b'AboveThe exterior of the house,There are various shades of green, including fresh lime, acidic chartreuse and pale sage. The complete with its new turret, is so cleverlygallery hall is a deep plummy purple; the studio is turquoise; the kitchen cabinetry cobalt blue; designed, it doesnt look like two house simply joined together. the bedrooms more demur in traditional neutrals and the gymnasium is black.TopA tribute to Davids workMost of the colours have a story, like the green room (Resene Mantis) which was originally a special light fitting made fromWaiwera bottles. painted by a good friend who was dying of Aids. Everyone needs a green room, a low-tech MiddleDavid Melrose in the studio areaplace where you can have a calm mind, says Dave.of the house, with paint effect walls based on various Resene paints.Because the project took so long, decisions could be given time to develop. You make RightThis moody bathroom with itsbetter choices when you have more time, says Dave. He added the corner turret quite late striking Coca Cola neon sign is actuallyin the planning, purely for aesthetic reasons. And when he and the architect were discussing painted with Resene Blackboard Paint. drainage, they made an on-the-hoof decision to run a tunnel under the pool to connect the lower levels, which is now also a wine cellar. 60'