b'To make: 11.Cleanpotsifnecessaryfirst.SealwithReseneWaterborne Aquapel inside and out. Use different sized brushes to paint stripesaroundthepots.Leaveagapbetweenthecolours (youll paint this next) so that they dont run together. Let the first coat of paint dry.2.Finish painting the stripes round the pots, and let them dry. Draw a design onto the stripes with pen or pencil, using simple shapes like crosses, bars, hearts, spots, wiggly lines, vertical2stripes, checks, diamonds, circles or ovals.3. Paint the designsonto the pots. Choose contrasting colours for extra impact. Let the paint dry.4.Pop a stone over the hole in the bottom of each pot, then half-fill with potting mix. Remove the herbs from their containers and loosen the earth round the roots. Place them in the pots to decide what looks good with what. A mix of heights, colours and leaf shape works well. Once youve decided, place them in3and fill in the gaps with more potting mix, so each plant is well supported. Water gently and place in a sunny spot outside.Kids, check out page 122 for our feature on how to build a raised vegetable garden. Perhaps you can help Mum and Dad with the planting.Resene 4Daisy Chain 125'