b'upholstered wall artFunkyandunique,theseretro-styleupholstered wall tiles are handcrafted in New Zealand by Holly HargreavesandsoldthroughREALAotearoa. Fantastic as gifts, Upholstered Art comes in its own ribbon-wrappedglossyredboxandispackaged ready to hang. Available in three rangeskiwi as, kitch en vogue and ei ei ohthey are 20cm x 20cm and cost around $69. REAL Aotearoa is a gallery store featuring artworks fromthroughoutNewZealand,specialisinginappliedart,jewellery,ceramics,glass and wood. Stores are at 62 Queen St, Auckland, or 101 Cashel St, Christchurch or visitwww.realaotearoa.co.nz.Resene Cherish contemporarycontrastsBuilding on the popularity and versatility of previous Resene wallpaper collections, thenewReseneWallpaperCollection 2011isdesignedtotakehomesand buildings into the next decade. The new collectionfeaturespopularpatternsin modern neutral hues through to striking black-meets-whitethatlooksfabuloustrue to its name infeatureareas. Colourselectionsare Keramag has created a new dimensioncontemporaryandreflectthecomplex inindividualbathroomdesignwithneutral hues that are seen in furnishings, 4U, a highly varied, multi-combinationfabrics and paint. These are teamed by bathroomrange.Thisseriesallowssomestrikingdeepaccentcoloursfor highly individualised bathroom layoutsadded interest. whetheryoureplanningafamilyTheReseneWallpaperCollection2011 bathroom or small ensuite and includesisavailableexclusivelyfromResene an extensive product range (includingColorShops.bathroom furniture), characterised by a timeless, clear design for comfort and functionality.Forfurtherinformation and availability contact Hydrotech, ph 09 527 2276.Resene Cross Country'