b'LeftThree tall terrazzo water features flank the boardwalk.Far leftSimple yet dramatic lighting transforms the sculptural steps leading from the road.Stage one of the project was to landscape the front section of the property, seen here. Faced with a site that slopes away from the road, two main areas were designed to step down from the street entrance. One single cut was excavated and a long low retaining wall built to define and separate the lower courtyard from the upper garage area. The decision was made to build one long gabion wall to sit in front of a timber retaining wall, adding a simple iconic elementtop tipto the design. Earlier concepts saw the top area being terraced into a series of low retaining walls. WhatAsyouwouldwithaninterior evolved over a couple of wines was a sculptural flight of tiled steps to take pedestrians fromscheme, stick to a limited palette of the street to the house. A wide timber boardwalk then leads you directly to the front door. Atcolours in the garden for a restful night the steps become an eye-catching focal point using simple but dramatic tube lighting.result.Considertheflowercolour, The remaining sloping area was carefully prepared and an expansive serene green lawn wasfoliage colour and the colours of any established.materials and accessories introduced The site was a challenge but I really enjoyed the creative license I was given and I am veryinto the garden. happy with the result, says John. 117'