b'Stay cool withResene Cool Colours Resene Cool Colours, which are available only from Resene, use revolutionarypigmenttechnologytoreflectmuchofthesuns energy. Dark Resene Cool Colours can reflect as much heat as some light colours, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for exterior colour choices. Less heat means less stress on the paint and the substrate, and less heat transferring inside. How cool is that?Resene Cool Colour technology makes painting exterior surfaces in dark colours both easier and safer. It can be used on all sorts ofexteriormaterialsandapplications,fromweatherboardsand concrete to windowsills. The facts in black and off-white.Incredibly, Resene testing has shown these two colours reflect the same amount of infra-red light from the sun, something that was impossible to achieve in the past. The grey is a standard paint using traditional pigments. The black is a Resene Cool Colour. With a Resene Cool Colour on the job, you can make sure your summer barbecues are outside your home, not inside.Decorating? Think dark thoughts.Until now, your exterior colour choices may have been limited to whites, light greys and minimal use of dark colour highlights on small areas. Now, its time to think dark. A comprehensive selection of rich, dark colours are available as Resene Cool Colours and they will open up endless possibilities withboldnewlooks.Dontletyourselfbeheldbackbyold technology and traditional thinking. Beat the heat this summer with Resene Cool Colours from your Resene ColorShop.Have you ever thought your home would look great painted in dark colours? Were you put off the idea because too much sunlight and heat absorptiona potential issue with dark colourswould damage the paint and heat up your home to unbearable levels?Think again. Now there are dark colours that perform just like muchIn Australia:In New Zealand: 1800 738 383 0800 RESENE (737 363) lighter colours, reflecting much higher levels of solar energy.www.resene.com.au www.resene.co.nz'