b'ReseneAlabasterReseneCararraThe forgotten room no longer, laundries can be not only serviceable but beautiful spaces.In generations gone by we treated our laundries seriously, making them a large and practical separate room. Then we went through a phase of thinking they could be crammed intoa cupboard but as anyone who can run a washing machine will tell you, that just doesnt, well, wash for families. It may, however, suit a professional single in an apartment. Thankfully, laundries have regained their status, and many are being designed by professionals and sometimes in conjunction with a new kitchen or bathroom. In planning a laundry, designers start with a list of questions which helps form the brief. You should do the same. First, think about the tasks that you want to use your laundry for, thenAbove and leftHaving a good-sized laundry which was comfortable to spend consider the amount of space you have to play with, says Robyn Labb of Kitchens by Design intime in was part of the owners brief Auckland. You should also allocate a budget so your wish-list doesnt get out of hand. during their recent renovation. Hence, theres a television, a skylight, a pull-out Is it simply a space to hide the washing machine and drier? Or are you going to use it as anironing board, and heated floors. A clever device is the row of baskets, one for each ironing and folding station; for hobbies; as somewhere to arrange flowers in vases, as well asmember of the family, in which washed a place to air and drip dry clothing?and folded clothes are placed ready to take to each bedroom. The room and Consider your familys needs, says Celia Visser of Celia Visser Design. How many children cabinetry were painted in Resene Cararra, with Resene Alabaster trims, to further do you have and how much washing do they create? enhance its light and airy feeling. 95'