b'ReseneCargoReseneSocratesReseneWhiteoutStep 4 Step 5Measure the area where the garden is Sit the pre-nailed three sides in placeto be placed. Bore the two 0.4m holes with the open end at the installed posts.for the end poststhese will be used Nail both the remaining short side andfor the tomato or bean rack. the open long sides to the posts, ensuringboth posts and completed box are level. Measure and cut the capping timber once the box is in place and level. Use the mitre saw on the corners for a professional finish and hand-nail these to prevent splitting. Step 6Fill your garden with compost using eithera dingo or wheelbarrow and shovel. Check with your local garden centre for the best type of compost for vegetable gardens.The timber can be finished with Resene Lumbersider exterior paint or with Resene Woodsman stain. Step 7 Run and pin your clothesline wire for your bean or tomato rack at approximately10-15cm apart.Get planting and happy gardening! For more comprehensive instructions and materials please see www.hirepool.co.nz.| 121'