b'This creative award-winning Hawkes Bay home is a dynamic blend of shapes, materials and colour. Some people build homes that are basically a series of joined-up boxes. Theyre scared of doing anything different because theyre more concerned about what people will think rather than how they actually want to live themselves. So, they opt for box-standard, then they dress the house up with furniture in an attempt to make it look more interesting. Sosays,GregOLeary,whocountshimselfluckytohavebrokenthemouldwhenhe encounteredarchitectGrahamLane.GrahamdesignedahomeGregwasbuildingforsomefriendsandhavingjustreturnedfromastintoflivinginEuropeandAuckland,Greg found the experience of working with Graham, whose designs are renowned for challenging the norm, totally exhilarating. He transformed the way Greg and his wife Kerry now think about design. Quite simply, says Kerry, he is our inspiration. Working with Graham, the OLearys came to appreciate just how enjoyable the building process should be. Its not meant to be a struggle, they proclaim.From then on, they decided to embark on a campaign to educate others on the magic of great architecture. Their construction company OLeary Homes became the vehicle to show people how surprisingly varied spaces, interesting materials, honest construction details and skilful use of colour can enrich living environments. LeftThe rear lounge area hasa warm, moody atmosphere, greatfor watching movies.Far leftDramatic shapes and materials play off against each other to createa house that is certainly notbox standard.words Vicki Holderpictures Richard Brimmer and Kerry Fox31'