b'Over the next few issues, we will cover a series of topics designed toPhones: Turn the ring volume down on your phone so that people inform, educate and advise you to help you protect your home andcannot hear if the phone goes unanswered.its contents. Curtains:DrawncurtainsandblindscanbeagiveawaytoSummer time securityburglars, especially in summer when you may not even draw them With summer approaching, you may be heading to a bach, visitingin the evening.friends or just planning to get away for some well-earned R&R.Alarms: It is a good idea to install an alarm system. AMI offers a That, of course, means leaving your home empty and potentiallydiscount on contents insurance for customers with a professionally unprotected. And although the very concept of insurance is to help ifinstalled hard-wire burglar alarm.something goes wronga burglary, or firethere are measures you can take to ensure you dont lose your precious possessions or homeSecurity lighting: This is a good burglar deterrent. Consider installing in the first place: external sensor lights, attached to your garage or house, and use a timer switch on an internal hall light.Neighbours: Let a neighbour, or friend, know youre going away and leave a contact number where they can reach you in an emergency. IDvaluables:Engraveormarkappliancesandothervaluables. Mail: Arrange for someone to collect your mail and papers from thePhotos of valuables can also help if stolen. Keep a record of the serial letterbox each day. You can also place a No Junk Mail sticker on thenumbers of your TV, stereo etc.letterbox and you can put your mail on hold until you return withHiding valuables: Hide your valuables in several different places and the Hold service offered by both NZ and Australian Post for a smallkeep a record of them (remember to hide this, too).If you have any weekly fee. Remember to cancel your newspaper subscription.items of particular value in the house, such as important confidential Lawns: If you are away for a long time, ask someone to mow yourdocuments, and there isnt a safe, then it is worth considering leaving lawn so that the garden does not look unkempt. these things with friends or family. Resene Resene ReseneVision Party Dress Chi 71'