b'tips and tricksframe it!Grab some Resene testpots, a selection of old and new frames, and get painting to create a co-ordinated look for your precious photographs and mementoes. Youll need: Resene testpots of Resene Secrets, Resene GreenRoom,ReseneAlfresco,Resene PushPlayforthegreenframes.And ReseneQuarterTasmanandReseneBelowMemory box frames are a fabulous way to display collectables and found Alabaster for the grey/white frames.treasures as pieces of art. Colours, clockwise from top, Resene Green Room, Resene A selection of frameswe found two oldAlfresco, Resene Push Play.Background woodenframesandahessian-coveredcolour, Resene Secrets.frame from the local second-hand shop, a $5 frame from the bargain bin at Flying Saucersandlargeandsmallwooden memory box frames ($7.99 and $9.59) from Spotlight. Small paint brushes.Painting tips Remove any glass and backing sheet from within the frame before you paint. For heavily textured frames, it may help to use Resene Acrylic Undercoat as a first coat to achieve good coverage and to allow the true colour of the topcoat to show. 68 | words Jo Gaughtstyling Lianne Whorwoodpictures Dave Whorwood'