b'anywhere on internal laundry walls. But the big advantage, says Sandra, is you dont get condensationbuildingupinthelaundry. Most come with units plumbed directly into the drain. Though they are quite expensive, they last longer and cost you less in the long runthanordinaryventeddriers.Youcant wall-mount them as they are too heavy. But youcanstacktheappliancesbyputtinga shelf between them, which is good for those people pushed for space.Withmanyhotwatercylindersputinto roofcavitiesthesedays,manyappliance manufacturersalsomakedryingcabinets. Theseareagoodideaforpeoplewho doalotofoutdooractivitiesandneed space to dry shoes, coats and other gear. Theydorequireventingandneedto bepositionedclosetoanexternalwall.Think againSpecially designed heaters are also available to put into any cupboard for airing clothes Were all guilty of laundry stereotypesits just that cluttered room, cupboard or corner and linen. of the garage with a couple of white boxy appliances. Nothing too exciting, and one washing machine is much like the next, isnt it?Did you know?Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom combines anti- Well, no. Aside from the recent increased awareness of the eco-friendliness of front bacterial silver protection andloading washing machines, which use less water and less detergent, there are many MoulDefender mould inhibitor, perfect for minimising unwanted nasties in kitchens,other innovations being seen in the laundry, as Electrolux marketing manager Rosalie bathrooms and laundries. Davison notes from the companys own observations and products:Modern washing machines and dryers are very quiet, so why banish them to a corner of the garage or a back room? Our European cousins have always included laundry Planning prcis appliances in their kitchens so with kitchens becoming more open-plan theres a growing trend towards including the laundry in, well, our living areas, as shown in the photograph What do you want to use it for above. And why not? Then you can keep an eye on the kids, and fold and iron in frontjust washing and drying, orof the TV. more? Some people dont like front loaders because of the stooping involved, but now you can get inclined access washers where the front of the appliances is sloped backwards. Or How much laundry do you and the family create? you can buy a pedestal to raise the appliance up, and which also includes a handy drawer How big a space can you allocate? to store detergents etc, and can come with a collapsible laundry basket.Where in the house is it; next toBut if youre stuck on top loaders, there are now models available with great waterwhich rooms? efficiencycheck out the various water and energy ratings at your appliance retailer.What do you want to store andSick of ironing? Theres a dryer that also becomes an ironing aidyou pop in the dryinclude in the laundry?crumpled clothes and they come out with most wrinkles gone. The machine also hasDoes it need to look good or justa refresh cycle for smoky or smelly clothes. function well? For your chance to win great Electrolux laundry appliances, see opposite.98'