b'The EcoSmart show home is finished with waterborne Environmental Choice approved Resene paint, including the heat reflective ReseneCoolColourstechnologyforthe exterior. Low-energy appliances and lighting are used throughout the home while water collection is via water tanks.This first home is a prototype and we are committed to developing and refining the EcoSmart series. A number of the features from the EcoSmart series can be incorporated intotraditionalLockwoodClassichomes, and as with any of our designs, plans can be modified to suit individual needs.Companies involved in supplying products for the EcoSmart series include Resene, Reid Technologies solar systems, Alpwood joinery, NaturesFlamewoodpelletfires,Viridian Energy double glazing, Interface recyclable carpet tiles, PSPs Plexiglas sheets, ParburyAboveThe houses distinctive roofline gives it its gullwing tag.Building Products quartz surfaces, The Cable Guy, Hills Home Hub and PBS Distributors XpressClad cavity system. Features of the Lockwood EcoSmart home:A high performance thermal envelope living area with natural cross ventilation. The house faces north to capture and store the suns heat during the day, which is then released into the house at night. The south side of the house is designed to keep cold air out, hence the envelope effect. Roof overhangs and slatted screens prevent summer overheating but allow low altitude winter sun to penetrate deep into the building.The walls, under-floor and roof, are all heavily insulated and all window and door Resene joinery is double glazed.AspiringReseneCrescendo Renewable New Zealand radiata pine is used for all walls, floor and roof framing,Resene and ceilings.Middle EarthtopThe weatherboards are a new patented Lockwood quarter-sawn laminated radiata tip pine product which gives stability, durability and a low environmental footprint.Timber joinery is Tasmanian oak from sustainable plantation forests with a minimal Resene Cool Colours are designed toouter skin of anodised aluminium for durability and stability. reflect much more of the suns energy than a standard colour reducing heatA north-facing, 30-degree sloping, solar tower provides optimum positioning for solar buildupinthecoatingandsubstratewater heating. A wetback Natures Flame space heater uses recycled fuel pellets. and minimising heat transference insideSimilarlythenorth-facingbeakallowsforsolarphotovoltaiccellsforelectricity reducing the need for air conditioning. generation.80'