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From Habitat magazine - issue 15

TV reality judge and model Colin Mathura-Jeffrees is so enthusiastic about colour, he has invented a new word – colour-tastic.

Colin Mathura-Jeffrees

What do you love most about your TV judging roles?

I really enjoy sharing the journey I have had as an international fashion model. I certainly had magnificent highs and lows and I think I can speak for all reality TV judges when I recognise that you actually get a chance to share your journey and get the contestants up to speed if they choose to listen. Some do, some don't and the truth about 'reality TV' is that it's a running race... with hurdles, that make us laugh, cry and cringe.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love fashion. I think that's why I was so easily ensnared by this egomaniacal industry. My sense of style is, I'd like to think, rather individualistic although I wear standard classic pieces like everyone else and then add pieces of flamboyance and interest through a scarf, an exotic jewel, an unusual use of colour. When you break it down, I dress in masculine classic looks.

What is your favourite colour and why?

This is certainly a hard question. My instant reaction is blue but I'm constantly in danger of whiplash when I see amazing uses of colour. So while I'm partial to blue, I like all colours and am unafraid of what they represent. Yes, egomaniac and greedy!

What are your favourite decorating colours from the Resene The Range 2011/12?

Now this is so dependent on two things: what we are decorating, and what season we are in? I have chosen two looks – a cool combination and a warm one. I just love the hues and the richness of the combinations. The cool look is Resene Ignition, Resene Matakana and Resene Kumutoto. The warm look is Resene Knock Out, Resene Smitten and Resene Kumutoto. My advice is never be afraid of colour.

What colour advice would you give?

The only constant in life is change. I live with that belief in my heart. I don't fear change. It's like swimming with the current or against it. You will tire eventually if you swim against it, so swim with new possibilities. I have always kept my eyes open and seen with admiration the way different cultures and classes of people approach something that we might take for granted – the way colour can be used and how colour makes us feel.

Is there a colour you would never use in your own home and why?

I have seen enough colour in my life to know I would embrace new tones and listen to advice from people who work with colour... and take chances. This country is so bright and colour-tastic with a lushness we so easily forget that our homes don t need to respond by being white and beige. I would still use those 'safe' colours but you don't know how you can change a space by embracing the unknown unless you try.

Never live in regret. Your life should be colourful.

picture: Rob Trathen

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