche kiwi, it’s taken me many decades to discover the best artform of all: the art of not caring what anyone else thinks about what you create. If you strip away the expectation and judgement and focus on the colour and brushstrokes alone, the feeling of dipping a brush into paint and spreading it on a wall or a canvas is truly joyful.

The great thing about paint – whether it’s on your walls or on a canvas – is that if you don’t like it or need a change, you can paint over it and start again. I’m constantly inspired by our readers who aren’t afraid to return to the drawing board and reinvent their home environments with fresh Resene colours. So go on, dip in your brush – you’ll love the experience.

Happy reading!
Emma Rawson editor


When you work with paint and colour long enough, you think you would have seen every variation possible. And yet, somehow, every day, someone somewhere discovers a way to use Resene paints and colours in a whole new way.

And that’s what makes Resene such a fascinating place to work. Just when you think you have learnt it all, you find another way to do something, a new technology to play with and new colour combinations to consider. It’s what drives our team in their constant quest to discover and develop what’s next.

Sure, there are instructions with all our products (and, yes, we do recommend you follow them!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with layering unique paint colour combinations, play with colour placements and use creative application techniques to your heart’s content.

The joy of paint is that each of us can choose a completely different combination so that our home uniquely reflects our identity through our treasures and colour palette. Each of us can choose whatever combination makes our project and heart sing.

As much as we hope to inspire and help you with your projects, your projects inspire and help us too.

Your questions motivate us to create new formulations, new products and new colours to help you achieve what you have imagined. Your helpful feedback enables us to look at things from another point of view. And your project photos and stories showing us the new ways you have found to use your favourite Resene products and colours are not just appreciated by us, they are also valued by many readers looking for ideas.

Thank you for sharing your questions, ideas and project stories and please keep them rolling in.

Happy decorating!

the Resene team

Two of my favourite colours from the Resene Multi-finish collection


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