b'Our Multi Drawer refrigerators12 the Resene magazine total colour award winners 201115keep food fresher for longerRefrigeration Compartment The more commonly accessedshade on shade summer 2011/12rrp $7.95issue15refrigerator compartment is placed ergonomically at chestthe magazine coloured by Reseneheight to reduce bending. The unique three-way shelf creates extra space for taller items. foolproof palettesAutomatic Ice MakerFeaturing a unique non-plumbed Automatic Ice Maker. Just fill the removable water tank and the Ice Maker is ready.summer 2011/12Humidity Drawer The increased humidity ensures fruit and vegetables are kept in ideal conditions to stay crisper and fresher for longer.Freezer DrawerThe unique drawer design allows food to be easily selected, reducing the loss of cool air.New Zealands Favourite Multi Drawer Refrigerators. A real connoisseur understands to have perfect food you need to start with perfectbeat the eight year itchstorage. Different foods kept at the right temperatures are tastier, healthier and will last longer. Connoisseur Multi Drawer Refrigerators feature multi airflow for quick, uniform cooling, an automatic non-plumbed ice maker as well as a humidity drawer to keep fruit and vegetables fresher. Mitsubishi Electric Multi Drawer Refrigerators arecolours youll love for lifeMR-C375 MR-C405MR-E62 the leaders in Multi Drawer technologyso cool in so many ways. 375 Litres405 Litres 637 Litres plus brush up your gardenAvailable in white and stainless steel Rotating top shelf with left or right hand door optionsIn-store December 2011a clever eco-makeoverdesign tips to stop burglarsThe Leaders in Multi Drawer Technology'