b'Multi-tasking mumAs the lynch-pin to her madly busyhousehold,theMulti-tasking Mum has an assortment of kids of varying ages as well as a menagerie of dogs, cats, budgies and perhaps a pet rabbit. She has school projects to supervise, birthday parties to organise and PTA Resenemeetings to attend. This household is one ofMatterhornorganised chaos. The Multi-tasking MumA touch of softness inloves the fact that her Cobble Lane carpeta hard-edged worldlooks smart at all times despite kids muddy shoes and sloppy eating habits, and that no- Wool carpet is more than just environmentally friendly. It one notices that it hasnt been vacuumed inhas a number of unique benefits that cannot be matched quite some time. If she has time to shop for clothes for herself,by hard flooring, or even synthetic carpets in many cases:shell whip into Max or Kimberleys, knowing that shell be sure toThe ability to regulate the humidity of an interior. Wool find something quickly and easily. absorbs moisture when the atmosphere is damp and Cobble Lane is a textured loop pile with great soil hidingreleases it when the atmosphere is dry.properties. The ability to improve interior air quality. Wool carpets All Cavalier Bremworth carpets are proudly designed and made innaturally absorb and filter volatile organic compounds New Zealand. They are high quality and made to last using only the(VOCs)unwanted toxins and odours that can irritate very best raw materials sourced directly by the company. All havehumans.Environmental Choice accreditation from Environmental Choice NewThe ability to trap airborne particles which can affect Zealand,signifyingthatCavalierBremworthmeetsbestpracticeasthmatics and those with respiratory problems.standardsintermsofmaterialsused,energyconsumed,water conserved, waste produced and discharged, and emissions. S uperb insulation propertiesthe thicker the carpet, thebetterthelevelofinsulationprovided.Energy All Cavalier Bremworth carpets are sold through a Warranted Dealercosts can be significantly reduced for both heating and network (see www.cavbrem.co.nz for retailers) to ensure you receivecooling by up to 12% with a wool carpet when there thebestprofessionaladviceoncarpetselectionandinstallation.are temperature differences between the indoor air and Cavalier Bremworth also provides a guarantee on all carpets thatthat under the floor.ensures if at any time, now or in the future, you have reasonable cause for complaint about the quality of your carpet, then we will put Reduced noise. Wool carpet virtually eliminates floor it right. For residential installations, our commitment doesnt stop atimpact noise produced by footfalls, chairs scraped across the carpet, but extends to the completed installation. the floor and objects dropped.0800 808 303 www.cavbrem.co.nz Ergonomic comfortwool carpet is the best flooring option for anyone standing or walking for extended hours. An unmatched sensory experience.Wool carpets are warm, comforting, soft and luxurious. They provide a sense of welcome and calma touch of softness in a hard-edged world. 51'