b'advertising featureprotection whether you are home or away Your home and all thats in it is precious.And it needs protecting when you cant be there. A house is so much more than the sum of its parts. Objectively, itsWhile you cannot replace the memories, nor the sentimental value of just a buildingwalls and a roof, filled with things, that at its mostan item, you can ensure that you are able to replace an item should basic level, is just stuff that helps you live a more comfortable life.the need arise. But we all know that its much more than that. It is a haven filled withWealsounderstandthatyourplanstorenovate,decorateand memories and objects that, for your own unique reasons, you valuerevitalise your home to achieve the desired look dont stop here. For far beyond their intrinsic worth. That armchair isnt just another chairthat reason, Habitat magazine has teamed up with AMI Insuranceits the place where you read bedtime stories to your daughter. Thewho, like us, understand that your things are precious to you, even if hallway is where your son took his first steps. . . and the stairs arethey mightnt be to anyone else. where he had his first real tumble. The ceramic bowl on the bookshelf is a reminder of your honeymoon in Spain and the photo albumsWe have developed some tips, hints and handy suggestions to helpwell, theyre irreplaceable.you keep the things you value safe.Resene Resene ResenePhoenix Supernova Limelight70'