b'bathroomIf you tried to put a single door between this ensuite bathroom and the bedroom, you would have tripped over yourself.Resenewords Vicki Holderpictures Frances Oliver Wombatspace saverClever use of space means this ensuite looks stylish not squeezed.Heres a conundrumhow do you squeeze a full bath, shower, toiletThe cottage had previously been burnt out and the owners Merv and and basin plus storage into a long, skinny space just 1200mm deep,Nancy Johnston, friends of Dave, wanted to include three bedrooms, without the bathroom seeming pokey?good living spaces and two bathrooms when renovating. They also needed decent wardrobe spaces, which would take up additional For Dave Strachan of SGA (Strachan Group Architects), the solutionspace in each of the bedrooms. was obvious.You use a removable wall. If you tried to put a single door between this ensuite bathroom and the bedroom, you wouldThe family bathroom was relatively easy as it was placed between two of the bedrooms with access from the hall. But the ensuite have tripped over yourself. But by adding a big, Japanese-stylerequired a dedicated space beside the master bedroom. Here, the shoji screen you can slide the door right back out of the way, so size and shape of the area drove the design ethic. Everything had to you can get into the bath by walking straight through, directly frombe carefully selected to fit into the tight spatial parameters. With the bedroom.a small footprint, you have to look at how you use the space more Daveexplainsthatthewholehouse,withitstinyworkingmansefficiently, says Dave.cottage footprint of about 120m2 on a 300m2 section, was a bit ofAlthough the toilet sits tucked in behind the solid wall at one end, the a logistical challenge.sliding screens can also be positioned to give greater privacy. 91'